An Objective Review of Last Week’s Operation to Round Up Bundy’s Cattle and Sell Them


April 14, 2014

Is this what America has become?

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to the Bureau of Land Management (, Florida Senator Bill Nelson (, and Glenn Beck (

Dear Bureau of Land Management:

An objective review of your cattle-gathering operation of recent history shows that you apparently didn’t even know what you were doing– or why. This wasn’t about the desert tortoise at all — or even about any unpaid bills.

Millionaire Senator Harry Reid and his son, Rory, brokered a deal with the communist Chinese to sell them acres of Nevada land so they could operate a solar farm and manufacturing facility.  But Bundy’s cattle would have upset their operations.  That’s why the powers that be wanted Bundy gone — he was the last holdout in the area — even though his family was living on the land since 1880. Seems like he might have a claim on the land, doesn’t it ?

In spite of the actual facts in the case, your Gestapo agents pointed their sniper rifles at innocent, unarmed American citizens — just like good Nazis  would do — “just follwing orders.”  Would you have had any twinge of conscience if one of your guys accidentally pulled the trigger and killed one of these citizens — a man, a woman or a child ???

Fortunately, hundreds of real Americans arrived — and they had guns and would have fired back at you.  You might not have returned home to your wife and children that night. Imagine that — you would have received exactly what you were ready to dish out — if someone issued an unconstitutional order to shoot to kill. But this is still America — and patriots responded in time to prevent a massacre.  Are you and your storm troopers disappointed???????????

Harry Reid is corrupt and a disgrace.  So are the thugs in local government — Commissioner Tom Collins and the Clark County Sheriff who did not intervene to protect their constituents from an out-of-control government mob bent on depriving a hard-working family of their land and their livelihood — and maybe even of their lives. You now have this stain on your conscience for participating in betraying innocent life — just as Judas did for the 30 pieces of silver.  The timing is very appropriate. Good Friday is almost here. Recall that Judas later went and hung himself.

I have an important message for you and your agents —THINK. Read the U.S. Constitution.  Read the Nuremburg Trials — especially the many times the Nazi war criminals claimed they were “just following orders.”  But do you know what???  The judges sentenced them to hang anyway. A word to the wise …………..

Jack Mertz


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