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(Feb. 25, 2014) — Well, you can’t say the Republican controlled House of Representatives is not heading in the right general direction, on Obama’s over-reach of Constitutional authority, and this in spite of a debt ceiling negotiation where Republicans generally folded and allowed Obama to raise the stakes. Funding a president has and can be used as a tool for checking and balancing of the Executive Branch as a law enforcer, but it seems the Republican Majority in the House may be heading in a different direction, perhaps one might say even in more of judicial direction.

Rep. Tom Rice, S.C. Republican, has now 111 co-sponsors for The S.T.O.P. Act that on the surface is aimed at Obama’s overreach. The move might seem based on sound Constitutional Ideals, but we need to recognize it has just as much political ambition. Indeed if Obama is allowed to pick and choose the laws to enforce Congress has written, the results mirror the Emperor’s Edict.

Rep. Tom Graves, R-GA, says Obama has amended, delayed or repealed Obamacare 19 times as of September 2013. National Review has it Twenty-Seven. A few hours ago the Kudlow Report has it at 30 in an article “Time for a 3 year moratorium on Obamacare.”

The political ramifications for example of Obama’s ruling by fiat cut right into Republicans’ plans to let Obamacare ride out and prove what a disaster it is. Obama reverses that strategy when businesses with their lobbies start cozying up to him asking for or in fact demanding with their political muscle exemptions. When a political strategy to take over the U.S. Senate has been manufactured, tooled out, and planned for years you can’t just go start meddling into the strategy of the other team like that, but Obama is doing just that and in his State of the Union address promised as much in stating he would use every tool at his disposal.

Rep. Rice said in a News Max interview Feb 18, 2014

“President Barack Obama has launched a “fundamental attack” on the nation’s freedom with his overreaching use of executive power — and a new House bill has been designed to stop that”

“When we initially proposed this, the leadership thought it was radical and my response was what we’re talking about here is not radical. What the president’s doing is radical. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and he’s not. He’s wiping his feet on the Constitution.”

Shannon Bream, a reporter for Fox, quoted Georgetown University law professor Nicholas Rosenkranz on Feb 19th, 2014 “I quite understand their frustration,” he says, adding, “The president has taken a lot of actions that seem a bit more like writing law or rewriting law – rather than taking care that it be faithfully executed.” and she continued , “If a majority of House members support the STOP resolution, it would authorize a civil lawsuit against Obama. In the past, members have had a tough time launching lawsuits against a sitting president.”

That hearing entitled,ENFORCING THE PRESIDENT’S CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO FAITHFULLY EXECUTE THE LAWS is being held this Wednesday, Feb 26th, 2014 at the Rayburn House Office Building.

I took an extensive effort to notify by phone two of S.C. Representative Tom Rice’s Aides on the standing argument I did possess on Obama’s Eligibility as a Presidential Candidate in 2008 and 2012 suing McCain and Obama on the natural born citizen qualification standard that both failed that actually directly was the black plague to my own campaign health and prosperity in 20082012, and 2013 cited in the United States Supreme Court as Judy v. Obama 12-5276

Of course you don’t mind getting beat when the playing field is even, but when a candidate like McCain or Obama is allowed to skirt the vary requirements for the Office outlined in the United States Constitution and that is proven in every which way from law enforcement investigations and appeal to Judicial Process, justice is not served but laughed at. The Constitution is not upheld. As Representative Rice poignantly states with Obama, “He’s wiping his feet on the Constitution” I might add trodden upon under unsavory hoof.

This is not looking good as far as Republicans’ upholding the Constitution’s demands for a Natural Born Citizen and Obama’s identity usurpation of the Office of the President with a long form fabrication for a long form birth certificate, a social security mis-match on E-Verify, and the Cold Case Posse’s findings Obama’s draft registration is also manipulated making it a fabrication.

One might think with such evidence heard in a Judicial Hearing of ENFORCING THE PRESIDENT’S CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO FAITHFULLY EXECUTE THE LAWS, that the very essence of whose able to be President might become a topic and certainly Obama is hoping, and probably has some cards to play if indeed the hearing blossomed to include his own Constitutional credibility as a qualified person for the Office of the President, but at this time it is looking as if the Republican Caucus is prepared to move on without that deliberation or inclusion.

Like a piece of plastic blowing up under a horses legs in a closed quarter, the Republicans are extremely fearful of taking on that “part” of the Constitution. I keep thinking of Glenn Beck’s analogy of the State of the Union and another argument he made “Why does the NFL allow thugs” and stated unequivocally he would fire anyone who worked for him who did what is reported of NFL Star for the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice.

What I remember most of what Glenn Beck said is he doesn’t know when cheering with his kids for the NFL athletes whether to cheer and then add a “Disclaimer” except what they do in their personal lives or what? TMZ Sports released a video of what it says shows Rice dragging a seemingly motionless woman out of a Revel Casino elevator.

All I could think about was wondering if Beck along with all the other Republicans and Democrats for that matter, because let’s face it we all live under one Supreme Law of the Land haven’t indeed knocked the Constitution out and have been seen dragging it out of the elevator. What am I suppose to tell my kids Mr. Beck, he’s good on the field on the Constitution and then put in my “Disclaimer” accept on the qualifications of the Office of the President which he totally knocks out of any discussion and drags out of the elevator?

You know if you wanted to, I don’t know, maybe compare victims and violent acts associated with Obama as a usurper and Mr. Rice’s actions. I think the God you worship in your Church, Glenn Beck, might be a little disappointed in your idea and balance of justice.

You look at the debt Obama has incurred that is coming down the pike upon the children, you look at all the scandals and bloodshed under Obama and your willingness to count his long form fabrication authentic, his draft phony pony a legitimate ride, and his social security mis-match just an accident I’m not sure I could recommend you not be fired or at the very least dragged through the TRUTH you so unapologetically endear.

Getting back to the hearing, yes, it is a first step and no, don’t completely discount a Republican make-over and mushroom of the facts to perhaps go at the heart of Obama’s qualifications, if and when its presented in Court. Like any defendant such a King George or Richard Nixon the laundry list in the Declaration of Independence and Watergate Hearings expanded when it came to being written and flushed out.

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  1. I applaud you, Mr. Judy, for your efforts. Once the horse is out of the barn, it’s useless to go back and shut the door. I’m afraid this “committee hearing” is nothing more than more of the same. Congress is NOT going to go after the horse. PERIOD !!!

  2. These treasonous cowards should be made to understand they will be considered as complicit with this Marxist Mentored Muslim Usurper and his Muslim Brotherhood Regime of criminals when the financial collapse they are seeking finally arrives and the shooting starts. As evil and wrong as Hitler was, he was doing his best to make Germany the strongest nation in the world, unlike Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood Regime whose goal is to weaken this nation to the point of submission of our Sovereignty to a New World Order of their Evil liking without our beloved Constitution.

    This is not a threat that I intend to start the shooting. This is merely a statement of what these cowards in congress should understand is to be their future if they continue to ignore their constitutional responsibility the founders gave them to get rid of a tyrannical Usurper president and the criminal attorney general that protects him. It’s their responsibility to do so.