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by JB Williams, ©2014

Are “conservatives” true supporters of the U.S. Constitution?

(Mar. 21, 2014) — The recent CPAC conference and poll is beyond disturbing. It’s downright frightening…

CPAC is allegedly a political action committee of, by and for “conservative” political operatives. But you won’t be able to prove that by the results of the most recent meeting, which resulted in 2016 Presidential support for Libertarian Rand Paul and constitutionally ineligible Ted Cruz, a Cuban from Canada.

Clearly, current members of CPAC, like current members of the Republican National Committee (RNC), have totally lost sight of what it is to be a “conservative.” When even the conservative PACs are promoting non-conservatives and ineligible candidates, how can anyone take a serious stab at electing a real American conservative today?

Would anyone in America vote for a REAL conservative today?

I’m afraid we are witnessing the final gasp of the once Grand Ole Party in America. Although a vast majority of Americans identify themselves as “conservatives,” a shrinking number of those people identify with America’s alleged conservative party, the Republican Party.

According to a recent Pew Research survey, “staunch conservatives” believe the following…

  • Extremely critical of the federal government
  • Favor peace through strength and active foreign engagement
  • Pro-business; against stricter environmental laws and regulations
  • Strongly opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage
  • Convinced the 2010 health care law will be bad for the country
  • View [illegal] immigrants as a threat to traditional American customs and values

According to survey results, only 9% of respondents were “staunch conservatives” on this basis.

  • 84% of them are registered Republicans
  • 72% tend to agree with Tea Party rhetoric
  • 61% are over age 50
  • 56% are financially stable, married, males
  • 57% own guns and attend church
  • 54% watch FOX News regularly

How do you elect a staunch conservative with these numbers?

An even more critical question is how do you save a Constitutional Republic without electing staunch conservatives, at a time in history when morally and ethically sound Constitutional Republicans are in short supply, and demonized by the other 91% of the politically active?

Where is the political support trending among other ideological voters

  • 55% believe government is an efficient solution, not the problem
  • 31% believe in peace through weakness and global appeasement
  • 39% believe government should control private earnings and return on investment
  • 39% believe we need stricter environmental protection laws
  • 51% believe the government can’t afford more social spending
  • 27% believe ObamaCare is good for the country
  • 71% claim religion an important part of their lives
  • 38% believe the USA is no longer the best country in the world
  • 39% believe immigrants threaten America today

At a time when America is more politically divided than ever, and an increasing number of citizens are dependent upon some form of government subsidy, can our Constitutional Republic be saved via an election process that is less reliable than the purple fingers of Iraq?

Political divisions are not at all unusual in America. They have existed since the beginning when Federalists and Anti-Federalists went at it over the creation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Much more dangerous are the clear divisions inside the GOP, America’s “conservative” party. The recent CPAC event shines a bright light on those divisions, wherein a “conservative” PAC can’t even identify or advance a true conservative from within.

The GOP has been trying to overcome the RINO faction running the RNC for years now, without much success. That divide in the party left the door open for the libertarian movement to enter the battle for GOP power.

What do libertarians and conservatives have in common?

  • Both are extremely critical of the federal government today, but for different reasons
  • Both are economically conservative, in principles only
  • Both are pro-business, although libertarians are highly anti-corporation
  • Both want limited government and lower taxes

However, they disagree on the following…

  • They disagree on social issues, abortion, same-sex marriage, marijuana, etc.
  • They disagree on freedom of vs. freedom from religious expression
  • They disagree on foreign policy
  • They disagree on strong vs. weak national security
  • They disagree on Constitutional text
  • They disagree on immigration, including illegal immigration and amnesty
  • They disagree on upholding the entire Constitution vs. certain pieces only
  • They disagree on monetary policy
  • They disagree on America’s role in the world
  • Among other items…

The point being that there is actually very little that modern libertarians and conservatives agree on. As a result, the two are in a battle to seize control of the GOP, away from the RINO RNC “go along to get along” faction of the party.

The end result is a totally divided opposition to the Democratic Socialists currently driving the nation off a cliff, soon to result in a national collapse, at best.

Assuming that we could identify and recruit a REAL conservative with success on their résumé to run in 2016, is there any chance they could win in these conditions? I honestly don’t see how…

We have learned in the past that libertarians will only vote for their own kind… That many evangelicals would not vote for a Mormon… That RINOs will advance the most RINO candidate via the primary process designed to lock both true conservatives and libertarians out of the race…

In this condition, the “opposition party” is no real opposition at all. The Democratic Socialists could win the 2016 presidential election with no more than 40% of the popular vote, as the other 60% of voters are completely divided and impotent to overcome the enemy.

For a change, I will end here by asking for solutions rather than offering any…

Write me at: jb.uspu@gmail.com


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  1. It’s the old “Shower Syndrome”, when people actually feel, hear and smell the facts and still deny what they see. The Germans were continually amazed at the blind stupidity of their captives that they were continually downsizing the number of prison guards.
    The Democrats would’ve voted for “Arnold the Pig” of Greenacres fame (sorry, Arnold) just because he was on the ticket as a “Democrat”.
    Same with whoever was on the Republican ticket. Why, “Arnold the Pig” could’ve been on both tickets.
    The point is that most people vote Party rather than policy. Since 2008 (and maybe years before) it’s really been a ONE PARTY fixed deck (Thank you for contacting Democratic/Republican Senator XXXXXX, but Obama was born in Hawaii. If you’ve any other questions, please feel free to contact our office. We‘re here to serve you.)
    Good article. Right-on the money. By CPAC even noticing an ineligible candidate for president, they’ve just about quashed the Birther issue in the eyes of the millions of the low information voter.
    Stupidity hasn’t always won the day, but it’s doing pretty good now.
    I have an Obot in my family and when I asked about the ineligibility issue the reply was “I don’t care”.

  2. As Chuck Baldwin points out in a recent article, it’s not left versus right or liberal vs conservative, it’s elites vs non-elites. The government today is composed of people (mostly sociopaths) who don’t give a rip about liberal or conservative – they care only about royalty (themselves) vs the serfs (that would be the rest of us) in what has become modern day equivalent of the feudal period.

    I believe Chuck is right-on with this view, and we see the evidence of this in the actions of every administration and congress for recent decades which has acted exactly the same, regardless of their alleged political beliefs. This also helps explain why someone like Ron Paul would never be nominated and ‘elected,’ because Ron Paul does not support the idea of a royalty based or elitist government.

    At this time, we the people have to decide if we like our roles as serfs to the modern royalty in Washington. Is that what America is all about? Or is America about the rule of constitutional law, and is it time we threw more tea in the harbor?

    Patriot’s Day, April 19, is not far away. Will there be another battle at the bridge of Concord, or will there be another ‘shot heard round the world’ in Lexington? How are Americans going to deal with these modern day royalists who hold them and their ways in utter contempt?