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by Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret.), ©2014, CSPOA, reposted with permission

Sheriff Richard Mack founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) to defend the concepts of federalism and liberty for the people

(Apr. 28, 2014) — As previously reported, I went to the Bundy Ranch last weekend. I was accompanied by my son Jimmy, Wendy Larchick (a lawyer) and her father Gale (a retired police officer). We all drove together from Mesa, Az to Bunkerville, NV. As we neared “ground zero” we became frustrated by the horrible stop-and-go traffic. While sitting on the I-15 freeway I received a call from one of our CSPOA members who had arrived the day before. He was on the front lines of the 150 or so crowd of men and women who were marching towards the makeshift BLM corral to free the Bundy cattle. Come what may, he and the others were determined to set the cattle free. This CSPOA member was a 15-year law enforcement veteran and understood the gravity of the situation in which he had voluntarily placed himself.

Over the phone he said, “Sheriff, these agents are going to kill us. At first, they threatened to arrest us, but now they are threatening to shoot us. There is no question in my mind, they are going to kill us. Please, just tell my wife that I love her.” He abruptly hung up and I sat in my truck stunned. I told the others in the vehicle with me what he had said, and they suggested I put on my emergency blinkers and go around the stalled traffic on the right side shoulder. I did exactly that. Several highway patrol units were doing the same thing and heading to the exact place we were. The entire situation appeared worse than bleak.

When we arrived, we were met by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers and we went into the ranch area with him and another driver in a 4×4 pickup. As we approached the scene we could tell that no shooting had occurred. The word was out that the BLM and their hired mercenaries were leaving. No one really knew why. My CSPOA contact said the military weaponry was there, the shooters were ready and had given warnings of the impending attack and then suddenly, they stood down without explanation. Some said the Clark county sheriff brokered a deal with them, after stating for weeks that he had “no authority to interfere.” Others had stated that the women up at the front of the marchers had forced the would-be shooters to back off. Others said it was just a miracle. In fact, quite a few said that!

There were approximately 600 to 700 supporters surrounding the area where the cows were now being set free. I was asked to help with crowd control as some of the hero cowboys and cowgirls were worried that too many people near the cattle might spook them and cause a stampede. The crowd totally cooperated. As the captive cattle came out and trotted along the ravine just under the I-15 overpass, a feeling of reverence swept over the entire crowd. You could have heard a pin drop on the desert sand! It was among the most sacred, solemn, patriotic moments of my life. Most had tears swelling in their eyes or rolling down their cheeks. As the last animal crossed over to freedom, we all started hugging each other. My son hugged me with tears in his eyes and the rest of us, mostly total strangers, embraced as the spirit of liberty overwhelmed us. I imagine we felt the same as the Founding Fathers did when they knew they had been spared by the hand of God against overwhelming odds.

After we rode back to the stage location several reporters asked me for an interview. My heart was still full and my eyes still moist. I told them about the brave women who were there at the Bundy Ranch, putting themselves in harm’s way for freedom and the Bundys. The women had indeed put themselves in front with the men and I was trying to honor them for their bravery. I remembered how, in the car on the way over, Wendy Larchick had told me that she planned to go to the front. Clearly, if the feds had started shooting everybody in the crowd would have been killed, just like with Waco and Ruby Ridge. Please remember that my main purpose in going to this location (and at all events I speak at) was to see that we remain strong yet peaceful, and that we don’t escalate to violence! I don’t want to see anybody get shot; man or woman, protestor or fed!

Anyway, on one of the interviews I did, I said “we strategized” to put the women in the front (referring to my casual conversation with Wendy in the car where we discussed this as a possibility), and before I knew it, the scent was picked up by the thirsty dogs of the mainstream media.  And you know, once those dogs get a hold of you, they’re trained to never let go! Almost immediately we started getting REALLY angry calls and emails from CSPOA members and others.

