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by Sharon Rondeau

David Frank’s website, One Voice Now, explains in detail his idea to involve every citizen in local issues by using currently-available technology

(Feb. 23, 2014) — On Friday, The Post & Email announced that the WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) radio show will be hosting an unprecedented four shows next week featuring various activists in the Obama eligibility saga and other areas.

On Tuesday, WOBC will be hosting guest David Frank, who has developed a system which he believes can revolutionize local communities and return the power of the vote to the people in the United States of America.

Mike Volin, founder of WOBC, suggested that we contact Frank for an interview, which we immediately did.  On an unscheduled basis, Frank spoke expansively about his plan, formulated a quarter-century ago, to institute a system in which anyone with a television and touch-tone phone can participate such that the power politicians currently wield would be returned to the citizens.

Frank believes that local public-access television stations can be utilized to carry out the plan to rebuild local communities with input from all citizens.  All voter information would be stored in a computer which would “verify the voter, count the vote, and prevent multiple voting by any citizen.”  Frank explains his plan in his book “300 Million Minds Changing America Piece by Peace,” available in Kindle or paperback.  For his idea, Frank won the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award in his city of South Bend, IN.

Citizens would be asked their opinions on any number of topics such as the environment and education.

“America is falling apart,” Frank told us at the outset of the interview. “Society is unraveling.  People are distressed, fighting with each other…and who wins?  The lawyers.  And most politicians are lawyers.” He added, “Corporations control America.  They support the politicians, but the politicians don’t represent us.  We don’t need politicians to think for us; we can think for ourselves.”

“We have the technology now.  The government has been using those tools against us, but instead of their using them against us, we can put them to work for us,” Frank said.  “Then we could actually enjoy life and one another again.”

He equated the current U.S. government to “a pyramid scam” in which a very few powerful figures control the people by high taxation, which is then used against them.  Frank cited the current $17 trillion national debt which he opined “will never, ever be paid off,” and corruption so widespread across the political and judicial spectra that a rebirth empowering the people is necessary.

“Politicians hate this,” Frank said, referring to his days on the radio when he was attempting to promote the idea to the public.  “They hate it so much that they pressured the radio station where I was broadcasting to shut down.”

On his website, Frank states:

Under the old system, if you have an idea that you think can make the community better or you see something that you are not happy with, your only alternative is to go to one of your local politicians and plead your case and if he agrees with you, it may go forward. But I think that we are all starting to learn that Federal, State and Local Government is where great ideas go to die. What we need is a system set up in our communities where great ideas go to thrive. There are some wonderful ideas out there in each community that are waiting to be test marketed and so what we are saying is this, everybody has access to a television and everybody has access to a touch tone phone. What we want to do is use that television for something other than programming us to be oversexed and over-violent. We want to use that as a tool so that we can start raising local issues, letting people in the community present their ideas to make your community better, whether it be in education, environment, taxation, whatever it is.

Frank has called his idea “The Plan to Restore America’s Voice” and wants to launch a new radio show to reintroduce it to a public which may now deem it worthy of implementation.  “The idea occurred to me before its time; things are different now,” he told us.  He sees the plan working as communities are “remapped” into “hexagons” resembling honeycombs and possessing the technology to include “everyone,” rather than only local, state and federal politicians.

As Frank sees it working, “each issue would be assigned an issue number.  Anybody who sees the issue on his local issues channel who has an interest in it can pick up any touch-tone phone, call a local number, and it will go into the computer database.  It will ask them for their ID number and PIN number; it will ask them, “Which issue number would you like to vote on?  Press ‘1’ for ‘yes,’ ‘2’ for ‘no.’  It will count the vote and block each person from voting more than once.  Every time the videotape is replayed, there will be an updated tally. At the end of ten days, not only will the people of the community understand the issue, but the outcome will come from them.  You will implement that idea in your community, and when you find things that work in your community, you will share that information with 999 other communities.  When they find ideas that work, they will share that with your community, and America will start being rebuilt from the ground up.”

Frank said that while he introduced the idea on his radio show 25 years ago, “it was before people were voting on ‘American Idol’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars.’  So now, when people hear this, they say, ‘Hey, yeah, I could do that.'”  He continued, “The plan is:  Do you have a TV?  Do you have a touch-tone phone?  Well, why do you need to vote for a politician to make decisions on issues that affect your life?  Why don’t you just vote directly on any issue that you’re concerned with?”

