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by OPOVV, ©2014

How big does government have to be?

(Apr. 26, 2014) — “Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely,” said the taxpayer to the politician, “If only the country was run as a business; you know, the kind that has to make an honest profit in order to survive.”

“But that means getting rid of the ‘dead wood,’” said the politician. “There wouldn’t be enough capable people to fill all of the billets.”

“But that’s the whole idea,” answered the citizen, “Just as in real life. Look, if they can’t pull their weight, demote them, pay them less, fire them, whatever it takes. Have less: get more.”

“But we politicians never would get reelected,” cried the politician.

“And? What’s your point?” said the taxpayer. “Most likely you shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. All you do is follow the “Party Line.” Why, I received form emails to my Birth Certificate inquiry from Democrats and Republicans alike. Same one, word for word.”

“But we need big government. Big government is good.”

“No government is even better,” retorted the taxpayer. “Okay, I’ll give you certain things, such as an Army and Navy, and an honest arbitrator, but beyond that: nothing. Ever hear of ‘States’ Rights?’ Ever hear of ‘common sense’? No, I suppose not.”

“You need us. You need a Department of Education and a Department of Homeland Security,” said the politician. “You need the Veterans’ Administration health care system.”

“Wrong. We don’t need a needless Department of Education. We don’t need a corrupt Department of Homeland Security which couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag. We don’t need the IRS or the Federal Reserve Bank. We don’t need fellow citizens spying on us. What we need is some honesty, but I don’t see any around Washington these days, that’s for sure,” stated the taxpayer.

“And one thing more. If the way the Veterans’ Administration is being run is any indication of how those Obamacare ‘Death Panels’ are going to work, man, are we ever in big trouble. I say fire the lot of them, every one of them. Why, there are plenty of qualified people out there who would love to have those jobs that are held by a bunch of people who just don’t give a hoot.”

“And as long as I have your ear, Mr. Big-Shot-Politician, there are a lot more of us than there are of you. Take my advice: repeal Obamacare, and that’s just for starters. Another thing: remember the Iraqi ‘Oil for Food’ thing, and all of those billions of dollars that were forgotten about? Hey, we still remember. And all of these billions of dollars that our GAO can’t find, that they say is ‘missing,’ not ‘stolen?’ Find it. There are a lot more patriotic citizens out here in America than you have any idea of. We outnumber you ten to one, easy. Pleasant dreams.”


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