by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDA

(Apr. 7, 2014) — NDAA Resistance:

As you check out this update, be sure to read the stellar article “Pushing PANDA,” written by the Boise Weekly today about the NDAA Resistance in Idaho: http://www.boiseweekly.com/boise/pushing-panda/Content?oid=3086956. Also, join us for our Moneybomb on the anniversary of the American Revolution here: https://www.facebook.com/events/274087366090702/

Are you in Southern California? See PANDA Live!

PANDA is proud to support, and speak at, the United We Stand Fest on May 10th. If you are in California, help us spark UCLA to the Resistance. Tickets are at the Revolutionary price of 17.76 and you can get them HERE:


Department of Justice Refuses to Disown Korematsu, asks SCOTUS to Dismiss NDAA Lawsuit

The DOJ has been busy lately countering the resistance. Hedges v. Obama, a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of the 2012 NDAA, is up for consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Department of Justice wants the justices to dismiss the case for lack of standing. Or, as one of their lawyers once put it, “It would take a case of someone being detained under the NDAA, to find the parameters of the law.”


Highlights from PANDA’s latest speaking tour (VIDEO):

For our last speaking tour, we went to CA, NV, and ended with a bang in Michigan in front of over 400 at the MI Grassroots PowWow! Check out the highlights, and videos, of the tour here: http://pandaunite.org/ndaa-highlights-from-pandas-latest-speaking-tour/


PANDA recently became a signatory to OpenNDAA.org’s request to make the process for creating the NDAA 100% transparent. Though passed every year by Congress, the Senate refuses to open all of its subcommittee hearings and markups to the public….which is how they were able to sneak Sections 1021 and 1022 through without enough pressure to stop them from passing.

You can see the letter here: http://openndaa.org/

FACL training schools coming to an area near you: 

For over a year and a half, PANDA worked to defeat the NDAA on a local and state level. We lost. Over, and over, and over again. Then, Tony Demott from the FACL schools gave us some advice. That advice, combined with that of Ernest Hancock, revolutionized the Resistance and we started winning, at 5 cities and one county and counting. Now, these schools are coming to an area near you. They cost less than a few cups of coffee, and we highly recommend attending one near you. We get no compensation from this, nor are we affiliated with FACL, but there is no better activism training than these schools.

They worked for us. They could work for you. Check out the full list HERE: http://www.eventbrite.com/o/foundation-for-applied-conservative-leadership-3276957246?s=22533237

PANDA Coming to Western Michigan:

The Committee to Elect Jim Bussler will be hosting a freedom symposium at the Old Dog Tavern in Kalamazoo, Michgan on April 17th from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Guest speakers will be speaking about issues ranging from the militarization of the police to the keynote speech given by Dan Johnson, director of PANDA, on the NDAA. For more information, you can visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1416451681948032/?notif_t=plan_user_joined

Are you taking back your town?

PANDA offers top notch assistance to anyone in American willing to take the Resistance to their local community. If you are taking back your town, and having trouble, or want to start taking back your town, simply reply to this email and we’ll get you started. Join the largest Resistance against a Federal law from the local level and start taking back your towns.

Latest News:

Letter: Restore the Rights of Citizens: http://www.milforddailynews.com/article/20140330/OPINION/140339882/11568/OPINION

Editorial: Decision Point for Government: http://www.redding.com/news/2014/mar/24/decision-point-for-government-1423/

PSA Today with Dan Johnson: https://soundcloud.com/jessica-the-jester-levity/psa-today-with-p-a-n-d-a
Military Police Detain Journalists and confiscate equipment: http://benswann.com/military-police-detain-journalist-and-confiscate-equipment/
PANDA’s Dan Johnson at the Michigan PowWow: http://meetmeunderthelibertytree.com/dan-johnson-powwow-mt-pleasant/

Invite others to get breaking news from the NDAA Resistance: https://tinyletter.com/pandaunite

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