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Former Libyan dictator Muommar Gaddafi was an American ally, but evidence increasingly shows that the Obama regime helped to depose and kill him by arming Al Qaeda members. Al Qaeda planned the attacks on U.S. soil which killed nearly 3,000 people on September 11, 2001.

(May 2, 2014) — To start, this article is not about Hilary “Benghazi” Clinton nor is it going to mention the de facto usurper president Obama, or whatever name he’s using today. Also, this editorial will not comment on this Administration’s overt overthrow of Muommar Gaddafi and making Libya an Al Qaeda State. This report may make mention of the power behind the throne, Valerie Jarrett, and may mention the expansion of Islamic influences in Europe, rendering England yet another Libya-to-be.

The English stood up to Hitler’s Fascist killing machine yet have been powerless to stop the Islamization of their country simply because their immigration policy and their politicians’ foolhardiness have allowed it to happen. The same thing is happening here in America.

The main ingredient of any takeover is to make a large percentage of the people actually believe in the lies they are being told. If you disagree with Obama you are, automatically, a racist. If you question any of the Administration’s policies, you are against Obama and, therefore, a racist.

A solid foundation of many of the people being properly indoctrinated in falsehoods is a prime requisite in the overthrow of a legal government, and there’s nothing that grabs the human mind more than an easy fix or naming a scapegoat. The more outrageous the claim of what or who to blame for real or made-up calamities are, the easier it is to swallow. A video on YouTube was responsible for the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, for instance. The fact that these killings magically occurred on September 11 is just coincidence, so we’ve been lectured.

We understand that the overthrow and the imprisonment of Hosni Mubarak was by Obama/Jarrett/Iran. We know that the invasion of Libya and the overthrow/murder of Gaddafi was also orchestrated by Obama/Jarrett/Iran. And we know that, in tightening the noose around Israel, the Obama/Jarrett/Iran trio supported the overthrow of the Syrian government by exporting unused American weaponry from Libya to Syria, with Ambassador Stevens acting as the broker for the Al Quaeda/USA group.

Now we come to the night of September 11, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya, when four Americans were left out in the cold t die. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they were expendable beyond accountability and, as it turned out, a “plausible deniability” (for not protecting nor making an effort to save them) was afforded the White House by blaming the attack on a video.

At this point in the timeline, the only ones who care about the talking points (still talking about the video) are those who want the deflection from WHO GAVE THE STAND-DOWN ORDER to the talking points. That’s all, and all of these hearings and talk shows repeating the subject of the talking-point video is just playing into the hands of the White House (Obama/Jarrett/Iran).

And here’s the difference: the DIFFERENCE is between being expendable and being sacrificed. Those four Americans were sacrificed. Benghazi is a symptom of the cancer that’s in the White House.



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