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by OPOVV, ©2014

Just who are American soldiers fighting in the “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan?”

(Apr. 9, 2014) — ACT I

Mozart’s “Requiem” starts to be heard as the house lights dim. Curtain rises on a busy scene of a squad of soldiers dressed in fatigues scurrying around, some in groups, some by themselves. The backdrop is a grey curtain with the outline of the United States. From stage left enters an officer riding a horse (in a Hollywood extravaganza the horse is real, but for this stage production the officer is “riding”a wooden stick horse). The officer is in full dress uniform, seams perfectly creased.

Officer: “What goes on here? Who’s in charge?”

Corporal: “That would be me, Sir. Ewert, Robert T., Company 476, 4th Squad.”

Officer: “What the heck is going on here, Corporal? What’s that map mean? What are these men doing? And why is West Virginia burning? And why is Montana covered in crosses?”

Corporal: “Well, Sir, it’s like this: we were out on patrol, just doing a five-mile hike, as it were, getting in a little exercise, when we stumbled upon this-here broken map. Some of the boys figured it’s the United States; I mean, some of the boys thinks it the real USA and they’re trying to put it together again.”

Captain: “And West Virginia?”

Corporal: “Yes, Sir. Well, it was lying there just smoldering and we were afraid it would catch all the other pieces on fire, too and maybe start a forest fire, so we put that one up first.”

As the Captain and corporal are talking, other pieces of the country are being put in place. A few ladders are seen as men raise the State of Michigan in place.

Captain: “What’s that on the State of Michigan?”

Corporal: “Well, Sir, as far as we can figure it out, those are little crescents representing so many thousands or millions of Muslims who live there. See East St. Louis in Illinois? Same thing.”

Captain: “What about all those crosses in Montana?”

Corporal: “Oh, that’s an easy one, beggin’ the Captain’s pardon. Those are crosses for lung cancer because those mines up there are exempt from pollution standards. You have to have a clean car but if you own a mine and can make campaign contributions in the millions, well, you know how it is, Sir.”

Captain: “Yes, I do know how it is, Corporal, but I’m surprised you do.”

A couple of men approach the two and wait until they are recognized.

Corporal: “Yes, what is it?”

One of the soldiers: “Well, we can’t make this one out, is all.”

Captain: “I know what that is, men. That’s Hawaii and the District of Columbia all mixed up.”

One of the soldiers: “You’re right, Sir. And look! Each of them has the words ‘Birth Certificate’ on them. Thank you, Sir.”

Captain: “Very well. Look, Corporal, you’re doing a terrific job here. But what’s on the other side of the curtain?”

Corporal: “We don’t know, Sir. We’re afraid to look. The way we figure, once we get the country put back together, it’ll all become transparent and kind-of like ‘disappear;’ at least that’s what a couple of the men think. They think that if we try and look now, it’ll destroy the spell and our country will disappear forever, so we’re trying to fix it now while we still can.”

Captain: “Very well. It seems that you have things under control. I’ve a luncheon to attend to, all the officers and their wives. A career-enhancing opportunity, so I must be going. Let me know how you did. One last question:  I see all of the States have a bunch of little red crosses crossed out by an ‘X’. What do they mean?”

Corporal: “Veterans who committed suicide, Sir. You see, over in Sand Land (Afghanistan), you don’t ever want to be captured, so the thought that goes through your head, as soon as you arrive in-country, is to save one round for yourself, to shoot yourself in the head, rather than be taken prisoner and end up on some video of your being hog-tied and getting your head cut-off while you’re screaming. Nobody wants that to happen, for their loved ones to ever see such a sight. So they get the mindset that it’s just what they have to do, like brushing your teeth, rather than taking the chance of getting captured. It carries over when they get home. So maybe they had a few close calls, or saw their buddy do it to himself when he couldn’t take it any more, or maybe they just had to do it to one of their own who was wounded and couldn’t make it out, but they could, so they had to shoot their own best buddy in the head so they wouldn’t “Go Hollywood,” Sir, as it’s called among the troops. It’s the Rules of Engagement, Sir. There no ‘win’ over there. All that’s there is death.”

Captain: “I see. Well, carry on.”

Captain exits stage left as the men continue to put up the pieces of the puzzle. Lights dim. Curtain lowers. Music ends.


[NOTE: the VA/government doesn’t have a clue as to how to help our troops/run a war. All that’s happening over there is a shooting gallery for Muslims to kill our soldiers. The Rules of Engagement favor the enemy. An enemy can fire at our troops from a mosques, home, school, hospital, and we’re not allowed to fire back. A Muslim planting a roadside bomb can do so with impunity as long as he’s “not seen having a weapon on his person.” Now, I ask you, is it any wonder that our troops are “checking out?” There is a solution, and it DOES NOT INCLUDE OBAMA or the current leadership of our military, including the Secretary of State and Defense, and the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a whole bunch of Pentagon flunkies.


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