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by OPOVV, ©2014

Is it Eric Holder’s turn?

(Apr. 10, 2014) — So how did Eric Holder ever get the job of US Attorney General? “Wanted: someone with a marginal understanding of the Law, in general, and absolutely no concept of the Constitution’s reason for existence.”

“Someone who hates the USA with a passion. We’re not looking for someone with any smarts, here. We don’t want someone who can figure out obvious (to us) solutions to easy (to us) problems. Here’s an example: an illegal immigrant is caught. You have two choices: deport them or give them taxpayers’ money.”

“Muslim-loving is a given. But we’re also looking for someone who really doesn’t have the smarts to have figured out the difference between a free country and a gulag. We want to hire someone who we can control easily, who doesn’t have the brainpower to question our limiting their freedoms and their ability to protect themselves in times of crisis, like during a robbery, rape, home invasion, or the country being invaded. We want the people in the Ghettos, Hood, Projects, ‘his people’ on the Plantations, to be unprotected.”

“We are looking for someone who doesn’t grasp the significance of the Second Amendment, who does not understand that the police are a reactionary force and not necessarily a deterrent.”

“We want someone who we can control by giving them a title and a big paycheck with all kinds of perks. We want someone who believes that the ‘government’s money’ and their own tax dollars are not one and the same; that wasting the government’s money is not the same as wasting their own money. We are looking for someone who will, without question, follow illegal and immoral orders, such as allowing terrorist organizations to operate with impunity anywhere in the United States, specifically C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood, and by allowing any Muslim to be in our country outside of a prison cell.”

We want someone who thinks it’s okay for Muslim men to beat, disfigure and murder women in the name of ‘honor killings’, which is just a sorry excuse for cowards to get away with being bullies and premeditated murder.”

“We want someone who will not follow the laws on the books for voter intimidation, voter fraud and vetting any potential candidate. Furthermore, we require the next Attorney General to turn a blind eye to the de facto president for being a felon for falsifying the information on his Selective Service Registration card, a clear violation since the Social Security number that Obama is using is a stolen Social Security number from the State of Connecticut, a place where Obama has never established residence.”

“We desire the applicant to have no understanding of much of anything, the least of which is INTEGRITY. We want our candidate for the job to be a pawn who will sell his ‘own people’, and his country, for 30 pieces of silver. We want this person to be a traitor to his people, his country, and to the memory of those who have died for the cause of Freedom.”

“We want Eric Holder to get the job and, eventually, be found guilty in a real court of law and spend the rest of his miserable life in a cage down in Gitmo for failing to uphold his Oath to the Constitution.”


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  1. Holder was a Black Muslim in Columbia College AND a FELON when he took over the student lounge there at gunpoint and demanded the college change the name of the lounge to “The Malcolm X Lounge”. Malcolm X was Obama’s father through an affair in 1959 with mother Elizabeth Ann Newman who bombed the Washington DC Navy Yard Computer Building in 1969 with Bill Ayers. She was recently taken off the FBI Most Wanted List and has been traveling with Michelle and Obama in disguise. Black and White liberal Marxists joined together in the late 50’s to bring us what we have now during this coup/usurpation. Holder knows what has been done here and the falsification of Obama’s POTUS eligibility. Obama is Art. 2 from two U.S. Parents but is illegal Art. 2 through his Indonesian dual citizenship. Obama returned to the U.S. on a “foreign student scholarship and much of his college was paid for by the Ayers family, a wealthy Chicago DNC Operative family. Holder and Obama are only puppets to the DNC Operatives that set this faux POTUS in motion. Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s eligibility to 50 states in 2008 on DNC vetting papers.

  2. If he is put in that “vacation by the sea” called Gitmo, he’ll be able to play on that nice new soccer field with his Muslim buddies. Not exactly what I’d call punishment for being a traitor.