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by Sharon Rondeau

Sen. Mike Lee is serving his first term in the U.S. Senate from the state of Utah

(Apr. 17, 2014) — At a townhall meeting on Tuesday evening, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) discussed the “question of citizenship” after an attendee reportedly asked “why Congress hasn’t done anything about…Obama’s failure to show proof of an authenticated birth certificate.”

Without stuttering, as did Sen. Marco Rubio when he was asked a similar question last year, Lee responded that constitutional requirements mandate “proof of citizenship” in one form or another to show eligibility for the office a potential candidate seeks.  “Once that certification is made, then that person will be able to stand for election.  Now President Obama has, in fact, been elected president twice; he has succeeded in getting on the ballot in all 50 states…based on the [inaudible] that he filled out…” Lee said.  “That is water under the bridge…He has been elected twice.”

He stated further that because Obama’s mother “was a citizen,” that would have made Obama “a citizen at the time of his birth regardless of where he was born” which he said was “one of two interpretations of the ‘natural born Citizen’ clause in the Constitution.”  He said that the other interpretation was that the person had to “be born in the United States.”

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that only a “natural born Citizen” could serve as president.  The clause has been generally understood in the modern era to mean that the person must be born in the United States.  However, constitutional scholars, attorneys and historians have found that the citizenship of the person’s parents was at least equally important as his or her birthplace during the time of the Framers.  The significance of the parents’ citizenship was to prevent any foreign allegiance on the part of the person seeking the highest office in the land.

Obama claims a U.S.-citizen mother and Kenyan-citizen father, and for 16 years, his official biography reported that he was “born in Kenya.”   Other reports state that Obama was “born in Indonesia.”

Lee concluded his response to the question:  “In any event, the president has presented a birth certificate; some have questioned the authenticity of that birth certificate, but it’s what we’ve got.   He is the president we’ve got, and at this point, we’ve got to focus on who we elect in that office next time around.”

David Small and another volunteer in November 2013 in the process of delivering Sheriff’s Kits to members of Congress, including Sen. Mike Lee

What Lee did not say is that one of his staffers was given clear and convincing evidence of fraud and forgery of Obama’s birth certificate by WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) volunteer David Small during a visit to his Washington, DC office last November.  At that time, Volin and his team delivered more than 200 copies of a “Sheriff’s Kit” to members of Congress, some of whom met with them personally.

The kits are DVDs on which a presentation of Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo’s presentation to the CSPOA last spring explains how the posse concluded after six months of investigation that Obama’s only proffered documentation consists of “computer-generated forgeries.”

On March 26, a video produced by Pixel Patriot for WheresObamasBirthCertificate heralded a significant press conference to be given by Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the near future.  Two years later, the posse’s investigation has continued, having led to Arpaio’s launching of his own investigation into as-yet-undisclosed matters which presumably revolve around fraud concerning Barack Obama.

On Thursday morning, after viewing Lee’s townhall address, a WOBC supporter sent an email to “Intern Nine” in Sen. Lee’s office:

Date: April 17, 2014 at 11:19:14 AM CDT
To: intern_nine@lee.senate.gov
Cc: Mike <mike@wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com>
Subject: Video from Mike Volin


The following is a video produced promo that describes what is about to unfold.


I am Ed XXXXXXXX from Texas and I spoke with you earlier this morning at some length about Senator Lees attitude toward the criminal activity of Barack Obama. This isn’t just water under the bridge, this is a sewer full of lies and deception on a scale not seen in this country ever and demands the attention of leadership if there is any!

Here is the video.



This video was produced with to promo what Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be releasing soon. We expect full support from Congress and the Senate regarding this matter of supreme importance as to the security if this country.

Thank you for responding to our calls. I know these issues go in cycles but this issue will not go away, we care about this country and want justice and corruption and lies exposed.

Kind Regards,

Before press time, The Post & Email spoke about Lee’s comments with WOBC founder Mike Volin, who said, “We gave him a presentation.  Mr. David Small gave it to a staffer; I think they actually had a sit-down presentation.  I’m not taking this stupidity from the senator.  He’s a senator, not a congressman.  If you just handed it to the person who was answering the telephone when you walked in vs. you actually sat down with a staff member and briefed them – there’s a big difference in that.”

As of press time, The Post & Email is awaiting comment from Mr. Small.

