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by Sharon Rondeau

Over the last week, the WOBC website has been redesigned, with more photos uploaded and the “Universe-Shattering” video placed in the Dropbox area, which contains the Sheriff’s Kit in an electronic format

(Apr. 12, 2014) — On April 3, Mike Volin, founder of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC), contacted The Post & Email in order to more widely issue a correction to a misstatement he had made during an interview on Peter Boyles’ radio show that morning.

Volin had told Boyles that ten days before, a WOBC volunteer had delivered a “Sheriff’s Kit” DVD to the office of Rep. Cory Gardner of Colorado.  Volin produced the kits last summer to distribute to members of Congress, the media, and others to raise awareness that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form were found by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

The volunteer reported that he was told by the staffer who accepted the kit from him that Gardner was aware of the information it contained and that Gardner had hired a private investigator to research it further, which Volin repeated on Boyles’ show.  Volin’s understanding following the show was that numerous parties contacted Gardner’s office to ask if, in fact, he had hired a private investigator, and the staffer reportedly informed them that Gardner had met with, but not necessarily hired, a private investigator about the Obama birth certificate/Selective Service forgeries.

The staffer’s statement was the first admission of its kind that any member of Congress has acted upon the information reported by the posse’s 31-month investigation.  Several months ago, Rep. Steve Stockman had reportedly offered his assistance in publicizing the forgeries but has remained quiet.

After Boyles received numerous calls touting the correction issued by the staffer, he contacted Volin to issue a correction regarding the private investigator from “hired” to “met with,” which Volin did immediately through The Post & Email, BirtherReport.com, and his own website.

“It caused a firestorm,” Volin told The Post & Email.

On Friday, Volin told The Post & Email that shortly after he issued the correction, he received a call from Amanda Terkel, a reporter for The Huffington Post.  Volin related that Terkel called him “to find out what we were about,” referring to his activities to publicize the findings of the Cold Case Posse.

Volin asked Terkel, “Do you know what we do?  Have you been to my website?” to which Terkel reportedly responded, “Oh, yes, we’re well aware of what you do.”  Volin then said, “Can we get together on an interview?” to which Terkel replied, “This is an interview,” although her call to Volin was unscheduled.

Left-leaning and mainstream media have been unwilling to report on the findings of the posse and have not announced that a major revelation described as “universe-shattering” is expected from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a separate but related investigation.  They have also failed to conduct their own investigations into the posse’s findings to date.

Last week, Volin redesigned his website and uploaded more photos from the trip he and a number of volunteers took to Washington, DC in November to distribute Sheriff’s Kits to about 200 members of Congress.  He reported on Saturday that website traffic has increased significantly since Friday night as evidenced by the Live Traffic Feed installed on the lower left corner of the home page.

WOBC Dropbox page containing downloadable Sheriff’s Kit and the video announcing Arpaio’s anticipated announcement in the near future

Some photos of congressmen have still been withheld for “security” reasons, Volin said.

The Post & Email has contacted Terkel to ask for an interview with her about her knowledge of the Obama birth certificate investigation and whether or not The Huffington Post plans to report on Arpaio’s press conference, which is expected soon.

A video released on March 26 heralding Arpaio’s coming announcement is now uploaded to Volin’s Dropbox page, which contains an electronic, downloadable version of the Sheriff’s Kit.

“Another thing that is happening is that the tide is turning.  People are getting tired of Obama being a bully.  They’re taking a second look.” Volin stated.  “Out of the blue, we got a call from The Huffington Post.  How did she know that I went on the Peter Boyles show and made a misstatement, and then I made a retraction almost immediately, posted it on The Birther Report, posted it myself, and spoke to the guy who gave the Sheriff’s Kit, who made the retraction, too.  I had The Huffington Post call me about one word,” Volin said.

Volin announced approximately two weeks ago that a “Sheriff’s Kit 2” will be released after Arpaio’s announcement is made.

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  1. Wake up, every dams one of the LSM is keeping a close eye on this.People are starting to see the Democrats are NOT out for the working man. They are heartbroken that the Hope AND change man is nothing but a phony fraud!