by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 24, 2014) — Terry Dodd is hosting the “Walls in Our Minds” show on BlogTalkRadio and speaking with Margaret Huston, sister of Cliven Bundy, the besieged rancher in Clark County, NV who stood down federal agents on April 12 after they corralled and killed some of his cattle over a grazing rights issue.

Other guests have included a candidate for Texas governor, Becky Williams, who is running on a platform of secession and William Taylor Reil, who spoke extensively on constitutional sheriffs via “The Sheriffs’ Brigade.”

Dodd told the audience that Alaska has no county sheriffs, which his guest said are the most powerful law enforcement officer in a county and has the responsibility of protecting the citizens from government overreach.

Williams said she wants people to learn the founding documents, which will “empower the people” to “start exercising the knowledge” which they subsequently acquire.  She said she is “not a politician,” but rather, “a patriot,” and had no intention of entering politics.

Dodd mentioned that Clark County, NV Sheriff Douglas Gillespie will not be running again for office, to which Huston responded that she is looking at the current sheriff candidates to see who will “follow the Constitution.”  At 10:05 p.m. EDT, she said that she found the ranch confrontation two weeks ago “amazing” and a “spiritual experience” after so many people flocked there in support of her brother’s claim to grazing rights for his cattle.

Earlier on Thursday, Atty. Larry Klayman was scheduled to hold a press conference, although the press release did not indicate who would be covering it.  Phone calls and emails sent by The Post & Email to Klayman and Guerilla Media, which was suggested might be involved, were not returned.

There appears to be no coverage of the presser as of publication time.

The press release indicated that Klayman would be representing the Bundys in their effort to have their claimed grazing rights recognized, even though a federal court last year ruled against the rancher.  Bundy claims that he has the right to allow his cattle to graze on land claimed as belonging to the federal government by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Bundy photographs also appear to show that some of their animals were killed, injured or otherwise treated cruelly by BLM agents before they called off their operation to remove the cattle on April 12.

The Bundys said they are willing to pay grazing fees to Clark County if they are owed, but that the federal government does not have the authority to demand the fees.  Since the conflict focused attention on states’ rights issues, some, including Judge Andrew Napolitano, have stated that the federal government is not supposed to own property.

Klayman won a victory in December when a federal judge ruled that the NSA spying program is “likely unconstitutional.”

Dodd opined that “an attorney” might not be helpful to Bundy’s situation.

Reil said that the county level of government is the most important and that the sheriff “is the law of the land” but that some state governments are attempting to eliminate the position.  Alaska and Connecticut have no county sheriffs.

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