by New York State Grassroots Groups

(Apr. 11, 2014) — Watch this: SHERIFFS STAND AGAINST SAFE ACT 4/01/14

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuNRxZvNCvw#t=50 Click and then see if YOU agree…..

WE should not stand this massive corruption. WE should not accept that the NY Legislature let some corrupt committee stifle the FULL Repeal of the Safe Act by killing it and not allowing it to come to the floor. The Safe Act represents the most corrupt action in American history – every person knows it. OUR so-called “friends in the Legislature” are now in acceptance and are just heading into elections while they allow NYS to wither and die. I say – shut the  government down if need be – WE WANT ACTION and WE WANT IT NOW!  Damn the political strategy – set “the rules” aside – FIGHT – FIGHT HARD – for you see, there is a lot more than totalitarian gun control at stake here – it is now a fight for principles and OUR dying socialist state (especially with the current budget that just passed). An amazing outcry and an astonishing amount of time, effort and money has been spent in the last year-plus – and their answers to OUR cry is get out the vote and send us donations – you gotta be kidding me. We have the lawmen on OUR side and the best WE can do is put our tail between OUR legs and follow along? Please send the above Video and this message to every lawmaker and every cop and then, don’t sit back and rest, make YOUR voice LOUDER – ROAR like YOU never roared before. You see, it is time to put an end to this insane corruption in Albany OR……. it is time to “shut the lights”. Mad As Hell – Fed Up – Disgusted – Don’t Vote – Don’t Donate – Don’t Volunteer – stand strong in UNITY!!! ……..RALLY – PROTEST – PARTICIPATE !!!!!!!

WOW – That was quite a passionate message. There is a lot going on across the state – please participate. SEE the Event Schedule Below.

Never the End – Always the Beginning – Fight For America
WE Will NOT Quit – Won’t Back Down – WE Are the Strong and Proud – Keep Fighting !!!!
It’s Exciting – It Is Fun – Join Us in making History…..Bring ALL your friends – Participate!
  • April 12 SPECIAL EVENT – Arsenal Diner – Watertown: This will begin at 10am (possibly before 10) and last until the activities subside (est 4pm) / there will be Post Card Petition signing / There will be info on the “Committeeman Project” / there is plenty of on site free parking and plenty of room for US to gather / WE are welcomed in the diner. Chat, hang out, have fun, Join in “Visual Protest”
  • April 12th. PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS RALLY Norwich Tea Party Patriots  Sat, 11 AM to 2 PM East Side Park in downtown Norwich.
  • Apr 12 New York Revolution Rally– NOON – Best Western Grand Victorian Inn Sayre Pa.
  • April 12 GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY  Bob Schulz at College of New Paltz
  • April 12 Open Carry Court Victory Rally American Gun Owners Alliance Perry Sq State St. Rt. 5 Erie, PA 16501
  • Sat April 19 Commemorate America with Cannon Fire GOUVERNEUR, NY VFW (100 West Main)
  • April 12 – SPECIAL EVENT  a chat with friends – Organize / Petition – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act

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