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by Sharon Rondeau

Are members of Congress “bloodsuckers” who rob from their prey, the people?

(Feb. 25, 2014) — The following is the second part of The Post & Email’s interview with David Frank, a citizen activist concerned about what he describes as a “multi-level marketing scheme” which keeps the few in power while average people “have no voice.”  Frank told us in Part 1 that in late 1989, he experienced “a vision” which revealed that the television, touch-tone telephone and computer are “God-given” tools intended to be used to revolutionize the way people in America’s communities make decisions in keeping with the U.S. Constitution.

On his website, Frank states that the mission of his plan is to “educate and give a voice to the people of our community by establishing the communication technology, which allows them to participate and have a continuous voice on governmental, political, and community issues.”

Frank will be a guest on Mike Volin’s WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com radio show at 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday evening.

MR. FRANK:  The corporations are now running America.  All the politicians are is a front.  We give these guys a little shy of $200,000 a year plus incredible benefits, and the corporations are bringing bribe money through lobbyists to represent the corporations.  What’s interesting about the corporations is the abbreviation for corporations which are now running America is “corps,” and people now know that a corpse is death.  We now have “death” running America, and that’s why America is dying:  the education system is dying, the environment is dying; our finances are dying, the healthcare system is dying, everything is dying because we have greedy corporations that are literally writing the bills that are being turned into laws that benefit them.  We need ideas in our communities that benefit the people.  That’s what these communications tools will now do.  They will empower the people.

I won the Dr. Martin Luther Martin King award because my idea fulfills the dream of Dr. King.  He didn’t want black people to have a voice; he wanted all people to have a voice.  That’s what this does:  it gives all people an equal voice in the issues with which they are concerned. My issue might be driving and drinking, or making the judicial system one that is not corrupt as it is; maybe a penal system that is more rehabilitative instead of marching people into 21st-century concentration camps, as we do now.  We have 2.5 million people in prison at one time in this country; we have 5% of the population of the world and 25% of the incarcerations.  That’s crazy.  And we call ourselves the land of the free…Baloney.  All they’re doing is stealing our money.  What this system will do is give each and every one of us a voice to say, “No, we’re not sending our money to Washington so you can send it back.  We’re keeping our money in our communities to take care of education, environment, whatever it is.

State capitals are just the second layer of the multi-level marketing scam.  What they’re doing is making money off of killing us with cigarettes; they’re making money off of killing us with alcohol; now they’re killing us with gambling, which causes divorce, bankruptcy, suicide, all kinds of horrible things.  They’re involved in extortion because if you don’t pay your property taxes, they kick you out of your home or your business.  If you lay all of these things that the states are doing to their people next to what the Mafia used to do, they’re the new mafia.  They made money off of gambling, drugs, extortion; that’s what the state is doing.  We really don’t need them to do our thinking for us anymore.  We need to start doing our thinking for ourselves.

What will happen is this:  we’re stuck in an old system, and in this old system, there’s room for 535 adults in Washington; there’s room for 150 adults in state capitals; and there’s room for nine adults that sit on the city council.  The question is:  If they’re the adults, what are the rest of us?  We’re the children.  That’s why society is now “immaturing.”  When you have a dysfunctional system, you have a dysfunctional society. What we need is a system that is functional for everyone which allows us to evolve into adulthood and start acting like adults.  Adults make decisions.  I’ve never been asked to make a decision yet; I’m still waiting to become an adult.  This will allow us to start living in a world that works for everybody instead of the 5% at the top.

THE POST & EMAIL:  It seems that many adults today want someone to take care of them and that the system we have now encourages that.

MR. FRANK:  George Bush Sr. talked about it; he talked about the “New World Order.”  It wasn’t the New World Order; it’s the New World Plantation.  We’re all the slaves; we go to work and they take 50% of every dollar that we make.  It’s like what your parents used to do to you when you got a paycheck:  “You’re too irresponsible; we’re going to take half of your money and you’re going to go waste the rest of it…”

We have to start being responsible for ourselves and deciding where we want our money to go and not go.

The new figures are out saying that we are now working 190 days out of 365 days paying taxes to the government, which means that we work more for the government than the government works for us.  That’s not the way the system was supposed to be; that’s why we need a voice to take it back  They’re awakened in Syria and Iran and the Ukraine…they’re revolting violently, and we know that violence begets violence.  What we need is a peaceful plan to transform our existing system into a better one.  What Russia did years ago was to knock down their old system because they didn’t like who was running it and they rebuilt the same system and now, they’re right back where they started.  Remember:  a revolution is one complete turn, and you’re right back where you started.

