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by OPOVV, ©2014

Why is a private banking institution unconstitutionally controlling the coining of United States money?

(May 28, 2014) — I read the other day that more and more businesses have closed than the month before. Let’s say you’re a business owner. Maybe it’s a “Mom and Pop” store, or maybe it’s a franchise: no matter, because in this example each employs ten non-family members, six of whom are full-time.

That’s right: your little slice of Americana’s Capitalism is responsible for the economic health of, let’s say, 40 people (husbands, wives, one live-in mother, sons and daughters). Some of these families have college funds set up; others have medical bills. They all buy gas and groceries and make rent and mortgage payments.

Times are bad and getting worse. When I moved to my present location out in the boondocks, I’d have to take a particular road (the only road) into the big city near me. At first there was a building boom along this road into the city, but then the construction stopped overnight. Next, businesses were closing, and then the closed businesses were bulldozed to oblivion.

One person losing his job doesn’t affect only that one person; the ripple effect is felt miles away. Lose your job, then maybe the T-Bone is replaced with ground round; the sports channels on the TV go; the $160 shoes are bypassed for the $70 ones, and so on. The “trickle” effect is for real.

Years ago I was in a foreign country when a visit by the President of the United States was announced. The activity was a sight to behold: every building from the airport to that country’s leader’s mansion was whitewashed, the avenue was cleaned and welcome banners were placed everywhere, yet a block away the children had dysentery from the polluted water. We knew the truth, but the government was whitewashing the facts.

It reminds one, or should, of what’s being reported from Wall Street these days. The so-called “health” of the market isn’t being seen accurately: what are we, visiting dignitaries just passing through? They think that we don’t notice the demise of the private sector; the infiltration of Muslims wherever we look; the skewing of the television commercials subliminally supporting percentages of a group of people whose numbers just don’t add up.

Lie after lie. The system is collapsing: China is buying the world’s gold, followed by India. The leadership from the USA is, for all practical purposes, non-existent. We don’t stand for anything anymore. We’ve lost control of our money. Look in your wallet: all you have is play money, fiat money that has no intrinsic value. It used to be our money was backed by gold and silver: now it’s become some sort of “promissory note.” Go ahead, fly over to Germany and try and buy a new Porsche with American money.  You can’t; you’ve got to exchange it for Eros first.

The Federal Reserve has been “borrowing” our promissory notes (that they charge us interest on) in order to prop up the system. IF the system were healthy, it wouldn’t need any “propping up” in the first place. IF the system were working as designed, we wouldn’t have a private company (the Federal Reserve Bank) manipulating our money.

The phony extravaganza put on by Wall Street is just the thin whitewash covering of the government’s takeover of the private sector economy (Capitalism) to a Fascist State, where the government controls the means of production. There are no economies-of-scale when the government becomes involved: everything is shoddy and overpriced, including, and especially, healthcare (Obamacare must be repealed).

The “REALITY” of the market is a farce, hiding the true condition and the future of our Republic. Had we adhered to the Constitution, we’d never have been in this economic mess. The solution? Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and bring back the Constitution as the Law of the Land.

Semper Fi


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