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by OPOVV, ©2014

(Apr. 27, 2014) — One-dimensional; complete denial of how the world really works; oblivious on the basic difference, down to its molecular level, between right and wrong; unschooled in the most basic human trait ever known in existence: the distinct long-term advantages of treating others as you, too, would wish to be treated, known throughout the known universe as the “Golden Rule;” the inability to look at problems from all angles and being able to admit when you’ve erred (refusal to admit mistakes); and the steadfast belief that you are right while everyone else, past and future generations, is not only wrong, but so wrong that they must be murdered in order to keep the fantasy that Obama’s Administration and, by proxy, the United States’ foreign policy, makes a bit of rational sense, fueled by a “make-believe’ world view that America is an “Islamic Country” when, in fact, the USA is a Judeo-Christian nation and plans to stay on the side of common sense and reason.

At least that’s what most of us would like to think; however, we’d be on the other side of right. We have a sordid history of backing the wrong people. Our track record is, really, quite impeccable at finishing last; the “Ugly American” is alive and well, today. We still give billions to people who want us dead. The Ivy league schools never taught that payoffs never pay off. Ask anyone from Chicago if paying protection money pays for protection. It does not; all it pays for is a possible delay in a shake-down for more money or, just as likely, the only perceived agreement was on behalf of the payee: all the other side ever had to do was take the money. What “agreement?”

Eight hundred million paid to Gaza, and for what? How many schools, day cares and clinics were built by Yasser Arafat with all the hundreds of millions that America gave him? None. Nada. Zero. Not one schoolbook for one little Muslim girl. Never ever. And what did Israel get in return?

Yet we make the same mistakes time after time: Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the list goes on and on, reading as a timeline of America’s decline within the last five years. Obama and his Islamic-loving Administration have been voluntarily wearing blinders on the aspects of how the world views Islam: a political philosophy that they want no part of.

Our former allies view the USA as untrustworthy, as a former partner in the fight for equal rights to a country that they want no part of because they can no longer trust the word of a de facto Muslim president. Russia, Islam, China are on the loose.

State puts a notice on the internet warning Putin that invading Ukraine will be “an expensive mistake.” Next they’ll tweet to China to leave Taiwan alone; North Korea to please not to test any more missiles; maybe ask Hezbollah and Hamas to refrain from lobbing bombs into Israeli playgrounds.

The likelihood that this Administration’s childish Islamic world view will change is nil. They will continue on their destructive path and take us down with them. The solution is to finally get rid of an un-Constitutionally qualified Muslim de facto president. Get rid of Obama by following the law.

Period. Support the Second Amendment.

Repeal Obamacare and abolish Obama. It’s time we grew up: let the Muslims act like the children.


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  1. I think it would be wonderful if the Cold Case Posse releases the “Universe shattering” information just prior to May 16th!