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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Tennessee “welcoming” newcomers as potential sources of bail money for its criminal racket?

(Apr. 11, 2014) — This week, a man who was unjustly indicted by the Monroe County “grand jury” for the crimes of aggravated kidnapping and burglary spoke with staffers from the offices of Tennessee Sens. Robert Corker and Lamar Alexander about the corruption of the judiciary in the Tenth Judicial District.

Both refused to offer any assistance to Marvin Young, who is facing up to 40 years in prison as a result of trumped-up charges by an illicit grand jury.

Young was indicted by the judicially-controlled, illegally-constructed grand jury one year ago in a setup orchestrated by the man who inherited Young’s father’s estate, which is valued at seven figures.  Last year, Young had approached the man, David Godwin, about the proven forgery of Young’s father’s name on his will, after which Young was arrested and incarcerated in the Monroe County jail for crimes he did not commit.

After speaking with Ashley in Alexander’s district office in Knoxville, Young received a letter by email advising him to “seek legal counsel,” as if he had reported a civil, rather than a criminal, matter.  Young said that when he attempted to give Ashley his mailing address, she refused to take it, stating that she already had it.

Young had sent an hour-long video he made describing his discovery, subsequent arrest, and the corruption which generated it to both U.S. senators’ offices.

On April 10, 2013, Young was arrested at a real estate office where Godwin’s sister-in-law was employed.  He then spent four days in the Monroe County jail and was arraigned by video link rather than in a courtroom.  He related that the conditions in the jail were so poor that he neither ate nor drank over the four-day period.

An acquaintance then offered her home as collateral to raise enough bond money to have Young released.

Grand juries in Tennessee are commandeered by judicially-appointed foremen who represent the interests of the judge for whom they work.  However, their vote and influence are imposed on the grand jury members, who deliberate “in secret” and view “evidence,” if it exists, which is not made public.

Young said the U.S. senators’ staffers advised him to contact his state legislators about the criminal activities of the judges, prosecutors and court personnel in the Tenth Judicial District, which he has already done.  He said he has contacted every state legislator in Tennessee and received not one response.  “I never received a single letter or phone call back from any of them,” he said.  He related that he told the U.S. senators’ aides, “Now, I decided to go ‘federal’ with my U.S. rep and senators, and now you’re telling me the same thing.  I asked her, ‘Where do I go?  I’ve gone to my sheriff.  I’ve gone to my district attorney.  I’ve gone to the attorney general of the state; I’ve gone to my senator and representative at the state level.  I’ve now contacted all of my U.S. senators and representative at the federal level.’ I said, ‘Where do we go from here?  Who else is there to call?’ and the phone was silent. She just didn’t have any answer for me.”

Young said that about a month ago, he contacted the Knoxville FBI, whose duty agent hung up on him.  The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said it could not review his evidence because the referral did not come from a district attorney.

Tennessee is known as “The Volunteer State,” but no public servants have “volunteered” to begin the process of convening a special grand jury to examine evidence of criminality on the part of judges, prosecutors, court clerks, crooked sheriffs, deputies, and local police involved in a human trafficking organization which preys on its citizens by incarcerating them, then collecting bond money and property offered in exchange for the prisoner’s freedom for nefarious purposes.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who has also been victimized by the corrupt judges and grand juries, has said that “it’s going to take large numbers of people standing up” to rid Tennessee of its judicial corruption, particularly in the eastern part of the state.  To date, there have been few volunteering to do so.

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  1. They need a sign hanging from “Tennessee Welcomes You” that says “Warning-Veterans Keep Out”. Maybe a picture of CDR. Walt Fitzpatrick and Veteran Darren Huff should be below that waving at the false flag FBI agents and SWAT Teams called in by PJ Foggy and he’s a Carolina DNC Operative playing the Tennessee DNC. Sounds like a large gaming plan to keep the DNC on top. I contacted the Tennessee State Governor and kindly asked him to help CDR. Walt Fitzpatrick and to look into the corruption. The answer was “I think you should hire an attorney!” No misunderstanding there big buddy, I read you loud and clear. The good people in Tennessee are suffering as all the rest of the non-Democrat population is also. If you look at what Obama’s henchmen did to the Gibson Guitar factory-raided them two years in a row claiming they obtained rare woods without the proper paperwork and they were in violation of law. They took millions of dollars of rare woods and after two years and phony fines returned the woods to Gibson. Why? The CEO of Gibson donated money to the Republican/Conservative Party and were being punished and they are not unionized as far as we know. Obama harassed the Volkswagon Factory in Tennessee for not wanting to join the Auto Union System-the foreman explained that he would have to take an $8 dollar an hour cut to pay union dues. I belonged to a union once and when they moved the job I had to another state-we were all put out on the street-the union did nothing. Today, most unions are corrupted with fat cats sitting in an office smoking cigars collecting money from the slaves and living a lush life at others expense or mafia is in the background somewhere or similar tactics are being used as in the Democratic Party-same thing. What is Joe “Shotgun” Biden? Let me know.

  2. The South is still divided as the North is. It is sad to see the corrupted Southern Democrats are still attempting to divide the Southern Christian majority with their godless agendas. Of all the great men in the south, the sleaziest cowards usually get in to power by questionable means and paths. I personally like Trey Howdy as a representative and also Col. Allen West, who are both intelligent gentlemen and represent what leadership based on our Constitution is all about. We need conservative leadership and men like the above and retired veterans like Walt Fitzpatrick need to be in our government to rescue it from the current political vandals operating in the White House.

  3. I’m sorry to say but I firmly believe that these elected officials who let these injustices go, and those who have any part of corruption need to be hung by the neck until dead.

  4. Sens. Corker and Alexander have NO BUSINESS being in our U.S. Congress! They need to stay in Tennessee where they have more CORRUPTION than they can handle! I will be getting word out to various Tea Party groups with this information—TOMORROW!