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by Sharon Rondeau

Updated photo of OAS protesters in front of the White House on May 17, 2014 from Mike Volin

(May 17, 2014) — Early on Saturday afternoon, The Post & Email conducted a telephone interview with WheresObamasBirthCertificate founder and radio show host Michael Volin, is arrived in Washington, DC on Friday to attend Operation American Spring (OAS) activities and rallies.

OAS was conceived by Col. Harry Riley (Ret.) at the end of last year as a protest by millions demanding that Obama, Biden and high-ranking members of Congress of both parties resign.  The first stage of OAS was stated by Riley as a “peaceful, non-violent, physically unarmed (Spiritually/Constitutionally armed), display of unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent government leadership in Washington D.C., with the mission to replace with law abiding leadership.”

As Volin was speaking to us, he was walking in a group of about a dozen people to the White House to gather there for approximately an hour.    “We’re actually walking from almost the Capitol to the White House,” Volin said at the time.  Volin estimated the total number of protesters to be about 3,000, with Friday’s total estimated at 5,000.  “There are Oathkeepers, everybody’s here…veterans, elderly people, young people, constitutionalists, everything,” he told us.

“The media is portraying OAS as a flop,” we told Volin, referring to The Washington Times’ gloomy picture of the events as a result of one interview with an attendee.

Volin said he disagreed with that characterization and restated that people are going to be cycling through Washington, DC over days, weeks and perhaps months.  “I spoke to Deb, Col. Riley’s press person, and I walked right up to the colonel.  Nobody’s covering this.  They’re pushing for me to do more coverage because nobody’s doing it.  Regarding the live streams, most of them don’t work.”

Commenters on Twitter were also highly critical and derisive of the event.

Radio show host Erik Rush, who covered OAS on Friday on both his own show and as a guest host for Volin’s show in the afternoon, commented that Glenn Beck’s coverage was that of “mock and misrepresent.”  On his Thursday radio show, Beck told his audience that Operation American Spring “is one of the most irresponsible and dangerous things I have possibly ever heard.”  Linking to the group’s Facebook page but not the official websites, Beck deprecatingly broadcast, with the help of two assistants, that “maybe” there would be “maybe 80,000” in attendance rather than the 10,000,000 which he said “organizers guaranteed” would attend.

Beck’s tone was clearly one of ridicule.  “I don’t see 10,000,000 in the cards,” he said.  “I don’t a million; I don’t see very much…” he said. Beck derided anyone calling for “violence,” but Riley made clear from the beginning that he would not tolerate any violent intentions.

Beck’s advice was for people to “get down on their knees and pray.”  He said he feared that a Marxist revolution would occur as a result of the OAS protest from “looking at history.”  “It always ends the same way,” Beck said, saying that the “Arab Spring” didn’t work out “so well.”

When federal agents pointed guns at members of the Bundy family and its supporters last month, Beck called for a non-violent resolution but was perceived as being clearly on the side of the federal government for which he was excoriated by retired Sheriff Richard Mack.

On Friday, Deb invited Beck to call Col. Riley or her to obtain an accurate report of what OAS intends to accomplish.

Mack defended the Bundys, who he said “just want to be free.”  “The government is destroying the ranching and farming industry in America,” he said.  “What do you think that’s going to do to our food supply?  What do you think that does to liberty?  The greatest enemy to our country is our own federal government, and some people are even applauding this…Glenn Beck, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.  You should be out here marching with us.  You should be at the front lines when the bullets start flying from these federal thugs and criminals.  Let’s get out here and support the American people…”

Last June, Beck was filmed walking down a street in New York City declaring that a stunning revelation to be made “within 24 hours” would cause a massive change in “the power structure.”  “The whole world is about to change,” Beck said, claiming knowledge of a key document allegedly provided by a very frightened whistleblower.  However, Beck never delivered on his promise or explained why he never came forward with the revelation.

“If you think that this military won’t turn their guns on you, the American citizen or you, the American patriot, you’re wrong again…” he said, implying a minute later that the intention of OAS was to “overthrow the government.”

Photos courtesy Michael Volin

Of the media’s negativity, Volin said, “It might be a tactic to get people to stay away.”

U-Stream is providing live coverage of OAS as of this writing.  At 2:15 p.m. EDT, a man who said that he defended the Bundy ranch last month commended Pete Santilli of Guerilla Media for his coverage of both events.

CBS News’s Mark Knoller reported earlier on Saturday that Obama is playing golf at a particular private club in Virginia for the first time.


“I’m very disappointed in the news reports because I’m here; I’m right in the middle of it, and I’m reporting from the middle of it, and it conflicts with what they’re saying.  I’m questioning their motives,” Volin said.

Volin will be broadcasting a prayer service live beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning in which The Post & Email will participate.

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  1. I did hear Glenn Beck say those words against the OAS. Personally, I think Glenn Beck is one of many who have learned just enough to game the broadcast media as so many have out there in the last few years. Look at all the broadcasters that are talking just on the edge of truth to keep their “listeners” for their advertising media hoping to gain more profits for low-grade content and nonsense subject matter. Beck over the last year has reminded me of the people you see on those cable/satellite “Ghost Spotter” shows where they walk around saying “there it is, did you see that, did you hear that sound?” There are people who watch that stuff and believe it. Beck has an adult body but an adolescent mind that occasionally hits on a subject of truth then wanders off to somewhere else. He talks about his broadcast success and years of hard-earned experience, but as with too many “mike jocks” we see today, they are losers with a phony resume and poor delivery not believable to many; they are certainly not the “Hollywood Celebrities” they believe they are. Beck, Levin, Hannity and Limbaugh I’m sorry to say are the “fringe” truthers, milking the system, making money on the hype, making money on the advertisers, making money on themselves-they are no better than the criminals they SAY they are fighting against-while they also game the system, reaping lavish lifestyles and careers. Why do they all have “screeners” to ask you what subjects you want to discuss and are ready to cut you off before you can make a point of reach a truth? We know the game and I guarantee I would never get through or be “allowed” to ask ANY of the questions I would ask because they would be forced to reveal the why of what is REALLY going on. There is too much money to be made. I studied broadcasting and have been performing as a musician since a very young age-I challenge ANY of the above to have me on their show/interview/discussion you name it and have an OPEN interview of my questions and answers and also WHY THEY have not or refused to discuss any of the questions I would ask that NO ONE has asked on ANY of their phony shows and money grabs! I am a Veteran-how many of them are? Levin is an attorney and always stays one step away from the real questions, always talking about how much he has done and the Constitution-blah blah blah-how about we have a discussion on law after 1946 and the amendments to the original laws to bring us from Law Under God to Corporate Trust Law for the benefit of trial attorneys leaving us as straw men and straw women and “trustees” in a “Corporate Trust Law” corrupted system?? Who are we talking about now, Mark? Who are the bad guys? If we compared intelligence and brain size of Emerich De Vattel to any of these self-appointed geniuses of law AND broadcasting, we would see brains the size of a pea. Let us consider who and what we are listening to on the “air/cable/satellite” or any other “media” and what ulterior motives they may have reporting part truths for their own gains. I haven’t seen any of them arrested by the Obama regime yet-I guess telling part-truths can keep you out of prison since it’s the same technique the politicians use. Who are these people fooling? Not everyone, but enough to make money for them. Let’s watch and let the truth reveal itself on who is supporting who! THANK YOU, SHARON AT THE POST EMAIL AND MARTHA TROWBRIDGE FOR STANDING FOR THE TRUTH!