Violence as a Problem-Solving Technique


by OPOVV, 2014

Who perpetuates dependence and blame, and who prides himself on his own accomplishments?

(Feb. 12, 2014) — Forget your kindergarten kids firing an AK-47, or marching in parades wearing suicide vests. Let’s focus our attention here at home, where a segment of our population has voluntarily ostracized itself from the mainstream by denying themselves the American Dream by failing to speak English, accepting personal responsibility, and teaching violence as a culturally-accepted problem-solving technique.

In tracing our own individual DNA, we eventually stumble upon relatives being indebted to someone, or a group. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that you have someone in the family tree who wielded the whip or who may have been on the receiving end, and vice-versa, multiple times.

That said, most of us have gotten over our ancestors’ having been deprived of their civil rights. You may have someone up there near the top of your family tree who was actually killed by the bad guys; maybe that particular branch dated back 3,000 years. Get over it. Certainly the American Indian had relatives, in some form or fashion, who were massacred at Wounded Knee. They got over it. Oh, they remember, but it won’t do me or my tribe any good if we’d go on the warpath now and scalp all of the soldiers’ ancestors who trimmed our tree.

The solution? Get over it and get on with it. After the United States government turned tail and ran away from the North Vietnamese in disgrace and dishonor, many Vietnamese immigrated to the USA as political refugees. At the outset, many of them required public assistance, but that was short-lived, because as soon as they were able to stand on their own two feet, they no longer accepted government handouts in the form of Food Stamps, Social Security/Disability, and Welfare checks. They worked hard to assimilate into the mainstream of America and have been rewarded by their perseverance. They learned to write and speak English; they didn’t get drunk and in knife fights on Saturday night, especially those with a full moon; they studied hard; and they have been the Poster Children of the American Dream.

Not so with some people, who for generations have been on Welfare and have opted for the continuance of what I call “The Plantation System” by voting for the Democratic candidate time after time. Alan Keyes and Obama ran against one another in Chicago. Keyes said, “I’ll teach you how to fish so you’ll never have to be dependent on government handouts,” while Obama said, “Vote for me and I’ll just give you money. Stay on the plantation: be happy.”

From the time of their birth, father was often not around. Maybe father wasn’t around because the child’s mother accepted multiple partners, I don’t know; but without trust, you’ve got nothing. Our Asian friends have always taken great pride in ancestral remembrance.

People will be welcomed only if they stop blaming everyone else, never themselves, for their lot in life.

I worked with a college grad for a while who couldn’t speak a lick of English: “I just took a short drove.” And he actually wondered why he was constantly being passed over to be manager. He blamed everyone in corporate headquarters to everyone in America, but never did he look in the mirror. And maybe that’s a good thing: he might’ve smashed it, and then another seven years of “bad luck” of no promotions.


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