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by OPOVV, ©2014

Will employers bow to the new IRS “rule” mandating that layoffs cannot be attributed to Obamacare, the new socialist “health care?”

(Feb. 15, 2014) — Personally, I’ve have had it with the rogue government agency that is, according to the Constitution, stealing our money so they can “pay themselves” first, then spread the windfall around to others who can keep them in the business of continuing to steal our money, so they can, year after year, have job security, including “Golden Parachute” pensions and a psychological outlet in “intimidation exercises” for the hidden cop inside of them that is crying to get out. I think that about sums it up.

Are there any IRS agents out there reading this? Probably not.  After all, we wouldn’t want any of our government employees finding out about the Truth or, for that matter, the Constitution. But maybe one of us may know someone who knows someone who has admitted in the past that they are, indeed, an employee of the IRS. If that’s the case, have them stop by my place and I’ll explain, as clear as can be, where the line is.

The IRS has crossed the line. Another way to say it would be that their latest escapade was the last straw. Here’s what they’re saying: if you are a boss and had to reduce employees’ hours or to lay them off (fire/deny them the means to an income-generating opportunity; that’s what we call a “job”), you cannot actually say that the reason you had to let them go was because of Obamacare, even if that was, indeed, the real and only reason. The IRS says you can’t use Obamacare as the reason you are “downsizing” and/or going bust, broke, out of business, moving, garage sale, “the number you have reached is no longer in service.”

Really, now, can you believe the audacity of our employees? I mean, they work for you and me, we’re their bosses, and as a boss (you, too), what say WE FIRE THEM?! It is our right, it is our duty to clean house when the house really and truly needs it, and man, oh, man, does our house ever need cleaning.

So, we start with abolishing the IRS. Get rid of it. NIX THE IRS!!! Let the government collect the money it needs from a nationwide sales tax, okay? Think about it: no Death Tax and no Income Tax.

ONE MORE TIME!: no more income tax!

This time, they’ve gone too far, and there’s no reason why we have to sit back and continue to take it anymore.


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