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Is there one person with the integrity and fortitude to begin to repair our broken political system?

(Feb. 27, 2014) — Same old story out of Washington, year after year: reform this, reform that. Reform the tax code, reform immigration, reform the budget. Hot air, year after year. Well, I’m here to tell one and all that the hourglass has run out of sand; we’ve run out of time; we’ve run out of excuses; and we’ve run out of reasons. The really sad part about the whole deal is that we can’t blame Obama on the USA’s demise: it’s our fault for allowing the illegal immigrant, and millions of others, to be in our country in the first place.

Creeping Sharia, and we just lie down and take it. “Honor Islam,” celebrate Muslim holidays, don’t offend. Sorry, I’m not buying into that “political correctness” self-destructive behavior. Terrorist training camps all around us; armories disguised as mosques; Muslims in Congress, infiltrating every aspect of local, State and Federal government; openly proclaimed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and, to top it off, a Muslim as our de facto president.

That the United Nations has the audacity to tell us to trash our Constitution by abolishing our Second Amendment is just one very good reason to quit the organization once and for all, notwithstanding Agenda 21 nonsense. Just for the record, I personally advocate weapons in every home, and every woman should be required to have a loaded gun in her handbag. Just think of it: rapes, robberies, home invasions, carjacking down to very near zero.

OK, now. We understand that we’ve a large prison population in our country, but we can fix the system. You see, the system feeds on itself. The system needs/wants/requires bodies to keep it going, and the grease that turns the wheels of “justice” is an expanding budget: more police, jails, guards, money. We can fix the system by adopting a prison system modeled after the one they have in Japan (no drugs, beards, long hair, tattoos, parole boards: serve your time and keep your mouth shut). We will not release child molesters, understand?

Our foreign policy is so far out of whack with reality that there is no hope of fixing it. We should not give aid to countries that want to kill us and our allies. No money, tanks, fighter jets to any Islamic country, and if, by chance, an Islamic country acquires a nuclear device, we destroy it or take it away from them. Or would you rather have the psycho set it off in the San Francisco Bay?

But you get the point by now: all we have are a bunch of WIMPS running for office, and I can certainly understand why: they’ve taken an honorable profession and made it the “Land of the Gutter-Dwellers.” People are staying in office year after year, term after term, basking in the limelight, stealing from their fellow citizens with impunity, exempting themselves from the horrors of Obamacare; giving themselves Golden Parachute pensions and a million and one additional perks. It’s a good job if you can get it.

The American politician is but a disgusting example of the human animal, devouring all before them: no sharing, no rationing: just TAKE-TAKE-TAKE. What we need is ONE PERSON who doesn’t care about anything other than doing right for our country: what was once The Beacon of Freedom for the World.

Amnesty doesn’t cut it; a continuing status quo relationship with the Federal Reserve doesn’t cut it, and the same with the people in our various departments of the government, INCLUDING THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF, IRS, NSA, DOJ.  People like Susan Rice and Lois Lerner and all the other government employees who have violated our Constitutional rights don’t cut it. They all have to be given the boot.

What we need, what America needs, is just one person who’ll get the job done, but I don’t see anyone out there who has the brains and the nerve to repair our broken Republic. Can’t we find ONE PERSON who is legally eligible to hold the office of president who’ll save our country? Is there not one?  Seriously.








4 Responses to "Wanted: ONE PERSON"

  1. OPOVV   Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 10:28 PM

    Ted Cruz is ineligible to hold the office of president, but then again, what Constitution, right?

  2. doug mclean   Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 11:48 AM

    The people of Texas gave you one, his name is TED CRUZ, can’t the other 56 states, excuse me, 49 states give us one. I’m hoping Texas will give you another one after this election.

  3. slcraig   Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 10:01 AM

    I am NOT looking for a “dear leader”, I have One.

    I am NOT looking for someone to follow, I have the Constitution.

    Our problem is the Party Structure as it exists does NOT allow the BEST to rise.

    The “best” has become subjective, being subject to the interests of the Party’s needs and ends in the quest for the accumulation of power.

    WE must end the search for the “One”, as the opposition Party’s choice has proven to be the WRONG direction for a Constitutional Republic to rely on.

    The Party Structures, as they exist, are the problem.

    They need to be Fundamentally transformed and held in check by the limits the Constitutional enumerated powers bind THEM, and US, to.

    WE have allowed a political party to enjoy Constitutional protections as it has Fundamentally transformed into a SOCIALIST PARTY that has ALSO pulled the one and only VIABLE opposition party into its sphere of influence.

    WE have to STOP looking for the “one” and START looking for the “MANY”, one district at a time. The MANY that Pledge Fidelity to the Constitution and for what it Stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

    E Pluribus Unum, out of many one.

  4. RoseC   Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    RAND PAUL-because there is no question he will uphold the Constitution and is a Natural Born American citizen.

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