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by OPOVV, ©2014

Was it all lies?

(May 5, 2014) — There can be no other human emotion more devastating than being lied to, not just by words, but by physical actions. When a married partner cheats on his or her spouse, it not only destroys the marriage but also the hopes and dreams of the one who was cheated: it’s as if a hot knife was thrust through the person’s back straight through the heart, forever destroying a world made up of two loving people.  That world is reduced to a scorched-earth wasteland where nothing is left but devastation, despair and the smoking ruins of what once was a happy and bright future, never to be seen the same way again, forever tarnished, branded by deceit and subterfuge, excuses, denial and outright, in-your-face lies. A darkness descends, extinguishing the enthusiasm of what tomorrow brings. The curiosity of knowing someone better than you know yourself over with: a burning wound lies open, forever sore and, if love comes around again, the scab is thin, lying in wait to be scratched, infected, turned into a festering-oozing mess accumulating in the gangrene of the mind, the symptom of being suspicious of everyone possibly breaking his word:  who can be trusted? Who cares anymore?

“We will make sure that the person who made the film is arrested and prosecuted,” Hillary told the parents of one of those murdered in Benghazi. A lie.

“Peace” between the world of Islam and the Jews is nothing more than a word that can have no possible connection between the two parties. The slogan of Hamas is: “No Jew between me and the sea.”

Hope and Change” is yet another lie.

Blame it on the video. Another lie.

Obama showed his Birth Certificate. A lie.

Obama has aConnecticut Social Security number. Sure, a stolen Social Security number, otherwise known as identity theft.

Obama’s Selective Service Registration card is also filled with false information. Yet another lie.

The only truth that Obama ever told the American people is that he wants to “fundamentally change” America.

Now we hear that a Benghazi investigation and hearings will cost too much money. Really? Let’s talk about the so-called “stimulus” money, if one wants to talk about wasted money.

“Phony scandal,” another lie.

Lie after lie after lie. The whole Obama regime is nothing but a lie because it’s based on lies.

Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton, yet another lying politician: the video is to blame.

So, the people we’ve trusted to do the best job they can to insure our safety have failed miserably. Since Obama took office, thousands of Americans and Christians worldwide have died. Fort Hood was “workplace violence.” The enemy is Islam but has yet to be named. Illegal immigrants and Muslims have yet to be deported. We’ve been lied to and are being lied to daily.

This de facto president and his Administration are stabbing us in the back. The adultery aspect of it all is that they are favoring Islam over our Constitution, leading us to a future of a scorched-earth America.


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  1. OPOVV,

    Every word that you wrote in this piece is right on target. I wish it could be available for all Americans to read. It would unite more Americans who are still not quite certain that Obama and his henchmen are criminals. Your words leave no doubt that we Americans are under the control of anti-American crooks.