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by Sharon Rondeau

Photo courtesy Mike Volin, May 17, 2014, Washington, DC Operation American Spring

(May 17, 2014) — Reporting live from Operation American Spring (OAS) in Washington, DC, Mike Volin reported at 2:05 p.m. that something noteworthy occurred when approximately 3,000 protesters entered the White House grounds on Saturday to protest corruption in the federal government and demand the resignation of Obama, Biden, and key members of Congress.

“Everybody was so peaceful; they were following directions, and then we turned our backs against the White House, and everybody turned their flags upside-down,” Volin said.

Live streaming of the event was provided on Saturday by Guerilla Media.

In an interview earlier on Saturday, Volin reported that the police were stopping traffic so that the group of about 3,000 could cross streets.

Other websites said to be providing live-streaming are here, although it is reported that “Live Streaming video websites for OAS are being attacked by hackers.”

At 3:22 p.m. EDT, Charles Strange, father of Michael Strange, one of 30 military special operators killed on August 6, 2011 in “Extortion 17,” went on camera.  Strange held a sign in memory of his son and said he recently met with a Gary Reid to pose questions about the tragedy, to which Reid reportedly offered no answers.

Strange said he gave Reid a 1,300-page report on the downing of the helicopter in Afghanistan in which 22 Navy SEALS and eight other special operators were killed but that Reid admitted to not reading it.

Another man with a camera itemized the Extortion 17, Benghazi, IRS, and NSA “scandals,” after which activist Carl Swensson spoke.  “We have a problem understanding what comes out of Congress, what comes out of the White House…” Swensson said.  “We have a White House crawling with lawyers…”

Swensson recommended that people refer to Black’s Law Dictionary to learn how a constitutional republic is supposed to operate.

At 3:36 p.m., Strange was invited to take the microphone and told the story of his son’s days as a Navy SEAL.  He reported that “the NSA started tapping my phone” after he “began asking questions.”  Strange said that Extortion 17 is “bigger than Benghazi.”

Regarding Reid, Strange said, “They don’t think any of us can think.”

Pastor Wiley Drake taped Strange’s comments.

At 3:41 p.m., Strange said that he “shook Obama like a bobble-head” after Obama reportedly said, “Michael changed the way America lives.”  Obama reportedly offered a full investigation which Strange does not believe took place.  Strange said he was asked to leave after becoming emotional during a meeting with a Defense Department official after his son’s body was returned.  Regarding his son, Strange said, “He loved this country. He’d do it again if he could.  He didn’t know he was getting set up.”

At 3:45 p.m., a man began playing a guitar and singing a prayerful song.

When the man finished, another stood up to make an announcement, but the live feed went dark.

More coverage is here.

Update, 4:00 p.m. EDT:  A new photo from Mike Volin depicts a prayer service held on Saturday after protesters left the White House grounds.

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  1. I didn’t go with the marchers to the WH. Many of us with aches and sore feet remained back to hold down the fort at the permit rally site in front of the Air & Space Musem. When the group returned, I was introduced to Charles Strange by my close friend, Brian D. Lange of TRUTH Radio (wakingupthemassesradio). Needless to say it was such an honor to meet him and incredibly ended up having
    dinner with him when Brian invited us all to “get a steak” together. My friend Kari and I got to spend some quality time with Charles and he shared stories with me about his son, Michael, when he was in SEAL Team 2 and lived in Hawai’i. I’m leaving early this morning going home. I’m sad to leave. I feel like I’m with family at a place I really belong. The movement goes on. It’s a righteous cause that goes on against all odds and it doesn’t end for me just because I’m going home.

  2. Again we hear of immediate DNC Operative Hacker reports on anything having to do with OAS, we hear the cries of parents who lost sons that were Special Operations Members and Team Members being ignored. Where are the investigations of who these “hackers” are and what DNC branch they are working for? PJ Foggy is probably one of them, laughing at the families as they beg for any notice in DC in front of the White House their sons died to protect. I am a Veteran and these were my brothers in arms. Can I motivate you to action and demand? I am still alive and my voice will not be silent, my government has abandoned us as Veterans, our VA is killing us for administrative bonuses while they sit in comfortable air conditioned offices planning their retirement, while Veterans still serve their Constitution thinking there is someone who cares in DC, while Fitzpatrick/Lakin/Wood/Butler(SEAL)/Huff were sent off to prison and their lives and careers were destroyed standing up for their sworn Constitutional loyalty while the DNC fought to protect a criminal POTUS -illegal Constitutionally by “dual citizenship” and ignoring the suffering of these Veteran heroes by a DNC-controlled press that is profiteering from voter and identity fraud, we have begged legally to a corrupted judicial to stand up for the Constitution and prosecute corruption and nothing has been done except extreme efforts to cover up any press/Discovery/misprision of felony and the silence has been deafening, Veterans benefits have dwindled to nothing while government workers are being increased to record levels and corruption is hidden away as if it never happened, Black Hawk Down-Benghazi-Extortion 17 all quietly swept under the rug while pay raises and benefits for Congress and Senate rise over levels unseen in history, no DNC members have or were held accountable for these crimes against Veterans and the rate is rising daily with no end in sight. Should I suggest all Veterans consider having to stand up for our Constitution and possible assembly to rise against increasing corruption that is out of control and with no admission of wrong from anyone in the White House? Where does it end, when will the corruption, coverup and lies stop and law be followed and our Constitution be enforced again to bring America back to reality? Who will hold the “judicial” accountable for NOT allowing discovery to remove any of these criminals from the “shopping spree of corruption and theft” we have experienced for 6 long miserable years while they gain financially from this usurpation? Maybe we should just all go home like the cowards and let the cowards stand up to what is coming and let them take the blame for responsibility and Constitutional Law, let them fight and be blamed, let them take responsibility. The only problem would be that then there would be no one to blame them for what they did when they had to stand up and they could revel in glee at being happy they did something. I wonder what all the Veterans sitting at home should think, should they go out and blame them for doing something? Soon, few will want to join the ranks of the Military since they will be criminalized by the left and then we could start a draft to force all the cowards to join or put them in jail, then all the Veterans sitting at home would revel in glee waiting for their prosecution and imprisonment and we could blame them for doing nothing. Now I sound like Glenn Beck. By the way, Glenn, Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh, where is your “Honorable Discharge” and DD214?