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by OPOVV, 2014

“the dangers of a communist takeover

(Mar. 28, 2014) — Shades of grey; a world infested with mediocrity so prevalent that feeding the birds is looked upon as an act of defiance against a system that harbors no chance at individuality. Every library and used book store, even the bins of torn paperbacks at flea markets and garage sales, are meticulously inspected for non-approved writings. All printed material is scrutinized for hints of anti-government phrases or pictures. Art must be approved before it is shown; private displays are forbidden.

Private enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit have been obliterated, leaving us with no expectation other than more of the same.

The school curriculum is one of indoctrination, day after day, year after year. It’s the government to which we owe allegiance, not a document with lofty ideals, of equality and liberty, and a concept of justice that is served equally to the rich and down-trodden alike: circumstances matter not, because Themis, who holds the scales of justice, is, as we all know, blind.

Everyone will be driving government cars that the population will refer to as “Yugos,” but not spoken, not even to the spouse for fear of accusations at time of divorce. Retributions will be forthcoming: stay put, don’t leave town, perhaps for years, maybe never seeing the inside of a courtroom. You may die never having been given the opportunity to clear your name.

Drugs are condoned by the government: tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, class ‘A’ narcotics, all distributedby government-run stands, fully equipped with recording devices.

“Mr. Smith, our records indicate that you haven’t purchased any drugs in the past two weeks. Can you please explain this discrepancy?”

“I’ve quit. I’m clean. No more drugs for me.”

“But that is unacceptable, Mr. Smith. You know that.”

Extreme behavior is now the new normal. Those with a aptitude for violence become police officers. If you are smart, maybe you work on thought-controlling devices.

“Mr. Smith, we see that you haven’t been watching as much television as you used to. Care to explain?”

Unsatisfactory answers are broadcast; everyone will know of your “non-cooperation” tendencies. Your name is removed from the “available marriage list,” the “move-somewhere-else” list. You have been “de-listed.” You are one of millions trapped forever in the system that allows no deviation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the end result of Liberalism. Civil Rights are no more. There is no Constitution with its “Bill of Rights.” We could say it’s Sharia Law, but it’s the same anyway. Call it by any other name, it’s still control of your life by people who you wouldn’t even let carry water for you. A whole government run by really stupid people is the same as Totalitarianism by any other name.

You’ll have no guns with which to defend yourself and no cameras to record police brutalities. The end result of Liberalism: Nihilism, where the concept of armed goons (police) are allowed to roam freely and cause any mayhem they so desire, just as the Gestapo did in 1930’s Germany. So, too, the courts. The amount of Justice you want is how much you’ll be made to pay to spend on lawyers who work for the government. It’s a fixed deck and there is no way out.

Except to escape to another country. Worldwide, the United States ranks 41st in Freedom, and that number is getting worse exponentially daily. We live in a country that is on the verge of total collapse, all because of Liberalism. Get rid of Obama and Obamacare and we just might have a chance; keep Obama and Obamacare, and we’ve lost.

Semper Fi,


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