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by New York Grassroots Groups

The New York SAFE Act was passed in January 2013 amidst great controversy and without the customary public comment period

(Mar. 9, 2014) — IMO – OUR Horseheads Rally was a huge inspiration. The Chemung County Federation of Sportsmen advised me the attendance was 1000+. I can tell you it was a standing room only overflow crowd. The enthusiasm was truly uplifting. I feel the people are readying to Rock OUR State. Even the press got pumped on this one – Read the Star Gazette article below. We are making progress folks – we’re gonna get FULL Repeal of the Safe Act – YOU can bet on that !!!! [If you missed this you missed a really good time.] [Mert will have video coming on youtube soon – hope he caught Sheriff Moss’s fire and passion – and Chris Friend was sensational.]


  • Sunday March 16 1:30pm Elks Hall 1 Elk Lane Saratoga Springs NY FULL Repeal of Safe Act Forum, “We Must Do More Than Vote” – the answers – what, when, where, HOW (more)
  • Prepare for another good one – March 19th 6:30 pm Sons of Italy 126 O’Dell Av Endicott NY 13760 [we are expecting some BIG announcement(s) at this one – please stay tuned]

Oh, BTW; have you voted in the Governor’s poll? Click here to vote (NO I.D. Required – just cast your important vote – quick and simple) http://webideaz.com/sanityinny/poll/nygov.html

The Star Gazette

Energetic gun-rights rally held in Horseheads

Chemung officials, sportsmen criticize SAFE Act, Cuomo

HORSEHEADS — More than 500 people rallied in Horseheads on Saturday afternoon with an emphatic message: Repeal the year-old NY SAFE Act and defeat Gov. Andrew Cuomo in November.

The rally, held at American Legion Post 442 and sponsored by the Chemung County Federation of Sportsmen, protested the law calling for increased firearm restrictions, more background checks and limits on ammunition sales.

The SAFE Act was signed into law by Cuomo on Jan. 15, 2013, after it was passed with scant public notice by the state legislature within 24 hours.
The measure was promoted as a response to the massacre of 26 children and teachers in Newtown, Conn., in November 2012. The law is designed to curb gun violence and promote public safety, according to its supporters.

But Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss told rally attendees the law has done nothing locally to prevent violent crimes.

Those who have been charged with illegal gun usage during the past year “would have been arrested anyway,” Moss said. “There have been zero arrests under the SAFE Act.”

Moss’ department has issued 1,200 new gun permits since the act passed, upgraded 1,000 gun permits and notified gun owners about their ability to opt out of excessive registration requirements, he said.

He said recent court decisions upholding the law are a “cop-out” and called for the act to be repealed.

State Sen. Tom O’Mara, R-Big Flats, told rallyers the Democratic governor’s policies “just don’t make sense.”

O’Mara said mass violence invariably is the result of mentally disturbed individuals’ actions. Yet Cuomo is determined to close mental health facilities and has slated the Monterey Shock Incarceration Facility in Schuyler County for closure, he said.

O’Mara said helping the mentally ill and preventing recidivism are more effective ways of preventing violence than restricting legal gun ownership.

O’Mara and Moss were among the dozen local leaders and state gun-rights advocates addressing the highly supportive attendees, who say they are supporting their constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.

The group’s response to the speakers was highly charged, with several standing ovations, enthusiastic applause and frequent shouts of support.

Some speakers challenged attendees to risk personal losses in dedicating themselves to the repeal of the act. Others urged people become more visible in their opposition to the law, to “get out the vote,” to elect a new governor and put in legislators that better represent them.

“Keep the energy going,” Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli told the group. “Keep people like me on their toes. Don’t forget your right to vote. … Your voice is powerful. Your energy is powerful. Your vote is powerful.”  RFT: The Star Gazette

We are a statewide coalition Fighting for FREEDOM & LIBERTY AND YOUR RIGHTS:

This Email: We are Grassroots – nothing fancy – not even a Website or face-book. Our sole way to communicate is through personal email and phone. We urge ALL plain folks to spread the word and join us.

UPDATES: Get Connected to the Email List albel1@aol.com …“sign me up”

Repeal – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is now more than a possibility.

The harder WE work the greater the possibility

Keep Fighting

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  1. This is how Cuomo is trying to win backtThe people he hurt the most with his “Safe Gun Act” BS. Part of the bribe is giving hunters free license plates if they buy life time hunting license. SINCE WHEN HAS NYS GAVE ANYTHING AWAY? NEVER! Why wasn’t these site open up years ago when the people of NYS ask them to open more areas. He think the redneck up north are to dumb to figure out what he’s doing.The only thing these liberals know how to do is raise taxes,He’s forcing the old people and the low income people out of their homes because they can’t afford the property taxes.