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by E Dee Monnen, ©2014

Joe Arpaio is a U.S. Army veteran, former federal narcotics agent, and six-time sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ

(May 15, 2014) — In a Washington Examiner article by their Chief Congressional Correspondent Susan Ferrechio, she writes: “Boehner said he was ‘looking forward’ to running for House speaker again in January and said he has a ‘very good’ relationship with his colleagues, including the ones who disagree with him.”  Maybe Boehner forgot that he had mocked his colleagues for refusing to pass new immigration legislation. Aside from speeding up the legal immigration process, most of us believe there are only two things “broken” with current immigration: President Obama’s refusal to enforce our existing immigration laws, and Speaker Boehner’s refusal to hold Obama accountable for not doing it.

As for Boehner’s boastful claim of affability, Americans naturally expect members of Congress and members of country clubs to have good relationships with their colleagues, but it’s not a resume enhancer that will save our nation from bankruptcy, tyranny, or a lack of justice.

A few days ago, Speaker Boehner named seven Republicans to a select committee to investigate Benghazi, and it’s about time!  We hope the Democrats will name their members, too.  You must first know that in January of 2013, almost 18 months ago, Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) introduced a bill calling for a select committee on Benghazi, which 192 congressmen eventually co-sponsored.  Boehner ignored Wolf’s bill which led to a patchwork of Benghazi hearings that accomplished very little.  The results were similar when Boehner’s House of Representatives tried to unravel the “Fast and Furious” scandal, but that was blocked by Eric Holder, who refused to turn over relevant documents. Holder was then held in contempt of Congress—a punishment with no teeth.

Last Wednesday, after Speaker Boehner refused to arrest Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress, the House passed a resolution  calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to “take the next step” and appoint a special counsel to investigate the targeting of conservative nonprofit groups by the IRS. So blatant was the wrong-doing by Lois Lerner and the IRS that we ought to be shocked if Holder doesn’t comply.  But then again, there seems to be very little justice in the Justice Department these days, and very little stomach in Boehner’s Congress to hold Holder accountable.  And just when you think things can’t get any worse for American justice, Holder decides not to investigate the recent and tragic scandal at the Veterans Administration in Phoenix, Arizona. 

I think it’s time to bypass Congress and Holder altogether and call on America’s number one sheriff to investigate the deaths of 40 veterans. Our most precious citizens died while on a waiting list for treatment at the Phoenix VA facility.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in Maricopa County where the VA corruption took place, and he means business when it comes to fighting crime! For that, he is revered by many.  

In order to hide the fact that the hospital had a backlog of patients, the VA in Phoenix kept two sets of books.  This fraud allowed the hospital to dodge any oversight. On paper everything looked fine, when, in fact, many vets suffered during their final days of life without the proper care. Thanks to a few doctors who came forward as whistleblowers, we can now expect resolution on future backlogs. But what about those who conspired to commit such a heinous fraud?  Don’t the deceased patients deserve justice?

If anyone can sniff out all of the conspirators of this VA double booking scheme, it is Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  All he has to do is start dispatching his posse to investigate, and the rats will surface.  I’m not a judge, or an attorney, or a cop, so I don’t know how this can legally work, but it won’t bother me to see the perpetrators of such a cold-hearted act spending many years in Arpaio’s jailhouse tents in the desert heat, while eating baloney sandwiches.


May 15, 2014

After I wrote this article, I called Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office in Arizona.  Unfortunately, the sheriff’s department has no jurisdiction within the city limits of Phoenix. I then called the Phoenix Police Department and spoke with an officer there.  This time the officer explained that the Phoenix PD has no jurisdiction on federal property, but through a cracked voice, the officer was clearly shaken that Attorney General Holder had refused to investigate.  He’s the only one who can. The officer then said, “It hurts because I’m a vet, too.”

Now is the time to call all Members of Congress and ask them to introduce a resolution asking Holder to reconsider and investigate. The main switchboard to DC is 202-224-3121. The operator can direct your call to your Congressional Legislator and your two US Senators.

Fraud is a crime, and when it costs the lives of others, it’s serious.  If certain Senators think their letter to Secretary Shinseki will solve the problem, they’re dreaming, and it certainly will not provide the needed justice to the families of the deceased.  It was Shinseki’s department that failed our veterans, and the Department of Veterans Affairs is the last place that should be investigating the possible homicides by fraud and neglect. 

America wants to know who will be the first legislator on Capitol Hill to introduce a resolution calling on Eric Holder to reconsider and investigate this matter or hire a special prosecutor to do the work.  Whether Holder takes up the charge or not, a vote on a resolution in an election year will let Americans know who in Congress supports our veterans and who does not.

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  1. The bottom line here is this is just another in a long string of incompetence by Obama that is leading to the deaths of American Vets, Border agents, Seals, overseas staff and coming soon to a neighborhood near you by the release of thousands of illegal criminals that include murderers.

    Don’t forget with the weak border enforcement American citizens are being exposed to new diseases we defeated almost 100 years ago but are now on the rise.

    With Obama’s gay agenda an increase in male syphilis,
    HIV, herpes and other contact transmitted diseases are too on the rise in a recent study by the CDC.

    Obama and Obama alone is at fault.