The Post & Email asked Frank how he conceived of the idea before the technology existed in the 1980s, to which he responded:

I had what you would call a vision.  I experienced a week-long paralysis where I woke up in the morning at 5:45 for five days straight.  It was from 5:45 to 7:00 in the morning, and I was forced to watch my life replay on my blinds.  On the sixth day, I was given the message that the television is a miracle that’s been given to us by God, not to program us to be over-sexed and over-violent and to be consumers of every imaginable thing on the planet; the television is a miracle that’s been given to us from God so that We the People can watch issues ourselves that affect our lives.

The touch-tone phone is a miracle given to us by God not so that we can be interrupted when we’re trying to have dinner by somebody trying to sell something; the touch-tone phone is a miracle given to us as a voting device so that after we watch these issues on our local-issues television channel, we can vote.  The third miracle, the computer, is the miracle that will receive the call, count the vote, and prevent people from voting more than once.  So in a 21st-century way, we can now have decisions made of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Let me say this:  this brings our Constitution into the 11st century. Our Constitution was an attempt, 235 years ago – before TVs, touch-tone phones, computers, or even paper clips and rubber bands, for that matter – to have the direction of America decided of the people, by the people and for the people.  This allows those issues in their lives to now be decided in a 21st-century way, not politically, which we know is corrupt – they’re bought and paid for, paid off to make wrong decisions for us – but of the people, by the people and for the people.

The other important factor is that the Constitution was an attempt to limit the power of the federal, state and local government.  What this will do is give the American people the voice they need in their own communities so that they can decide what role they want their federal, state and local government to play in their lives.  So this fulfills the goal of the Constitution.  This is a 21st-century republic system.

Remember when people used to pump gas for you?  You do it yourself now.  That’s what this does. Why do you need a representative to represent you on issues when he really doesn’t represent you because he’s not communicating with you?  So you have no representation.  The goal of the Constitution was an attempt to give you representation, which you don’t have.   This is the 21st-century way to fulfill the Constitution by allowing you to have real representation.  Nobody can represent you better than you can.

The Post & Email then asked, “What would happen to the state and federal legislators?”

What I’m describing is a system that will be implemented community by community.  We definitely need representatives in Washington.  But keep in mind that 235 years ago, before the Constitution, they had what is called a “convention.”  Corporations use conventions today to bring together the best and the brightest to share ideas to make their companies better.  Now we have 1,000 communities.  We’ve remapped America; it now looks like a honeycomb.  Your community is now a hexagon; the nucleus is now a local broadcasting station to send your ideas out and a community computer to receive them, very similar to how all brains work…you take in information and put out information.

Now we want to have people in Washington who truly represent us.  If people have raised issues in their community that have improved it, every week or two we can have 1,000 people go to a convention in Washington, DC, basically replacing the 535 people who don’t represent us now, and these people who have been successful at bringing issues to their community can now take their ideas directly to Washington.  They will meet other people from around the country who have also brought ideas, and they can share ideas.  When those people go back, they can take those ideas back to their communities and start implementing other things that make their communities work better.

The Post & Email then asked Frank, “What about the apathy typical of many Americans who don’t vote or pay attention to the workings of government?”

The first thing you’re going to do is make it as easy as possible for them to participate.  Once again, you have a TV, a touch-tone phone…but the fact of the matter is that the majority of the people in America don’t believe the system works for them.  They’re losing their homes; they’re losing their jobs; they’re losing their families; they’re losing their lives for lack of health care.  Most of the people in America don’t believe that the old system works for them anyway, so that’s why we need to implement a system that works for everybody.

The reason that corporations and wealthy people are thriving right now is very simple:  they have a voice.  The reason it’s not working for the majority of Americans is that we don’t have a voice.  This system uses the technology that’s available to everyone and gives everyone an equal voice.

[Editor’s Note:  Please watch for Part 2 of our interview with Mr. Frank to be published on Monday or Tuesday of this week.  Frank will be Volin’s guest on Tuesday evening, February 25, beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST.]

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  1. One thing is certain: There will be no voting from the graveyard in this system. Nor will Mickey Mouse or the family dog be voting.

    On the other hand, how does the system bar illegal aliens or non-citizens from voting? E-verify didn’t (hasn’t) work(ed) to stop the commie in the White House from voting.