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by Sharon Rondeau

How relaxed is Eric Holder after having reportedly viewed a video in which British Barrister Michael Shrimpton contended that Barack Obama was born in Kenya to foreign parents, which would make Obama unquestionably ineligible to serve as president?

(Mar. 7, 2014) — In a March 1, 2014 article at Veterans Today discussing the deteriorating situation in the Ukraine, intelligence specialist and British attorney Michael Shrimpton reiterated his claim that the CIA performed a DNA test on “a wine glass” which Barack Obama had used after Shrimpton urged it in 2007.

Referring to the video released on February 26, 2014 of Shrimpton’s address to The Marlborough Group about world intelligence affairs given in 2007 in which Shrimpton stated that Obama was “born in Mombasa, Kenya,” Shrimpton stated that he had learned that since its release, “Senior officials in the Justice Department viewed the video excerpt.”  He did not say how he knew that, but followed the statement by observing that putative Attorney General Eric Holder was hospitalized on the 27th, reportedly for an “elevated heart rate.”

“I make no suggestion that there was a connection.  General Holder has my best wishes for a speedy recovery.  I gather it was only a short stay, thankfully, so I didn’t send flowers,” Shrimpton quipped.

Doubts about Obama’s “natural born Citizen” status have grown since 2007, when it was first reported by Chris Matthews of MSNBC that Obama was born in Indonesia.  Other reports have stated that he was born in Kenya, including his biography published by his then-literary agent, Dystel & Goderich.  In 2007, the bio was changed to say that Obama had been born in Hawaii, with the previous statement attributed to a “fact-checking error.”

The U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen,” presumably to avoid foreign influence in the chief executive of the government.

The Congressional Research Service, multiple Obama supporters who may also be government operatives, and virtually all members of Congress have told their constituents that Obama is eligible to serve because of his purported birth in Hawaii, which no hospital will confirm.  Obama’s only documentation, a short-form birth certificate, long-form birth certificate, and Selective Service registration form, have all been declared forgeries by a law enforcement investigation begun more than two years ago.

The investigational team, the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, is preparing to make a “universe-shattering” announcement in the near future and has stated that it possesses hard-copy documentation to support the information it will divulge.

Holder reportedly spent only a few hours in the hospital emergency room, then released for rest at home.  It has been reported that Holder is believed to have been “in great shape” despite his “stressful” job.

As of Friday, March 7, there appear to be no reports that Holder has returned to work at the Justice Department.  Could it be that his job suddenly became a bit more stressful last Thursday morning?



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  1. Holder is a Black Panther Muslim and a felon from his college days when he took over the Columbia Student Lounge with aging demanding they change the lounge name to “The Malcolm X Lounge”. Why was he never prosecuted? Was it because he was black and a Muslim? Why has Obama never been prosecuted for being a dual citizen in violation of Art. 2 Constitutional Qualifications that Pelosi and Biden falsified in 2008? Obama was in Jakarta’s Muslim Boys Prep School for eight years. Holder covers all bases for Bari Malik Shabazz, they have been able to cover up many things but too many people know too much now. If we can get the judicial to follow the law now, we might see Discovery before 2016 or we die, which ever comes first.

  2. Occam’s Razor would be that Holder saw evidence which implicated him and his boss, Holder has elevated heartbeat and goes to hospital.

    Makes sense as it probably is correct.

    Some have maintained that Shrimpton has been saying similar things for a long time, however his contentions were focused upon and brought to light in a big way the day before Holder started to pant.

    Lord Monckton has maintained similar conclusions as Shrimpton, which makes one wonder why Great Britain is one step ahead of the USA..perhaps as Kenya was a British territory?

    Surely, H and O et al are all worried about the trickling out of information all through March.

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful job you do with the Post and Email. I just wanted to say that I recently watched a video explaining how since our government and the states are all corporations and that we actually are non existent as citizens due to all the legalese. The reported explained that Obama is the CEO of the US Corporation and there are no laws to prevent a person from another country to be a CEO. That our officials are selected…not elected and that even if 95% of the people voted against someone, they could still be put in office due to DC delegates have more power than all of the people in the country Have you heard of this type of situation? Could this be the reason that our representative and the judicial branches are doing nothing about his eligibility? Is it possible that our entire country has become nothing but a corporation where we are enslaved? They take our taxes and fines, etc. and when they no longer need us because we are bankrupt or are too awake and are talking too loudly, they just get rid of us. Like yesterday’s trash. I do not want to seem naive, I just would like to know the truth. I have this gut feeling that we are all being tricked and the propaganda that is rampant and is successfully fooling those who do not search for truth. Just curious about your take on this. I do not write much, but I read your letter daily. Thank you again for your hard work. I have been with you since the beginning and it is amazing how far it has come.

    1. Windi Cooper,
      Yes! Good for you. EXACTLY what my VP (Larry Meyer) candidate was always saying since even before our run for the White House in 2012.
      And you’re 100% correct: even if we had 100% of the vote through write-in ballots, there’s no way possible that we’d be allowed to hold office and abolish the Federal Reserve Bank, the Department of Homeland Security (a Muslim relocating service), the IRS and track-down all of the traitors and replace them in the jail cells that would have been vacated by the illegal immigrants having been deported.
      As you said, we all owe Sharon a great big vote of THANKS for working to all hours of the night through morning to bring us this greatly needed political blog.
      Semper Fi,
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I appreciate all of the recent kind words from readers. We will see the Obama eligibility/identity issue through to the end and beyond.

  4. C’mon Sharon, that’s strictly a coincidence. Don’t you believe in coincidences? I personally doubt he even watched the video, or if he did, I don’t believe he has the intelligence to understand what it means. And on the chance he may have understood, Barry will just issue another executive order and all will be well.