by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2014

(Mar. 11, 2014) — First and foremost, it should be made very clear that TPATH has not been given any information regarding what has actually happened to that plane and the passengers.  But as all the information being bandied about and the talking heads yak and yak, it is a wonder why the very obvious has not been discussed.

Some are saying that a Boeing 777, one of the largest passenger planes in service, carrying several hundred people, baggage and hundreds of floating devices as well as specially designed tail sections would disintegrate into oblivion if an explosion occurred at 40,000 feet.  This is absurd.

To begin with, for that massive an explosion to take place, the entire cargo area and half the passenger area would have to be packed with explosives.   Even then, the quick separation of the structure would prevent every solid particle to be turned to ash. And if it were a missile, even the most potent one could not prevent a massage debris field spread across miles of ocean or jungle.

In my estimation, with all the facts as we have been given them, and understanding that no one should consider believing anything any government says, the only possible scenario is that this flight did not crash, it did not explode in mid air, it was hijacked and landed somewhere in a prepared location.

Here are some facts we have found out that some may not know:

  • The Boeing 777 does have pretty secure cockpit doors, but not impenetrable.  The correct amount of pressure in the right place would do the trick very quickly.  Boeing has decided that a video system which monitors the doors from the passenger cabin would give the pilots ample time to prepare for an assault.  This may prove to be a huge error in judgement.
  • Several times during many flights food and beverages are brought into the pilots.  A well planned assault on the cabin would be fairly simple to employ.
  • Civilian airline pilots flying into China (and many other countries, too) are not permitted to be armed.  That would be one less problem a hijacker would need to worry about.
  • Land based radar systems can track aircraft flying at high elevations.  A plane can rapidly descend below the “sight” of radar systems.
  • If this airline had a GPS system that sent continuous signal to a receiver its exact location would be known at all times.  That system, as far as we could find, is not utilized by Boeing.
  • If personal cell phones and other communication devices are the subject of disintegration or sitting at the bottom of the ocean, they tend to stop sending signals.   A few were still signaling as late as yesterday.

As we all know now, the passenger list and the passengers actually on board do not jive.  Iranian connections have been made with several others involved.  Can there be any doubt that that plane was swarming with Islamic terrorists?

As the entire world knows, terrorists don’t crash planes and let it be believed to be just an accident.  That serves their purpose in no way.  People need to be terrorized for terrorism to work.

This appears to be a very well planned and important terror campaign.  It would have involved months of training and planning, building of or securing a landing site.   Here is how this could have been pulled off.

  • Sufficient numbers of Islamic terrorists connived to get on this flight.
  • A landing zone would have been prepared possibly an old or unused airport where the runway could have been extended.
  • At the proper time, the cockpit was stormed and the pilot and copilot quickly overwhelmed.  The door could have been physically breached or the time chosen when food or drink was being delivered.
  • The unarmed pilots would be removed, even killed and a terrorist pilot takes the chair.
  • In the passenger cabin the other terrorists take control of the people and confiscate their communication devices.  A few brave people, even under death threats, did not turn theirs over.  Hence the few signals that did not stop immediately.
  • The terrorist pilot, he would need to be very well trained and very proficient, would take the plane on a fast and dangerous descent to evade ground-based radar.  This would be very harrowing as the airline would need to be taken to just a few hundred feet, or even less, above the surface of the ocean.
  • The plane would land at the designated location, more terrorists on the ground would secure the passengers.  Hidden cell phones would then be found at an extreme cost to those who hid them.
  • The black box would be found and destroyed; all of the aircraft  communication systems would be powered down.

If this is what happened, is this kind of planning going to get enough bang for the buck if the object is to collect ransom for them and the plane? Maybe, but doubtful.  And that is why the people are not being told what they must know is happening.  The passengers could be sold for ransom but they also just might be expendable.

If this plane were loaded with radioactive material and explosives, it could become the most devastating dirty bomb imaginable.  It could render a major capital city useless for hundreds of years and kill millions in the process.

Have a nice day, everyone.

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  1. Odd about the reports of so many cell phones still active; Chinese families have notified their government that they can still call the phones of their loved ones, though no one is answering.

  2. A retired pilot called into a radio station yesterday. He had flown the same jet. He thinks it was a missile or a jihad. Missile would be too small to detect and the jihad would be diving the jplane 600 mph into the water. In doing so the plane WOULD disintegrate below surface. There would only be an oil slick. Well an oil slick was found. He also said that ground support would have a record of plane speed and direction but they are not talking.

    A thought that I had was that the person responsible for Lockerbee was let out of jail re medical condition later to be found that he was not sick. This could be his work again. Whatever happened the gov knows and is also keeping this quiet.