by Sharon Rondeau

(May 19, 2014) — Terry Trussell, chief of staff to Col. Harry Riley, founder of Operation American Spring (OAS), reported on the Wiley Drake Show at 12:51 p.m. EDT that he and other OAS participants were prohibited from bringing a list of demands to U.S. senators today.

Trussell said that security personnel told them that they could enter the building but not bring anything with them.

Trussell told Drake that OAS will be publishing “a list” of senate offices who refused to receive their petitions.  Drake said that he will assist Trussell in finding out why U.S. senators would not want to hear from their constituents.



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  1. Many of us thought this would be the result as with most other attempts to contact ANYONE in government, the emails/letters/live demonstrations/etc. After 5 years of lies, cover ups, DNC Operatives having Veterans illegally arrested for standing up for the Constitution, “PJ Foggy” a DNC Operative calling in an FBI “false flag” operation costing the taxpayer’s over $1 million dollars in a day to have two Veterans peacefully attempting to legally serve a “Criminal Presentment” illegally arrested, seeing Harry Reid taking $650,000 dollar payoffs for erasing corporate and private buddies tax problems inside the government and walking without a hand slap, seeing Hillary involved in Benghazi dealing a $550 million dollar arms deal with Syrian Rebels that went sour causing death of our people while she claims to have hit her head (I believe she was on a helo with SEALS that crashed in a dirty deal with the Syrian Rebels/then met Bill on an Island near Haiti where Bill has been dipping in the till of the $4.3 billion that was set aside for earthquake victims on contract scams where nothing has been done but line his and contract buddies pockets/Bill “coached” Hillary on how to blow through Benghazi on her “vacation”. It’s dirty folks and the Clinton’s think they are still running the White House with Obama as the DNC “puppet” waiting to “retire” to his $35 million dollar mansion in Hawaii set aside by Pritzker-his finance hero-a reward for playing with the DNC Operatives. It’s Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Mr. Axelrod could explain a lot to us about all this but don’t try to ask him any question either, he won’t be available for questions. Anyone up for golf with Obama?