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(Mar. 4, 2014) — Many have postulated why I ran/am running for President without having been elected before to a political office as a sign of grandiosity or delusion of grandeur. The very same people often refer to Barack Obama/aka Barry Soetoro as “President Obama” whilst he has not even satisfied the requirements of qualification in the Constitution demanding the Office of the President be filled with a natural born Citizen – born in the U.S. to Citizen parents. Any election held in violation of the Republic for which we stand is non-binding and the results a usurpation.

For such who claim the law but deny the particulars of the law, the mirage of the law is something they see but is not there, and thusly they are bound in the Soetoro hallucination themselves. The facts are Obama was not born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents and he certainly wasn’t elected on the truth of who he is. Like the fabrications of Photoshop, the model doesn’t have all that is in the picture.

A Birther takes risks in popularity – to that most can agree, but leaders are often not the subjects of being popular from behind as leading tends to authenticate. There is no doubt that to claim the title of being a Birther, you must question the very identity of that person who sits in the White House or in my case, also to attest those persons who are candidates who are not qualified for the Office of the President but take no thought in repeating a lie and taking the money from you as a contributor.

If you ask directly all those who are popular would-be candidates now, you will see them shrink in fear at risking that popularity. Ask Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, if their popularity means more to them than telling the truth about the greatest American case of deception understood in Barack Obama’s identity and the fraud, forgery and deception that has been sold as a bill of goods to the public?

They will cower in fear and defer the question to what stands as the truth in the eyes of the Media rather than taking a stand to the Media and delivering that truth for the Media as a service of being a leader. This is probably the biggest disservice of leadership in America at this time.

Now the biggest question arising from such behavior, and this is not a belief; it’s a behavior, is when it contradicts the truth; isn’t that the sign of delusion, and can America afford it any longer? What one needs to consider in answering the question is the wages of lies? Ask yourself how can lies and the attrition of truth lead to death and war and are we not watching that actually play out in Crimea, Ukraine?

Ideas like the American opportunity, creative capitalism, liberty, freedom, property rights, reaping what you sow, representation in our taxation, individualism, and a small Federal Government designed within the frames of our Constitution actually are symptoms of, not the standard of truth. So when all these symptoms start to fail us, is the root not found in the web of lies?

After a while it’s easy to do. Tell a lie – get the money, and money is power. It allows you to advertise, get more contributors, tell the lie more often- get more money. It happens so efficiently one begins to question whether the positive incentive to tell the truth is worth anything and whether the prospects of lying don’t hold out much more gold in the political arena.

The principle or product of truth is peace, and so that has been my reward in defending the Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen in my non-partisan actions against McCain and Obama in 2008 and 2012. When it comes to a constant battle in war, peace is looked upon as the serenity of balance one longs for.

If you look at the prospects for President in 2016, how many of them haven’t been sucked into the lie that Barack Obama/aka Barry Soetoro, the Kenyan-Born master of deceit who handed out his long-form fabrication to the most privileged of reporters in the White House Press Corps room on April 27th, 2011 after the popularity of his fraud began reaching critical mass so much that Donald Trump’s ears were tickled with the thought of running for President?

Of course Donald Trump would like to think of himself as the one who edged out of Obama the long-form fabrication. but truly he was only the tip of the sword. It was you. Remember, nearly 67% of Republicans at the time didn’t believe Obama was born in the U.S., and the number of Democrats was even gaining steam.

Remember, this was before Andrew Brietbart’s March 1st, 2012 untimely death as well as Lori Fuddy’s. Both died of some sort of natural heart arrhythmias, and both had really what amounted to key elements of Barack Obama’s identity at their disposal.

If you recall, Brietbart uncovered or revealed Obama’s Kenyan birth according to his literary agent’s resume that had been changed multiple times without changing Obama’s birthplace, although Brietbart News went to great lengths to exclude Andrew from being called a Birther, and Lori Fuddy, the deceased December 11, 2013 Director of the Hawaii Department of Health who had the keys to Obama’s/Soetoro’s birth record in Hawaii was the only one to die after a plane crash with a mysterious diver propping up her foot in the water as new pictures show in the crash link.

I want to recommend your reading the article published today at the Birther Report, “Yea That’s the Ticket,” written by Linda Jordan because it is poignant research on the lies that all these very elect people running for President are purchasing and thus representing to you.

What foreign secretary William Hague said was the greatest crisis of the 21st Century is playing out in Crimea, Ukraine and what are the lessons that we are learning from what we are watching when it comes to deceit and lies? “The world cannot just allow this to happen,” he said.

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