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(Feb. 13, 2014) — What do a retired grandma and a computer whiz have in common?  Edee Monnen and Windy Airey love politics, and they have produced a political website on a shoestring budget–less than $50 to be exact. But don’t let the low expense fool you. Months of labor have gone into their project to find the strongest candidates whom they believe will place the utmost value on the Rule of Law and the Liberties our Constitution guarantees. Today, anyone can visit their site and view their opinions.

Edee and Windy are not part of any political organization, party, or club, nor are they beholden to any corporation, PAC, candidate, labor organization, TEA party, non-profit organization, wealthy benefactor, or any 501 (c) 3, 4, 5… which also means they don’t take donations. They’re simply two women who want their freedom loving voices heard above all the media chatter and hype.

By visiting their website, you’ll see how two regular American citizens size up candidates from all across the country. Edee will tell you, “Incumbents aren’t necessarily the best ones in the running. There are several excellent men and women who stress the importance of defending our Constitution. We favor these candidates,and we name the best of them—just our humble opinions, of course.”

Their site posts most federal races using four categories:  US Senate Races, House Races: Republican v. Republican Incumbent, House Races Filling Vacancies, and Other House Races.  They also desire to list every candidate running for a state legislative office in 2014, whose platform includes a positive “Convention of the States” position.

Windy, who owns her own website design and hosting company, says, “Entrenched incumbents are well-funded, but freedom loving challengers need help. Therefore, Patriots, if you agree with our opinions and wish to be a part of a groundswell of volunteers from across the country, you can find like-minded candidates on our website.”

So where do these women stand politically? They believe our Constitution and the Rule of Law are paramount considerations when selecting someone for office. With great passion, Edee will tell you, “If our Constitution is not followed, then we don’t have one!  We cannot afford to have one more person in Congress who won’t speak up when a House or a Senate Bill erodes our individual freedoms.”

The ladies decry the current House and Senate for allowing President Obama to bypass the legislative process with unlawful executive orders. They wonder why Senator Reid and Speaker John Boehner aren’t horrified when President Obama tramples on the Separation of Powers. They also note that President Obama took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of our land, and yet, Congress is not holding him accountable for failing to enforce immigration and other laws on the books. Congress has also fallen short by not appointing a select committee to investigate Benghazi, where four American citizens were murdered, but that’s not all. Both Houses of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, have done nothing to reduce our ballooning debt, while spending trillions on crony capitalism and corporate welfare. “Congressmen dine with the most elite, while our health care system gasps on life support, and the middle class struggles to pay their bills. It’s no wonder Congress’s favorability ratings are in single digits,” says Edee. “What a mess!”

If you’re wondering why there are no Democrats on Edee and Windy’s lists, it’s because they believe the current Democratic Party is not the same party of years past. They feel today’s party promotes diminished rights of the people and increased powers to the state—the exact opposite of our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. The recent debacles of Obama’s ACA, NSA, and IRS further demonstrate the disdain Democrats have for the Fourth Amendment, as these programs and institutions foster regulations that snoop into our private lives without prior consent or a warrant—an appalling Constitutional record for any Democrat to run on, they believe.

With over 60% of Americans believing our nation is on the wrong track, Edee and Windy feel citizens should focus their disgust on the upcoming House and Senate races. While their website represents Edee and Windy’s personal views, they challenge voters to arm themselves with the names of candidates whom they believe will best protect our Constitution and our freedoms.

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Contact Person:

Edee Monnen ~ 410-820-4363

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  1. Anybody that reads about this site and has a Facebook page should recommend them as well as friend them. Could get what they are doing more notice. We definitely need that.

  2. Thanks for the Link, Cornyn must be defeated and I see Stovall is on the list and for good reason. Go to his site and check him out. He actually read the constitution and wants to take it back to where it belongs.

  3. Tempts me to throw my hat back in the ring, but the FEC rules state that I’ve got to raise $5,000 for my campaign, trouble is, I don’t accept donations.
    Any money that I may have (or may) received has been donated to the ASPCA or the USO. That’s it.
    To attend one of my political rallies required proof of gun ownership, in like “BYO” to show at the gate and then, “Welcome, Stranger, just walk right on in among friends.”
    I didn’t advertise: no cops, press, recorders or cameras allowed.
    Hey, and no votes. Now wouldn’t it really have been something if everyone in America would’ve written down “OPOVV” as their write-in candidate for president in the year 2012?
    Where would our country be now, one wonders.
    Great job Ladies. You’ve my vote.

    1. Forgive my manners (lack-of), but I was remiss: including getting me, OPOVV, the USA would’ve been blessed with Larry Meyer as our VP.

      Larry would’ve had carte blanche on fixing our military and his ROE’s would’ve been realistic and not in favor of the enemy as they’ve been since the usurper invaded our White House.

      With us two behind the wheel, the “Ship of State” would’ve steered a true and straight course, and that would’ve been a promise in the form of a guarantee.