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by OPOVV, ©2014

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and by extension, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, have allowed illegal aliens to remain in the country by Obama’s executive order in violation of federal law

(Mar. 10, 2014) — We’re born. And then we make choices. Everyone of us chooses wrong, but some of us choose wrong less often or are able to cover up the mistakes. Those who are unable to get away with breaking laws are caught or framed and end up in the clinker. Since Obama, the government has determined to make felons of us all, to make the whole country one big prison: roadblocks, tracking your every move via cell phone (NSA) or implementing tracking devices on your vehicle or implanted on your person.

Veterans classified as “Domestic Terrorists,” supporting the United States Constitution, being a Patriot, and owning guns also get you on that list. Recording police activities from the sidewalk (public property) or from your own front yard (private property) may very well get you arrested, and the nightmare begins with the potential of getting beaten with nightsticks and/or flashlights, zapped with a taser (perhaps multiple times), kicked and perhaps murdered, all for just exercising your Constitutional rights.

So what gives? What kind of animal are we dealing with here? Is there really a new human species that’s on the loose, resurrected from the Goon Squads from 1930’s Germany? Is this the proof of Reincarnation that many have searched for all of their lives, searching for the “meaning of life,” trying to make some sense out of an out-of-control system that changes the rules (Obamacare delayed) as it stumbles along? Are there truly zombies among us, draped with police uniforms or maybe carrying government identification cards, violating our Civil Rights on a whim?

Where is this place where the destroyers of America come from? Where is this rock that they crawl out from under, then go to kindergarten with the rest of us, traveling through time and space until we graduate from high school, then to go our separate ways? Where did they learn to turn their backs on the concept of justice? Where did they learn to think that brutality is a solution? Why do they like to strike at the poor and the weak, and at night, too, and think that they are immune from prosecution, even if that prosecution is delayed (reference the Nuremberg Trials)?

Can any of us possibly imagine selling out our country for trinkets: a million dollars, a billion? Lying to the love of your life for all the money in the world? This I’ll say: your last thought better be of at least trying to do the right thing rather than a lifetime of futilely chasing after avoiding work at any cost. The payoff for a good work ethic is pride, and the sense of pride isn’t for sale at any price. You are the judge of your character, and, when all is said and done, the truth will always surface. There hasn’t been a free ride since the first amoeba appeared in the oceans. This “Hope and Change,” this Socialist agenda, coupled with the United Nations, is destroying our country, destroying us as a group of people who share the belief in the Rule of Law, and that law is the Constitution.  No IRS. No Illegal immigrants. But most of all, no violations of any of our Constitutional rights.

We each have choices to make, and some of us may make the wrong choice: don’t be one of them. Socialism, theft, and supporting a “Bully Mentality” have never achieved peace and prosperity. Never.

We owe it those who have gone before us to pursue those who would violate our rights through lying and evading (for example, Lois Lerner), to violating any of our citizens’ rights by any government employee, to the fullest extent of the law. Your voice (and we are listening) has meaning: make the best of it. Your vote (if it’s counted honestly) has meaning: make the most of it.


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  1. Excellent piece — Thank you. I wish it could be shared with non-subscribers.

    I am unwilling to believe that those who know how and who have weapons to use will allow the ‘takeover’ to happen — at least not without a fight. I’m thinking that the Oathtakers.com and others must have some kind of plan.

    I’ve lived 78 years in our great nation. I just cannot imagine that all Americans will give up to join a One World Government.