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  1. Obama is the son of Malcolm X and Elizabeth Ann Newman from a relationship in 1959. Elizabeth took the pregnancy to Kenya at Coast Province General Hospital then moved to Hawaii. Later she married Soetoro and left Obama at Jakarta’s Muslim Boy Prep School for 8 years. There, as an adopted student child, under Indonesian Constitutional Law he was required to become a citizen of Indonesia making him a dual citizen, U.S. and Indonesian. Citizenship comes from the father as explained in “The Law Of Nations” under Vattel’s original writing which formed much of our constitution. This was done to retain nations sovereignty and identity. Obama is illegal under Art.2 as a “dual citizen” and is violating POTUS rules. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden falsified the 2008 DNC vetting papers which we have had copies of for years. Obama is ILLEGAL as a “dual citizen” under POTUS requirements. Multiple Veterans tried to expose Obama from the time he was an illegal Senator to an illegal POTUS and have been harassed, illegally imprisoned, tazered, beaten, slandered, shackled and only The Post Email has continued to expose and write the truth while no other media will cover or touch the stories. Hillary has threatened the “Judicial” and ordered the Judicial to use illegal “no standing” rules and descriptions against ANY CRIMINAL PRESENTMENTS brought to the courts for “We The People” to petition the judicial and reach Discovery to prosecution. For several years now we have legally served Criminal Presentments and NO Discovery has been allowed in ANY court in the Nation. Can we assume that the Judicial is as corrupted as the party in power? It is worse than that, since not one judge has stamped Discovery against any of the criminal activity in over 5 years. Eric Holder was a FELON in Columbia College when he took over the student lounge and demanded they call it “The Malcolm X Lounge”. Now he is head of Law Enforcement in the U.S. and can cover up any of Obama’s paperwork or dirty deeds of the DNC. Obama is only the puppet for all this DNC handy work which was planned from the early 60’s by DNC Operatives both Black and White working together for the same agenda. There is too much to tell and space is limited here. It will be interesting to see how this will play out. America has been made a fool of by the DNC. Obama’s papers are being held at DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle, that is where the attention should be focused for ordering the papers released to Congress and the Senate to view the entire Ponzi Scheme. They have used a POTUS Protection Clause to keep Obama’s papers from the public at a cost of over $4 million paid to the firm while most Americans have no idea what is going on. Many people in the DNC have been working hard to deceive the American people, David Axelrod, Bill Ayers and family, Pelosi, Biden, Reid and others who have bailed out the back door in the recent past. Their days of lies and deceit grows shorter. They can laugh a while longer as they steal and extort more money.

  2. Criminals “get away with it” until they get caught. So according to Mr. Lee we should never prosecute anyone who has gotten away with a crime for any length of time, just let them keep on doing it.

  3. Anyone who has put the thought and research into understanding the true meaning of natural born Citizen as intended by the Founders can only conclude that it means to be born with exclusive allegiance to the United States of America. Thus, a natural born Citizen is one who is completely free from divided loyalties (as recognized by U.S. law) both at birth or at any point beyond. Normally this means to be born in country to citizen parents, but as long as one is born free of conflicting allegiance some exceptions to this typical circumstance are possible (for example, being born at sea to American parents).

    Practically speaking Mike Lee is correct that aka obama is the putative president, but he should also firmly acknowledge that just because aka obama has so far gotten away with his usurpation does not negate his criminal identity fraud nor change the fact that he is not a legitimate president and is not nor can never be a natural born Citizen as required by the Constitution. Mike Lee is sadly violating his sworn oath to the Constitution and to the American people in his cowardly failure to acknowledge this fundamental fact.

  4. I fired off a letter to Mike Lee via fax as well today. I am perplexed as to why senators and congressman have been very interestingly quiet over this Bundy Ranch thing. “Why”. The only person who has made any kind of public marker was Congressman Steve Stockman.

    The United States Government endorses dogs, tazers, guns, helicopters, contractors, and military type thugs to take the Bundy Ranch and all of congress and the senate are silent?

    How many people have to die before these people drum up the courage to say something or do something? If congress and the senate remain silent and refuse to corral Harry Reid and his thugs, must we assume we are on our own and bloodshed will be necessary?

    I have called and asked congressman, senators, and the BLM to stop this. There has to be a better way and the very best is that the Federal Government return all Public land back to Nevada and allow Nevada to choose the course they wish to take with the Bundy Ranch, and the 84% the public owns right now. Nevada could then use that land for mining, ranching, farming, hunting, fishing, whatever.

  5. “At this point”, can you believe that? “At this point”, as if just getting away with high-jacking the entire elections in two presidential terms isn’t enough, throw in our entire national defense and the whole Executive Branch, Sen. Mike Lee acts as if because Obama got away with it for 5 years in spite of his being informed entirely during his 2010 campaign from Yours Truly, its ok?

    I can’t stand that level of disregard for the Constitution which is why I stood against him in 2010 in the U.S. Senate Race, I couldn’t stomache voting for a ‘tabloid conservative’ who ranks deceiving the entire populace about a candidate for an election twice as trivial as a warning given from a police officer about speeding, and then using the fact Obama was elected as evidence to support the actions of killing the future opportunity of entire generations of Americans.

    Sen. Lee’s had some good moments of which I was proud of him for standing on not funding Obamacare, but alas this report is not one of the moments of pride. I’m totally ashamed of my State U.S. Senator Mike Lee.

    It is hard to retain admired credibility towards someone when they flush the entire country, the entire executive branch, down the toilet and do it on a pretended support for an obvious fraudulent election and site it as an example of no-wrong.

    The obvious question I’d ask him is: “Do you think Obama would have been elected or even allowed out of a jail cell in 2008, and 2012 if the American People , every one had been told of his fraudulent identification?

    Its hard to dismiss or consider such as Sen. Lee not being of them who Jesus Christ would have just whipped out of the temple yard for desacration and hypocracy exhibited in an example so nefarious that the ire of even the most patient person in the world was pressed and tried in the revolting actions leading to a good spanking.

    I’m so sick ..I’m sorry it just makes me ill, like want to go throw-up. If I can’t throw up all I can do is just cry and shed tears for our Constitution and all the blood that has been spilt that Sen. Lee’s example mocks and wades around in as a fun filled Summer day on his vacation.

    Cody Robert Judy