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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 9, 2014) — Recently The Post & Email spoke with the leader of the Bakersfield, CA Tea Party, Tom Pavich, whose group hosted a Powerpoint presentation on February 27 which raised the unanswered questions regarding the presidential eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama.

The presentation was given by Mr. George Miller of the Ventura County, CA Tea Party, who was formerly a site manager of ObamaBallotChallenge.com, now offline.  Miller operates the website constitutionalreset.ning.com.

The Post & Email asked Pavich if the members of his Tea Party were reticent to attend a meeting about the eligibility question, which has heretofore generally been shunned by many Tea Party and other groups.  Pavich responded that he had first broached the topic two years ago to the group’s leadership.  At that time, he said that some responses were, “Well, Tom, we lost the election; we just need to move on from there” or  “You know, Tom, there are a lot of other things we can challenge him on.”

Pavid told The Post & Email that outside of the Obama eligibility question, government spending and illegal immigration are the two deepest concerns of the Tea Partiers.

Pavich said that the leadership eventually chose him to assume that responsibility, and at the first opportunity, he immediately scheduled Miller to give the presentation. After promoting the event, Pavich said that it drew the “largest attendance” with the exception of another meeting where Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who represents some of the members of the Bakersfield Tea Party, was an invited guest.  “The only time we had a larger attendance was when Kevin McCarthy was here,” Pavich said.

Pavich said that the promotion of the presentation described it as “a presentation on the mysterious birth narrative and the forgeries associated with that.”

The Post & Email asked Pavich, “Do you think people were curious, afraid, informed of the controversy, fed up, or all of the above?” to which he responded, “We asked how many people were familiar with the topic, and most in our group were familiar with the controversy surrounding his eligibility and forgeries, but not many had in-depth knowledge like Mr. Miller or me.  There were two or three others who raised their hands when Mr. Miller asked if they had heard about one thing or another.'”

Pavich said that he visits BirtherReport.com “regularly” to keep up with the latest developments in the Obama eligibility/identity investigation.  He considers the attendees as having been “extremely attentive” to what Miller shared.

Over the last six months, Pavich has met four times with McCarthy and four times with members of his staff on the issue, including when he traveled to Washington, DC with the WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) contingent led by Mike Volin, WOBC founder. Pavich stated that at that time, McCarthy granted him 30 minutes for him to share the information on Volin’s “Sheriff’s Kits,” which depict Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo giving a presentation about the conclusions that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

Before traveling to Washington, Pavich had asked McCarthy by phone if he planned on working with Rep. Steve Stockman, who reportedly pledged to assist the posse in publicizing the findings of forgery and fraud.  In Washington, he reported that McCarthy was keenly interested in the information on the Kit DVD dealing with the Selective Service registration form and promised to research his own Selective Service form to see if it contained a four-digit year or two-digit year.  The posse reported that documents obtained from the Selective Service System through FOIA requests yielded no forms with two-digit years, as appears on Obama’s.

The last time Pavich spoke with McCarthy about his own Selective Service form, McCarthy stated that he “hadn’t found it yet,” to which Pavich responded by advising McCarthy to check with the NARA for the record.  Pavich added that at one point, McCarthy said he needed to hear from more constituents on the forgery issue before he could take action.  “My goal is to see that the members communicate with the congressman and let him see that this is something they are concerned about.  This is something that every Tea Party could do on their own,” he said.

Approximately 250 members of the Sun City West and Surprise, AZ Tea Parties originally approached their county sheriff, Joe Arpaio, requesting an investigation into the reported forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011.

Regarding the general response to Miller’s presentation, Pavich said, “I would say that there was certainly anxiety among the members and ‘How could this have gone this far, this long…it hasn’t gone away, and yet nobody’s done anything about it.'”  “We know why the press hasn’t touched it; they’re biased, but why haven’t certain politicians taken this up and done anything with it?” Pavich voiced as a general concern of the group.

“I would encourage every Tea Party out there who reads your article to do the same.  When politicians hear from their constituents, that’s when they feel that something is important.   The Bakersfield Tea Party membership is not that large, but we have a lot of influence.  I think for every member that we have in our Tea Party, he or she represents hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the district who feel the same way.  The politicians know that; the congressman knows that.  Every time we ask for a meeting, we get it; when we send a letter, it’s read and taken seriously, more so than if it came from an individual.  The Tea Parties hold a lot of power and influence with the politicians.  Even though we’re ridiculed and vilified, they still know that we represent a very large faction of voters out there,” Pavich told us.

