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by Kenneth Thompson, ©2014, OAS

(Mar. 31, 2014) — I’ve been on a journey this past year; one inspiring and at the same time terrifying. When my journey started, I was a typical American: my biggest concerns were keeping ahead of a never-ending pile of bills, while trying to buy as many as possible of the toys our media convinces us we need to have.

Then my eldest daughter started telling me about GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and convinced me to take a look at this issue. One of the first pages a Google search showed me was how corporate America has intertwined tentacles within our government, placing ex-employees in positions of power, in the very agencies designed to regulate them. This was a huge red flag, and I soon found many more.

Research led me down a rabbit hole lined with corruption. I saw that our system of government has been compromised. Both popular parties in America now answer to the same entity, and it is no longer “We the People”. Despite what our Founders intended, our government has become the tool of corporations.

Global megacorporations are not a singularly American problem. There is conflict across the globe, as the People rise against corrupt governments tied to corporate entities. Some call the Hydra we fight the “New World Order”. They pollute our lands with chemical and radiological wastes, leaving taxpayers the burden of cost for cleanup. They feed us GMO foods that many scientists suspect are hazards to our health. They foist pharmaceutical horrors upon us, while denying us natural, non-patentable cures for disease. They take us to war without end. They intrude on every aspect of our private lives. Who can honestly deny that we suffer and die to increase corporate profits?

America is no longer the “Land of the Free”. Sadly, it’s become a land whose goals and policies are guided by the bottom line. Corporations are required by law to consider profits ahead of public well being or safety, and they own the politicians who run our government. This is facilitated by corporate-owned media who spin the news and omit facts, to steer the People towards acceptance of totalitarian corporate world government.

This would-be one-world government needs us disarmed; powerless to avoid subjugation.

The common man in America, and around the world, has a good heart. We are not enemies. Few individuals are willing to harm others for personal gain. But we do not see the ordinary folks in other countries, and they do not see us. Instead we are shown a parade of “news” stories designed to instill fear and distrust of other folks. But it is their governments, and our government, that cannot be trusted; that should be feared.

The elites who push their agenda on America and other nations are our common enemy, for they are nothing more than sophisticated thugs; organized criminals who have managed to rise above street crime to control the very levers of power. It does not benefit the corporate bottom-line for nations to be at peace. War equals profits for the few, at the expense of everyone else. They are few, and seek to divide us, to minimize the overwhelming power of a united People, in order to destroy us.

So far, the internet is the one media left mainly untainted by corporate dominance. This empowers us to find and share truth, and threatens the power-hungry with exposure. In a way, our growing voices force the global elite to accelerate their timetable of control. Every day we learn of new and more radical attempts to strip us of our remaining Constitutional protections.

This is why we must WAKE, and ACT. Why we must not wait a moment longer. As you read this, the fist is closing on our right to freely voice our opinions on the internet. Efforts are under way to deprive us of our right to own weapons to protect our families from criminals, both petty and official.

Our weapons are the tools of last resort, against a government grown too powerful. We are told that we cannot be trusted with the very weapons made readily available to police forces nationwide. We are supposed to believe that somehow a badge makes a person more wise and righteous than we are. We would be fools, indeed, to surrender our arms. The mere fact that we own them, that we out-man and out-gun those who would have us believe they are our betters, makes us safer from their depredations.

I do not own a gun. I gave up hunting years ago, and didn’t feel the need to own one. Until now. Purchasing and becoming proficient with a firearm are now a high priority!

On my journey so far, I’ve taken many side-roads and met many groups who fight for liberty in one way or another. But we have allowed our natural suspicions to divide us. We have bought the corporate media message that we are few, weak, divided. As long as we fail to fight in unison, petty differences of race, religion, age, economic status and others, keep us exactly as elites intend. We are but buzzing gadflies, to be swept away along with the last vestiges of our rights.

My voice, like many others, has called for unity. I prayed for a path that would lead us back to liberty. But until this year, I had no idea how we could do it.

Then I found Operation American Spring, and my prayers were answered.

After finding out that so much of what I had been led to believe was based on lies, I was naturally suspicious. But the beauty of Operation American Spring is in its singular goal of restoring Constitutional government in America. There can be no more basic plan than to use our natural rights, in a peaceful and Constitutional manner, to make our grievances known; to force oppressive and lawless “leaders” to step down or be thrown down.

It is a simple choice we offer. To the People, we ask whether they would continue to condone corruption, to elect and ignore officials who arbitrarily choose to ignore laws that we are forced to obey, who openly defy the very Oath that binds them from taking what is rightfully ours? We ask the People if they would live as mice; fed to the unquenchable appetites of kings? Will we accept this destiny, made certain only by our willingness to close our eyes and cower before the supposed might of Mammon?

Or will we stand against tyranny and live once more as free men who make our own choices to guide our destinies? Will we question the word of elected and appointed officials, protest the stench emanating from the swamp they’ve made of our government? Will we refuse to allow elites to dumb-down and indoctrinate our children to be good little slaves?

To those who would be kings, we ask only this: would you give up all for a little more power, or preserve your own lives and status by peacefully stepping down?

It is a simple choice. An easy choice, really, when you think about it.

I have wondered how our soldiers reconcile their Oath with what they are being ordered to do. I marvel at the sacrifices that have been made in the name of liberty. I weep for the many patriots who have died fighting tyranny. I see many more, every day, who wake as I have, and now step bravely forward to shoulder the burdens that are required to restore our freedom.

Operation American Spring is a massive grassroots mission. It was started by a highly decorated veteran, Colonel Harry G. Riley. He has been joined by many other veterans, and by many who never saw service in uniform, but are willing to honor the same Oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, against all enemies, foreign or domestic. We ask all patriotic Americans to join us in Washington, D.C. for this honorable mission to restore true Constitutional government to the People.

I did not serve in the military. I will serve in this cause.

The only way this mission can fail is through lack of support. While I see little likelihood of this, we may lose yet, if we do not stand in unison against tyrants. If we have overwhelming numbers, there is almost no possibility of stupid actions by those whose immediate resignations we call for.

We go to the seat of Federal power, peacefully and unarmed, but with arms locked together in the conviction that God and adherence to our Constitution will guide us back to the America we never quite were, but can strive to bring about; a free land of individuals, a beacon of liberty to the world.

Please go to this site, and send YOUR message to Congress:

http://calltoaction.oas2014.com/ Join us May 16, 2014!


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