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by Sharon Rondeau

Has another type of “Battle of Athens” begun?

(Mar. 14, 2014) — On Friday, The Post & Email was informed by a reader that Sgt. Heith Willis of the Athens, TN Police Department resigned from the force.

We then contacted the department at 423-744-2730 and were told by “Jamie” that Willis no longer works there. She was not able to confirm the date of his departure and referred us to “HR” in order to do so.

Athens is located in McMinn County and is the location of the 1946 “Battle of Athens” in which a corrupt sheriff and his deputies were run out of town after an armed confrontation over election fraud, voter intimidation, gambling and other crimes which had become endemic in local government.

On February 3, 2014, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III met with Willis at the Athens Police Department to detail McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy’s use of the “Sovereign Citizen” training program which depicts Fitzpatrick as potentially violent.  Guy’s deputies attend training sessions at the state level at which the training materials are utilized.  Fitzpatrick also showed proof of judicial corruption and tyranny in the  Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee, of which McMinn County is a part, specifically related to the grand juries, to whom Willis had provided information in the course of his job as a police detective.

Fitzpatrick shared documentation with Willis of the involvement of members of The Fogbow in orchestrating “The Madisonville Hoax” on April 20, 2010, in which local, county, state and federal law enforcers gathered in Madisonville, the county seat of nearby Monroe County, to perpetuate the false report that “eight or nine militia groups” were poised to descend on the courthouse to carry out violent actions.  Fogbow members have admitted to placing calls to then-Madisonville Mayor Alan Watson warning of an impending attack which had never been planned.

The resulting fallout was that an innocent man, Darren Wesley Huff, was imprisoned and remains so today after Monroe County, TN officials lied on the witness stand during his trial in October 2011, an event which Fogbow members followed carefully.

During a September 16, 2010 radio broadcast, The Fogbow boasted a “White House attorney” as its co-host that evening.  A criminal investigation has found that “Obots,” or Obama supporters, have been disseminating propaganda to steer public opinion and that some are employed at DARPA, a division of the Department of Defense, which is funded by taxpayer dollars.

Fitzpatrick has demonstrated that the grand juries in the Tenth Judicial District are selected and controlled by the judges in violation of state law.  The current McMinn County grand jury foreman, Jeff Cunningham, is an active member of the Tennessee Bar Association, with an expressed interest on “criminal prosecutions.”  Cunningham is serving his third term, having been appointed by Judge Amy Reedy, and has blocked Fitzpatrick from submitting his evidence to the grand jury on five occasions.

Reedy has presided over trials where the defendant’s constitutional and civil rights were egregiously violated but approved the lengthy prison sentence awarded by the jury.  Trial juries are also “rigged” in eastern Tennessee.

Willis was present in the courthouse on February 18, when Fitzpatrick again attempted to present evidence of Cunningham’s transgressions to the second of the two newly-empaneled 2014 grand juries.

The police department’s website has not yet been updated to show that Willis has departed.  Fitzpatrick had described Willis as a former Army warrant officer and “a really good guy.”

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  1. Where’s all the former LEO’s that bailed out when the murder investigations started heating up on Republican Commissioner Jim Miller? Will that family ever have any closure? Was the Monroe County LEO in charge at that time also complicit in Jim’s murder? Maybe he gave the orders? Is he also still drawing a “paycheck”? They used to hang public trustees involved in inside corruption. Just think of how much money you would save the taxpayers, rope is cheap! Bullets and Attorneys are expensive, what’s the best choice? There’s lots of trees in Tennessee, all you need is the rope and a little wind to let them swing.