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by New York State Grassroots Groups

Newsday reported that about 2,000 people rallied on Long Island on Monday to protest the policies of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed the “SAFE” gun control law in January of last year

(May 1, 2014) — Protesters of Cuomo’s Long Island fund raiser began streaming in at 3pm – hours ahead of the scheduled 5:15 appearance of the evasive Cuomo. An endless cavalcade of coming and going lasted past 7pm. The protesters stretched for about a mile in total along several streets and parking lots surrounding Lombardi’s. The vastness of it all made accurate number counting virtually impossible. The media states OUR numbers at 2,000 – we’ll leave it at that. (NOTE: I do not believe 550 people were in Lombardi’s – nope, it ain’t so).  One number that is accurate is -0- ….. that’s the number of pro-Cuomo supporters who lined the streets to see Cuomo. The enthusiasm and roar of “Cuomo’s Gotta Go” pierced the air for many hours. OUR Stream of trucks and cars with horns blowing and signs waving was an endless procession. Needless to say, Long Island is as opposed to LAWLESS Cuomo and the LAWLESS legislators in both political parties as Upstate is. OUR protests continue to grow along with the anger of NYS LAWLESS government.

WE will continue OUR march for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act and an end to LAWLESS government. WE Will NOT Quit – WE Will NOT Back Down. Take away their money – BOYCOTT both political parties!!!

Do you believe our taxes are lower? Do you believe there are now jobs being created? Do you believe the “tax-free zones” are a good thing for New Yorkers?  Do you believe any of the crap that Cuomo and his cohorts in both political parties are saying? Only someone educated by Common Core could answer “yes” to any of those questions….lol!!!! New York is under total tyranny and those still working in New York are going broke. Why would you consider donating to this LAWLESS government and their lies and phony promises? BOYCOTT – don’t give them your hard-earned money to use against you.

There are protests and rallies planned across the state as the LAWLESS head into campaign season. Please participate in every protest and rally you can. They are very rewarding experiences. At the same time, BOYCOTT their fund-raisers and force them to participate in OUR demonstrations….hope YOU get the picture (?)

Here’s a special thanks and shout-out to Bill Walter and the Long Island crew. And a special mention of gratitude to Burt from Benson’s Gun Shop OUR newest distributor of a “Sea of Visual Protest.” Finally YOU can get a hat, T-Shirt, sign or button on Long Island – thanks, Burt – Keep Fighting!!!!


Suffolk Newsday > Long Island

Cuomo speaks at Democrats’ fundraiser in Holbrook;
2,000 protesters outside attack Common Core, school tax cap, Safe Act and more
Originally published: April 28, 2014 6:52 PM
Updated: April 28, 2014 11:58 PM
By RICK BRAND  rick.brand@newsday.com

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo headlined the Suffolk Democrats’ spring dinner Monday night, which drew a record crowd of 550 inside Villa Lombardi’s.

But outside the Holbrook catering hall, more than 2,000 chanting, placard-carrying protesters attacked the governor’s stands on everything from the Common Core academic standards and gun rights to fracking and hurricane relief.

The bulk of the protesters were local public schoolteachers and parents from both Nassau and Suffolk — and some from as far as Hastings on the Hudson in Westchester County — who criticized Cuomo for implementation of the Common Core standards, and the 2 percent tax cap for severely damaging local schools.

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