Those who have been willing to listen to the whole story seemed to understand, but I have been rather shocked (and a little disappointed) to find out that many people who had heard me speak, who I had met, who believed in our cause strongly enough to donate from their own pockets, would suddenly and viciously turn on us like that because of one comment blown out of proportion in the press.  But such is the nature of mass media, and such is the paranoia they nurture to cause members of the freedom/conservative/constitutional/patriot movement to turn on one another and completely forget what we’re fighting for. (Considering the hundreds of times I’ve been recorded, it’s a wonder there’s not more of this nonsense floating around out there!)

Anyway, in case you’re still on the fence about this whole affair, let me make it perfectly clear that putting the women at the front was was never planned by anyone. The women just did it because they knew it needed to be done, and they were not afraid. Not at any time did the Bundy family, the CSPOA or any of the Oath Keepers make any suggestion to use women as shields or to put them in front, and children were never mentioned at all. I did not even see any children at the scene, yet many of the commentaries on my statements say that I said to ‘put the women and children at the front.’

I am impressed with all the women who participated that day and what they did in their brave stand for liberty. I want to give them credit for a peaceful resolution in a volatile life-and-death situation. We would not have made it without them!  I feel horrible about any comment I made that sounded as though we intended to use women as shields. I want nothing to detract from that precious patriotic moment.

I need to also say that there have been many, many people who have written letters of support to us and who have donated generously to the Bundy Ranch Fund.  In fact, the supporters far outweigh the detractors.  We’re inserting an especially nice letter in the next section, with permission.

Thanks to your generous donations, so far CSPOA has sent the Bundys over $5,000 and paid for over $7500 in food and supplies. We also paid for the hotel rooms for about 15 people, including the state reps and senators from the AZ legislature.

I wish each of you had been there to witness this amazing and miraculous event. I also recommend that you go there for yourselves and meet this wonderful family on your own. The Bundys are great people and would enjoy meeting each one of you. Personally, I have never met such a faithful, loving, united, prayerful, and utterly Christian family in my life!

Thanks to you all for your support and prayers! I am sure we will have to maintain a presence there for months to come.

Sheriff Mack (Ret)


We want to see YOU at the Bundy Ranch.  We can’t afford to pay your way to get here, but we will use whatever donations we receive to assist those who come in some small way.  The more support we show in numbers, the more seriously they will take us.  If you are not able to attend, please consider donating to a special fund we have set up for this cause. For those of you who can’t make it and would like to help CSPOA and Oath Keepers pay for this huge undertaking, please contribute whatever you can.

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  1. I am extremely proud of Sheriff Mack’s efforts on behalf of the Bundys, OathKeepers, and CSPOA. I just wish somebody could get him to re-examine his decision against supporting the National Liberty Alliance. After all, his and NLA’s goals exactly parallel each other: Return the Constitution and government control to where it belongs – with We The People !

  2. Great report.. truly puts the MILITARIZATION of the BOY’s intentions to kill and murder Americans on the front page. Not a proud moment for them standing there with guns pointed ready to fire and kill a brave 300.

    Thank God we have at least a few good sheriff’s willing to make public the nightmare and I certainly appreciate Ret.Sheriff Macks report which no doubt will go down in CSPOA HISTORY.

    It certainly highlights the power that our local Sheriff’s have when it comes to reigning in the Federal Authority on a local stand in their territory. Let the Main Stream Media trump that or try and cover it up. I do wish the authority of the BLM would be punctuated by Ret Sheriff Mack as being under the Cab. of the Interior,leading directly to the Office of an unqualified C.I.C in the Office of the President.

    Exposure like that combined w the bravery which ultimately was expressed in the Patriotic hearts of all there is the combination that could serve Congress a big Fat Notice that if they didn’t serve the U.S.C they were actually a disenfranchised body that really just ought to go home,as construction of the U.S.C is prohibited.

    If they don’t have 2/3 rds the vote to change it,they are required to uphold it.

    That entails holding eligibility hearing s on Obama’s identity crisis harolded by another Sheriff’s investigation under Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse.

    We are left wondering again what event the good Lord plans in high lighting this outstanding cover-up that effectively gields the executive branch from Constitutional Authority granted to it by We The People.

    Cody Robert Judy