Church of Wells — ALL the Media Attention Can Stop if You Let Catherine Grove Go Before it is Too Late pb


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Is the Christian faith punishing or loving?

(Feb. 25, 2014) — Let Catherine Grove out now and all the media attention can stop.  Walk her to a safe house or Pastor Goodwin at the Methodist Church in Wells, where she can be reconnected with her family and get the much-needed physical, mental, spiritual and emotional help she needs.  This is as serious as serious gets. Don’t turn this into another blog post or sermon.  You had better turn it into ACTION.

To Catherine

“Catherine, Jesus and your loving family are waiting for you now.  There is help, peace and healing ready for you on the other side.  Salvation is secure through faith in Jesus as the Holy Bible states.  Your eternal work is with the Lord Jesus directly, not through elders or anyone else standing in the way. Demonic forces and satanic powers inspire Church of Wells, not the living God or Jesus.  Does it make sense that God would beat you up?  No, Satan and Demons would mess with your head and threaten to kill and beat you up…not our loving Jesus.” 

Church of Wells Elders

If you ignore this request to safely and quickly release Catherine YOU HAVE JUST BEGUN TO SEE THE ATTENTION WITH MEDIA YOU HAD A SMALL TASTE OF LAST WEEK.  If you liked the hors d’ oeuvres, you will love the full meal on its way. Let Catherine go and now.

Those who know about you, stand with the real God of the Holy Bible and are prepared to stand against you ARE GROWING all over the world, starting in Wells TX.

You can call down curses, death and assaults all day long upon us but our power, leading and truth comes from the Lord Jesus Christ.  When I meditate on your threats I drink my coffee with peace in my heart and hear crickets.   We will not quit until Catherine is safely released back to her family.

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