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by OPOVV, ©2014

Is the Obama regime purposely undermining federal immigration laws to “fundamentally transform the United States of America?”

(Mar. 20, 2014) — Amnesty, anyone? No thanks, I like it the way it is, or, I should say, I’d like it if the people who we hired to protect us would actually do their job. So this is how it goes these days: we hire people who fail to follow their job description and they don’t get fired.

I was under the impression that we pay some of our fellow citizens to protect us and to keep us safe, but what a joke that’s become. Try walking down just about Anywhere, USA, at 3 o’clock in the morning and see how long it takes to get raped, beaten, mugged, shook-down, shaken-down or put-down, and that’s just from the local “To Serve and Protect” gang.

Have you ever noticed that whenever the government has one of its “controlled burns,” it’s always in the middle of a drought during a high wind day, red flags up everywhere warning people not to do any outdoor campfires, leaf burning or charcoal grilling? And the “controlled burn” invariably gets out-of-hand and burns down a bunch of houses, kills livestock, not to mention the wildlife, and, to top it off, the person whose brilliant idea it was in the first place gets a “Well Done” appreciation certificate and a promotion.

Really now, what gives? What do these people know that I don’t? Here it is: they continually hire people dumber than themselves to protect their lousy jobs. That’s right: they fear the future, so in order to protect their little turf, they hire demonstrably dumber people, and as they move up the chain of command, dumber and then dumber people also move up the chain of command.

For proof of my hypothesis, let’s examine the United States Post Office. Once upon a time they used to break even. And then they made changes, but instead of improving, they started to lose money. So what did they do? Did they go back to square one and start over? No, that’s not what they did: they continued on their merry way to lose money, to this day. Verily, the dumb and dumbers are running the asylum.

And speaking of asylums, let’s turn our focus on Congress. How many one-word jokes do you know? Sure you do: Congress. Imagine this: they voted for Nancy Pelosi, can you believe it? Look, we can go on all day about dumber and dumber, but the point’s been made: the good citizens of the United States don’t want one illegal immigrant in our country.

Also, the good citizens expect our employees to do their job, and we’ll all start by deporting each and every illegal immigrant. Oh, so sorry, but if you’re not legal we don’t pay for your housing, medical, food, electric, water and school. The “free” ride is over.

Send them all back from whence they came. Easy to do. Bring our troops home from wasting their time, giving their limbs and lives for nothing in Islamic countries that want their limbs and lives anyway, and use them for helping America by lending a hand in deporting illegal immigrants and Muslims.

Works for me. No amnesty. Fast-track the illegal immigrants to south of the border or back to the terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. Sweeten the deal by letting them take all the weapons that they’ve been storing in their armories (mosques).

Works for me. What’s your take on it?

[NOTE:  Granted, I’ll give you that 10% of government employees are conscientious, but what’s the percentage of them following illegal orders, given that any order from the usurper, Obama, is illegal, as is any order from the de facto Attorney General, Eric Holder?]


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  1. I fought wildland fires for 10 years, many as a result of “controlled burns” getting lost. So now the Forest Service, in their wisdom to correct the problem, calls them “Prescribed burns”.