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(Mar. 18, 2014) — One of the perks of losing a Presidential election is the ability to say “See, I told you so” when something you may have represented or said in a debate actually comes to fruition. The platform you stood for looks even stronger for you as a leader when your words actually ripen on the vine. We’ve heard that exact scenario resonate from the post-presidential platform of former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Sen. McCain was the GOP Candidate in 2008 with Vice Presidential running mate Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney ran with Sen. Paul Ryan in the V.P. slot of 2012.

We have heard a lot from all four prestigious former candidates of late on a range of political hot topic issues like foreign policy, the economy, employment, taxes, healthcare and a dozen or so scandals in 2013 that mainly have to do with the failed leadership policies of Barack Obama in all of the above, right?

If you ask Democrats if our Healthcare system is any better now than it was 6 years ago when the Obamacare Tank ran it over, I think their answer is pretty transparent when they hold out one hand asking for money from the DNC, but with the other hands held up as a STOP sign saying, “Obama is welcome to stay in Washington; thank you very much.”

If you ask Democrats if the United States is more respected now then ever before around the world as Obama promised it would be, I think you’ll find them hiding under rocks when it comes to Israel , UK, South America, Spain, France, Brazil, Afghanistan , European Union, India, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, China, Russia and even Saudi Arabia’s answers.

In fact, the capitulation is perhaps quite transparent when Russia, China, Iran, and Syria might agree they actually do like what’s going on with the condescending tags pillaging the Obama sanctions as examples of how pathetically weak they believe we have become in more than one arena. Of course you don’t go around with a brush and a bucket of red paint walking bac,kwards unless your goal is to weaken.

When it comes to more jobs, unemployment answers, and production I think the America people are looking around at the skyrocketing food, gas, and premiums taking more and more out of their paychecks and writing their Congressmen saying we can’t live with a modest one dollar raise on minimum wage; we need a unparalleled doubling to make ends meet. That’s far from a good sign of recovery or quantitative easing, for that matter.

The signs of the times are all about redistribution and all about Americans giving up what they have had. Even the business moguls like Warren Buffet, yesterday predicting a stock market bubble burst any day and laying it all on Obama’s shoulders for determination of Big Government fixes isn’t a good sign; Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg with a rallying cry for cheaper immigrant labor, a roll back on payroll taxes (which would really put a cramp in that 5-7 year unemployment benefit folks democrats have been so fond of extending); and retail consumer tax increases to pass it on and raise revenue. Oh, gosh, did these guys really vote Democratic Party straight ticket?

Wait a minute, what happened with that great advice six years ago, or weren’t these guys concerned that we were going to have a fixed economy, a transparent government, and the hope that business as usual was coming to an end in Washington, DC with a flush control of Democrats in all three Branches of the Government? Did you find Obama wasn’t listening or didn’t listen?  I’m confused.

I mean, for all the hoopla of Republicans having little tea parties, has there been any repeal of law by Republicans or a refusal to fund it all? Oh, yeah, there was that two weeks of panic, but it was really a glass of water spilling and not the tidal wave coming in that it was hyped up to be.

Are Republicans really ready to lay all the blame on “Democratic and Independent Voters”? Sniffle, sniffle, “Yeah, because we didn’t have a majority in the Senate and the House, so we just had to fund everything because of the squirt gun pointed at our heads?”

I felt like gasoline had been poured all over me while Mitt Romney had chucked a lit match as I read his op-ed, ‘Reminding America about the Devastating Price of Obama’s’ Failed Leadership’ printed in the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, IJ Review, Memorandum, Washington Times, the Hill, and on and on and on. He said, “Able leaders anticipate events, prepare for them, and act in time to shape them.” We’ve all heard Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin’s ad nauseum, “I told you so” when it come to Russia being the biggest foreign concern in a bid to heighten their lectern a notch or two.

What about the responsibilities of the Candidates running for President who have standing and all this money pouring in from the faithful to challenge the opposing party’s illegal or unqualified candidate? What, did you want your speech protected so much you wanted to make sure Obama stayed in come hell or high water of the Constitution; was that it? Well, applause claps for you.

Let’s talk just a moment about failed leadership. How can you debate a guy twelve feet away from you a number of times and not take issue with his being a walking, talking violation of the Constitution’s requirement for a natural born citizen? How does that not get printed several hundred times in every newspaper in the country if you’re a leader of one of the major parties in America?

Mr. Obama/Soetoro, you say you have an American mother citizen granting you citizenship, but you also have a Kenyan father granting you a citizenship..no? Well, first the Constitution is not saying you don’t get that from your mother, the Constitution is saying what you got from your father is different and with respect Sir, a dual citizenship prohibits you from legally holding the Office of the President according to our Republic’s Constitution. That is the Supreme law of the land, Sir. Say that in your debate or op-ed.

Last time I heard, and I try to keep up with Amendments to the Constitution, the “Citizen” part was a qualification for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, but the U.S. President Citizen part was only for those who were Citizens at the time of the adoption of the Constitution; after that, this dual-citizen thing actually disqualified you. A Natural Born Citizen is born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. There are no tinges of foreign citizenship allowed in or for the Office of the President!

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