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by Jack Mertz, ©2014

The U.S. Constitution was drafted by delegates from the 13 states to provide for the common defense in the event of an invasion or other threat

(Apr. 18, 2014) — If you want to know who still owns the land in the 50 States– per the Constitution — it is NOT the Federal government, regardless of what the ill-informed “journalists” of the mainstream media might maintain.

If you want to know who is the only lawful authority in Clark County, Nevada, it is only the County Sheriff. All other so-called law-enforcement groups are only guilty of “impersonating an officer.”

Hear Ryan Bundy. Cliven’s son, tell the truth regarding the wrongful occupation of the Bundy property and the cattle seizure by the feds.  The only lawful authority who should have been present on the Bundy property at all was the County Sheriff.  The Sheriff should have told the BLM and other federal agents to go away — they had no jurisdiction here.

Apparently the Bundys know their rights and what the Constitution says.  Have you read the Constitution lately? 

God forbid that you may ever need to rely on what it provides — in the face of a federal government fake-out. If you do not know your rights and how to protect yourself, you could become a victim of government overreach.

All Americans should say a prayer of thanks for the Bundy family’s courage in standing up to government tyranny and providing us with a wake-up call to be wary of the evil plans that are afoot to try to make us slaves of those who are well-connected and in power in Big Government in Washington, D.C.  Never surrender any of the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution — especially those granted by the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments.

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  1. Section c states very specifically: “(c)(1)When the secretary DETERMINES ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED. . .”; conversely when the secretary determines assistance is not needed the fedgov romps on, in yet another episode of tyranny, as the BLM did at the Bundy Ranch, in full compliance with the code (law?).
    (d) ” . . the secretary is AUTHORIZED TO COOPERATE . . .” does not have to and is not mandated to notify the county sheriff that they are carrying out an operation.
    Furthermore in (d) ” . . . MAY include reimbursement to a state or its subdivisions . . .” The Bundy ranch will not be reimbursed for property destruction by the BLM according to the code.
    Read Section 1733 in its entirety and see tyranny annotated, in print! This code is the most blatant example of fedgov over reach we have ever seen. And review the Bundy ranch episode and see tyranny carried out.
    Stockman is blowing smoke!
    Contact your good man and true duly elected weasel and explain to it that the BLM is an unconstitutional entity of the fedgov created under the umbrella of another unconstitutional department (Interior). Explain that the BLM has gone rogue and needs to be disbanded. Explain to the little DC libtard staff person you actually get to talk to that the fedgov is only authorized by the law of the Constitution to manage that ten (square) mile area known as the District (of Corruption). The fedgov is not allowed to “own” over 75% of the west, or any of it!
    These are the issues.
    Cattle, grass, turtles, fees etc. are only a distraction from the impending civil war. The elected elite are the only ones to put a stop to it. If they don’t they will be complicit and blood will be on their hands.
    The Bundys know this. The folks who stood with them (and stand with them still) know it. Our best support for the folks at the Bundy ranch is to make our congressmen aware of the real issues.

  2. Here’s a good place for an investigative journalist to start with a FOIA request;

    43 U.S. Code § 1743 – Disclosure of financial interests by officers or employees

    (a) Annual written statement; availability to public
    Each officer or employee of the Secretary and the Bureau who—
    (1) performs any function or duty under this Act; and
    (2) has any known financial interest in any person who
    (A) applies for or receives any permit, lease, or right-of-way under, or
    (B) applies for or acquires any land or interests therein under, or
    (C) is otherwise subject to the provisions of, this Act,
    shall, beginning on February 1, 1977, annually file with the Secretary a written statement concerning all such interests held by such officer or employee during the preceding calendar year. Such statement shall be available to the public.

    Of course, as with most Acts there is a “Corruption exemption” provision;

    (c) Exempted personnel
    In the rules prescribed in subsection (b) of this section, the Secretary may identify specific positions within the Department of the Interior which are of a nonregulatory or nonpolicymaking nature and provide that officers or employees occupying such positions shall be exempt from the requirements of this section.

  3. So how is it that the federal government “owns” millions upon millions of acres of U.S. soil? And whose money did they use to buy it? And where did the authority come from from? The Constitution only gave them the right to 10 square miles for a seat of government and various smaller sections for national defense … supposedly all the rest belongs to the citizens of the various states. Okay, I believe in the idea of parks and nature areas, but NOT under federal control.

  4. US Code-43-USC Section 1733 subsection C. Texas Congressman Steve Stockman wrote the oval office despot to show him the law from the USC lawbook but the constitution and Congress are irrelevant to BO so who knows if it will work.

    Says this basically, the federal government does not have law enforcement authority and must contract with local law enforcement with jurisdiction in the area.

    This operation by armed thugs since the BLM does not have law enforcement authority was illegal and unconstitutional. When did the constitution grant the BLM or NOAA law enforcement authority? It didn’t is the answer. This entire operation was ill conceived from the beginning and Harry Reids dirty hands are all over this.

    The BLM also tried to hide documents which didn’t work and I’ll be supplying that material to the judiciary committee come Monday.