“Do you think people’s eyes were opened after the presentation to the point where they intend to take action?” we asked.  Pavich responded, “Yes, definitely.  There’s momentum building; you hear the word ‘impeachment’ thrown around now whereas you didn’t hear that before.  With all of the issues – the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and all the cover-ups there, it’s gaining traction.  This is one more thing, and people are about at the point where they think that something needs to be done.”

Pavich said that because of Obama’s statement, “If you like your plan, you can keep it” in regard to Obamacare, people now know that Obama “has been proven to lie,” prompting them to more closely scrutinize other actions Obama has taken while in office.  “If he lied about that, then he could be lying about other things,” Pavich added.  “I think people are now taking a second look at the subject.  Some people followed early on but moved on, but now that Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse are going to hold another press conference, and now that we know that Obama is clearly capable of lying, people are saying, ‘Let’s take another look at that.'”

The Post & Email asked Pavich what stood out in his mind the most about Miller’s presentation, to which he responded, “His presentation was a culmination of everything about Obama in all of his associations in his past and present.  It was the perfect storm of information that made you walk away and say, ‘How could this happen in our country?'”

Zullo and radio host Carl Gallups, who often invites Zullo on his show to provide updates on the investigation and anticipated press conference, have speculated that Obama is not a U.S. citizen, let alone the higher standard of “natural born Citizen” as stipulated in Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.  Anyone raising questions about Obama’s background or eligibility over the last five years has been scorned, ridiculed, defamed, and vilified as a “racist.”  “He was the perfect candidate,” Pavich observed.

Following the presentation and question-and-answer period, Pavich said that he suggested that the members contact the two congressmen representing the area and “urge them to take action.”

When we asked, “What would you say to other Tea Party groups who have not looked at this issue?” Pavich responded, “Things are different now, but there’s another thing, too:  we’re on the verge of learning the results of a two-year law enforcement investigation.  What was once viewed as a conspiracy theory will now have the integrity of law enforcement behind it.  So you can no longer criticize the people who make the accusations now that we have proof.  I would say to them, ‘Because of this event that’s coming up, take action, get the word out, and contact your elected representative. Let’s get some congressional investigations going and look into these fraudulent activities.  It’s a felony to post a fraudulent government document on the internet.”

The Post & Email observed that taxpayer dollars maintain the White House server and pay the salaries of those who release information on it.  Pavich then added:

The Tea Party were all about the Constitution.  This is an unconstitutional act.  His name was falsely entered on the ballot based upon a forged document.  Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5 has been breached.  That’s why when I was asked, “Why should we bring this up?” my answer was, “Because a crime has been committed at the highest level possible, and as far as Congress, they took an oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution.  Once they have knowledge of this, and by presenting a sheriff’s kit to the congressmen and by constituents writing them and bringing the topic to the surface, they have no defense at that point, as far as I’m concerned.

Pavich believes that a handwritten or typed letter mailed or hand-delivered to congressmen’s offices is “more effective” than communicating with members of congress through their respective websites.  He said he is looking forward to the announcement by the Cold Case Posse, which he expects to be “really big.”

“I’ve been building it up with the congressman’s office, and they said, ‘Tom, if anything comes up, let us know immediately. We want to know.'” Pavich told us.  “I’ve told the congressman that there’s a forgery on the website; it’s proven. We want to know who did it and why.”


Editor’s Note:  A follow-up article will feature an interview with George Miller, who gave the presentation and provides tips on how others can do the same to inform their local communities of the Obama eligibility/identity question.

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  1. What we need are numbers. Most people remain silent because of the ridicule from the White House press corp, you know, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX and their local affiliates.

    I’ve been interviewed by TV Station about this issue and it really ain’t that bad to be tagged a birther!

    I have met with my congressman twice providing ample information but he was returning the party line being, “are you sure this is the best use of time when unemployment is rampant and Obamacare is hurting everyone?”, and I said “there is no more important thing to do as far as I am concerned than finding justice here”. He then said “they will play the race card” at which point I decided to add more damming information. I placed him in contact with Mike Zullo and he was concerned that the National Archives lawyered up.

    Anyhow you slice it, we have to concentrate as much pressure on congress as possible to effect action and let the Judiciary Committee members know—–that we know they have the information from a criminal investigation.

    1. To date those networks have been reticent to report very much on this topic, but doesn’t Arpaio imply that they WILL very soon? It was reassuring to hear that the international press surely would not matter which way the US press went. When the dust settles, Journalism schools will have to study what went wrong with the topic of ObamaFraud and why the Main Stream Media fell short of its supposed mission.