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(May 7, 2014) — The ‘most experienced’ woman becomes a big question for Democratic Party donors, especially when you start to consider the experience. Hillary, like me, has yet to declare officially, but the fight for contributions is going full blast and one that also underscores officially the preparations that must be made for the race ahead. What are we in for?

Yesterday morning I was a featured guest on a two-hour Free American Show with radio host Clayton Douglas. Uncut, unedited, and Medium Rare if you like your political news that way, Clayton covered subjects that many Americans are concerned about and asked questions that I never expected.

You could describe my experience, as I think about it, as being thrown in a tank of beef gravy. The compliment coming in was that it wasn’t the MainStream Media Obama Kool-Aid that is subject to being control-edited by the FCC, which would have probably done more than fine the two-hour show every two minutes.

I can only imagine Obama calling the BLM in Texas and issuing an executive order that the towers sending the program out be sprinkled with devil’s communist water to stop the heavenly choir from echoing the constitutional broadcast. It’s the kind of show that most pastors would concede might scatter the wolves.

PlayBack link Host Clayton Douglas w Cody Robert Judy on The Free American Radio Show

There are probably not a lot of people running for election who would jump into the gravy pit for two hours straight with the someone who I said looked like the wild bill of radio Clayton Douglas,

but I thought it was a refreshing experience. If you are the kind of person who can keep the focus on love for the United States Constitution, our Country and We the People, then I think you’ll be okay.

If you’re the kind of person who actually doesn’t mind your favorite candidate for President putting his actions where his mouth is, you don’t mind seeing your favorite candidate for President getting his hands dirty; for instance, changing his own brakes to save four hundred dollars he’d rather put into making sure the Constitution is preserved in Office of the President qualifications that empower the whole Executive Branch of our Government in a self determination of individuality and respect for that you might like it.

I don’t do brakes either, but after 230,000 miles on my 2003 Saturn Vue they needed to be changed. I mean, when you can hear someone braking two blocks away, it’s time to change the brakes. Speaking of changing the old for the new…getting your hands dirty probably means two different things to me and Hillary Clinton.

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