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(Feb. 11, 2014) — The other night on one of those talk shows that reportedly have pundits who are supposed to know of what they speak, the topic was “Why are Americans leaving America?” They bantered back and forth for five minutes but didn’t speak one word of truth. As a matter of fact, all one guy could come up with is “Don’t let the door hit you as you leave.”

So I decided to tackle the subject: “Why the Exodus from the USA?” The only people who don’t understand are those of us who have been on some faraway location for the past five years, maybe lost in the jungle, or in a coma, or suffering from “Obotuism” (O-bot-u-ism: infection of the brain which seems, for reasons yet known, to prevent people from accepting facts, such as the Birth Certificate that the White House released is a fraud, as is the de facto president).

We are all aware of the Nazi blueprint to take over Germany, which is the reason why the Obama Administration and Hitler’s mirror one another. The Germans had free speech, then it was taken away. Same here: criticism of Islam is considered hate speech and will result in arrest if someone dares to speak the truth about subjugation, hate and a mass psychosis affecting the uneducated, unworldly, low-information members of our planet who, for some unknown reason, were deprived of the ability of rational thought.

We do not, however, view Islam as a belief in anything other than an excuse to commit crimes upon every living thing.  They are a small people striving to live in a grown-up world, and forever falling short, forever failing, and forever failing to understand the basic teachings of Jesus Christ: one can actually live a productive life on the planet earth without hate and acting upon that hatred with murder.

Impossible with Islam, as it turns out. In the first chapter of the Quran it reads: “Kill Jews and Christians wherever ye may find them.” Has anyone ever asked why?

As I said in the second paragraph, you have to be pretty dense not to see the direction the USA is taking today; the destruction of Civil Rights is but one aspect. We are seeing the elimination of personal initiative, the middle class, and the Constitution.

The same with Germany: next in line is the attempt to confiscate our guns.

And so, just as in Germany during the 1930’s, there is an exodus of enlightened people taking place right now, escaping the Gestapo, the police breaking into cars, homes, purses and wallets without proper warrants, or any warrant (TSA); the suspension of freedom of speech and the right of assembly (no Bible study group in your home); the ignoring of the wishes of the people (yes, your tax dollars will be spent on the education of illegal immigrants); allowing terrorists (Muslims) to reside within our borders, government, military, and the White House. Enlightened people fleeing the death camps if there is a successful overthrow of the United States by Islam.

It is seemingly easy to understand, one would have thought.

[After I wrote this yesterday, I learned that my neighbor, who is an Obot, will no longer be treated for her cancer because, as she said, her doctor of five years is no longer accepting her insurance: “He will not treat charity cases.” She has yet to make the connection to Obamacare.]


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  1. Exodus from OUR Country and the surrender of it to invaders is not the answer. “We the People” must stand our ground and fight. There were resistance fighters in Europe during Hitler’s run. I am not leaving. I am staying. I am a Navy man. We “don’t give up the Ship.” We exterminate the RATS that have invaded it.

    “Don’t give up the Ship”-James Lawrence, Capt., U.S.N., U.S.S. Chesapeake (1813)

    1. A good leader never sacrifices his troops without reason. There is no shame in retreat. The object is to win, no matter what it takes, for in this fight, the fight for the very life of Western Civilization, there is no room for Second Place.
      It’s far better to live to fight another day than to needlessly die for nothing: let the enemy do the dying.
      We have to be more ruthless than the enemy, that’s all there is to it. All we have to do is tell the Truth, but our enemy cowers, cringes and whines, Man, does he ever whine.
      Rather than debate FACTS, all they can do is whine “Bigot!”; whine “Islamaphobe!”; whine “peaceful religion” when it IS NOT “peaceful” nor it is a religion, unless, of course, you consider killing every non-Muslim on the planet a “religion”: more like a cult whose members are all equally insane.
      Insanity passing off as the “new normal”: “Yes, we buried our daughter alive in the back yard for, you understand, she was seen talking to a boy”.
      Many noted atomic physicists left Germany in the 1930’s, lucky for our side, was it not?