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April 11, 2014

Hello, I operate an online newspaper and have been covering unbelievable corruption in eastern Tennessee for more than four years.  They are operating “People’s Court” show trials after coercing their rigged grand juries to issue indictments against people they don’t like or against whom someone has a vendetta.  As a result, hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people have gone to state prison with the judges’ full knowledge.  This area of the country, unbeknownst to most, resembles the movie “Walking Tall,” except without a “good guy” to right the injustices.


In 1946, a group of World War II veterans became so enraged with the local corruption in the same area, McMinn County, that “The Battle of Athens” ensued, and a corrupt sheriff and his cronies were driven out of the county.  While we hope that the situation does not become a second such incident involving gunfire, the conflict among the Tennessee legislature, judiciary and attorney general has reached a constitutional crisis, as my articles clearly illustrate.


No one in Tennessee government will answer my calls, emails or letters regarding the systemic corruption in their state which uses citizens as a means to garner more state funding for nefarious purposes, particularly the production and distribution of crystal methamphetamine.  The district attorneys, drug task force officers, local police, county sheriffs, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and FBI all know about it, and many of them participate in it.

We even have proof that the corruption goes all the way into the White House.

In my estimation, this is the story of the century:  that the type of “courts” run during the Nazi Germany years have been operating and continue to operate in the United States of America with impunity, with the full knowledge of everyone in the state government, including the governor.  Rigged grand juries, false indictments, crooked prosecutors, judges and court clerks all make it possible.  I would never have believed it had I not gathered hard evidence of it.

This story must gain national attention in order to free the citizens of eastern Tennessee from a dictatorship of the judiciary, if not by Fox News, then by someone else.

I have also been reporting on two other national stories of huge import not reported elsewhere if you are interested.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
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Stafford Springs, CT  06076
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  1. If this gets to the attention of Shannon Bream she should know that Gene and Norma Whiting bear witness to all of this. We need a constitutional judicial system right here.