We had a revolution in America because we didn’t want a king and queen of England dictating to 500,000 people in America  If you do the math, 235 years later, if you divide 535 people in Washington into 300,000,000 people, once again, one person in Washington is now making decisions for 500,000 people, and we’re right back where we started.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Have you ever showed your plan to any grassroots groups to launch it?

MR. FRANK:  Yes, but the country wasn’t ready then.  A friend of mine told me years ago, “Dave, your thing is never going to happen until the whole world falls apart.”  The politicians hate what I say, because they’re afraid they’re going to lose their income, small or big, depending on what level of government they’re in; and they’re afraid they’re going to lose their little ego stroke by having a voice.  The media hates what I do because all of the campaign finance money ends up in the media.  So when someone like Dave Frank says, “Well, we really don’t need these politicians making decisions for us anymore, all of a sudden, the media says, “Hey, wait a minute; that’s our Christmas!  At election time, we make a fortune off of campaign ads,” so they hate it.  The lawyers hate it because most of the politicians are lawyers, and we now live in a world that is for the lawyers, of the lawyers, and by the lawyers.  They’ve made laws so that when we step on their lands mines, guess who we need?  The lawyers.  They pick our bones when we’re in trouble.  They’re making laws to benefit themselves.

The other group that really doesn’t like what I do is the “haves,” the people who have done pretty well over the years.  They’ve figured out the system, and the system has worked well for them.  Then Dave Frank comes along and says, “We need to change the system.  We need to give the poor people a voice now.”  And they go, “Wait a minute.  We don’t really want the system to change because we have ours.”

The majority of the people in America and around the world are no longer any of those people.  The majority of the people in America and around the world are now the “have-nots.”  Revolutions always happen with the “have-nots;” they don’t happen with the “haves.” Take Ukraine, for example:  the people who are revolting – I guarantee you that every one of them is poor.  During the Civil War, it wasn’t the wealthy who were fighting; it was the poor people who were fighting.  That’s the way it always is.

So if we can get this idea out there – and I look for every opportunity to get it out there – we’re looking for a celebrity to have a conversation just as you and I are having a conversation.  As long as we’re all going off in different directions on different issues, they’ve got us.  But if we all start thinking the same thing at the same time, sort-of like [Ross] Perot when he said “technological townhall meeting,” and everybody got excited, then all of a sudden, we’re going in the right direction. We have to come up with a plan.  Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Nobody’s talking about a plan; everybody’s talking about the birth certificate, for example, or the horrible judicial system or the horrible penal system, or the environment.  Everybody’s talking about the problems, but nobody’s talking about the solution.

What I have is the solution, and it’s not my idea.  It was given to me one week before Christmas in 1989, and when I heard about it, I thought, “Well, isn’t this the way it works anyway?”  And I started investigating our system…well, it doesn’t work this way at all!  They’re the all-knowing, and we’re just the peons.  In fact, I heard a guy in prison say that being in prison is like being with a bunch of children in adult bodies.  That’s what society is like to me right now; I think we’re all acting very immature.  We have to start maturing and acting responsibly, taking responsibility, and fixing our own communities and quit waiting for the politicians to do it.

We use words to communicate thoughts with each other.  Thousands of years ago, somebody came up with the word “politics.”  What they were trying to do is to come up with a word that described something.  They were trying to describe people in positions to make laws and who essentially stole money from people and used the monies for themselves and their political cronies.  They’re the ones who killed Christ:  the Saduccees and the Pharisees, the county council and the city council as we would think of it today.

They tried to come up with the word that described these bloodsuckers who made laws to benefits themselves.  When you think about what these people were trying to tell us, “poli” means “many, more than one.”  “Tic” is a bloodsucker.  So they put the sounds “poli” and “tics” together.  They were trying to tell us something thousands of years ago, and we need to start listening to them finally today.  That’s who we have running our lives, because all they’re doing is legally passing bills – and they’re called bills because they’re going to send us a bill – into laws so that these corporations can do to us what they’re doing to us, and the lawyers can do to us what they’re doing to us, and so on and so forth.  They have built the kind of world that has basically turned us into slaves where if you have a dollar, “Hand it over; we’re taking 60 cents of it and leaving you with 40 cents, and you’re supposed to try to figure out how to provide a living for yourself, and when you realize that you can’t and you commit crimes to survive, we have the lawyers here waiting to pick your bones for whatever you have left.”

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  1. Excellent article. Everyone, except the rulers, in this country needs to read and understand what David Frank is saying. But hey, only a small percent understood what was in this article back in the 1770’s, and we know how that turned out. So maybe even just a small percentage understanding this will give us the same results.