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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Dr. Laurie Roth has Ph.D. in Counseling, is a professional musician and radio show host, and is the survivor of a horrific, life-changing accident, the story of which has inspired many.

(Feb. 11, 2014) — There are over 5000 active cults in America that are seducing and destroying lives.  Some on this list you will recognize, while others are out of the spot light for now.  These include Scientology, Christian Science, Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, Herbert W. Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God, The Way International and many more…

Some are non-Christian type cults but many are ‘Pseudo-Christian Cults.’ It is the Pseudo-Christian Cult that I am focusing on and officially adding ‘Church of Wells’ to this list.

Church of Wells is a dangerous and evil cult that has nothing at all to do with real Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I will spell out the many reasons why it is NOT Christian and WHY it is an evil cult.

I will also spell out reasons why if you are in it you must leave now and how you can do that.

What is a cult and how is it different from a REAL Christian church?

Cult experts who have talked with thousands of survivors of various cults and studied their teachings conclude the same thing. 

1)     All the Pseudo-Christian Cults and Church of Wells deny the Biblically laid-out Salvation message.  Church of Wells leadership told Pastor Goodwin in Wells, TX, when he asked about the Church of Wells definition of salvation that they rejected John 3:16, 17 and 18.  This is the cornerstone definition of Salvation in the Holy Bible.  This is not something you change as you go and say Jesus gave you a special and anointed message for your members to follow…unless you are a cult leader and reinventing all the messages of Christ.

2)     All Pseudo-Christian Cults – Church of Wells included rally around one or more ‘passionate’ and controlling leaders who identify themselves as above all others. Leadership has a special message line to Jesus no one else has.  Church of Wells has done this with their arrogant and twisted leadership who control the achievement of salvation as a carrot they hold back until members are submissive enough and good enough.

3)  All Pseudo-Christian Cults – Church of Wells call their members to separateness.  They demonize all previous relationships, friends and family members who might assert power over or influence them. They call down threats from God, as Rick Trudeau did to Erika when she wouldn’t just turn over her son to him; He threatened her with death and he knew the hour and the day. That got him arrested.  Other elders and deacons pray down death and curses upon family members wanting to see church members.

4)  All Pseudo-Christian Cults – Church of Wells sexually abuse and mistreat women.  Cult expert Janja Lalich states:

a. The author describes the prevalence of the sexual exploitation of women in cults. This may take the form of daily controls of sexuality and sex lives or more overt abuses such as arranged marriages, forded sexual activity with the leader, and rape.  Sexual control is seen as the final step in objectification of the cult member by the authoritarian leader who is able to satisfy his needs through psychological manipulation leading to sexual exploitation.

Church of Wells leadership has a corner on the sexual exploitation market.  Witnesses have confirmed that sexuality is controlled by leadership, pregnancies for all women are pushed and marriages are quickly arranged.  Now the trap is sprung.  What pregnant or newly married woman, now mom is going to leave her child, even if she fears that something is very wrong?  Most will submit to their slavery and abuse.

5) All Pseudo-Christian Cults – Church of Wells pursue those with real intelligence who come from good backgrounds and do not have a history of mental illness. Many believe that just the weirdos join cults. Evidence shows just the opposite.  In fact, according to cult researchers most join a cult like Church of Wells because they want to be closer to Jesus and think that the people courting their involvement have some special word from the Lord. The seduced members are not stupid people but rather not fully and deeply grounded in the Bible, not enough to know when the distortions, lies and abuse surround them.

6) All Pseudo-Christian Cults – Church of Wells, break down the personality, core and essence of the new member.  Then they build them up as the new ‘cult personality.’ This is completely unrecognizable from their real and healthy personality. They use, just like a pimp uses with a prostitute a combo of attacks, insults, emotional, spiritual and sexual assaults to shred the new cult member. When they are flattened and believe they are nothing but sinful dirt in desperate need of the ‘savior’ that is the group leader as savior, the compliments, rewards and love flows. Several who have survived Church of Wells and left talk of aggressively being broken down, emotionally beaten, insulted, physically denied food and water for days, while being attacked with random scriptures, in-between locked prayer closets.

Cult members, listen up!

Your mind, sexuality AND SPIRIT are being shredded and rebuilt as a cult-controlled robot.  You have no real peace, no real joy, no real understanding of what is really going on with you.  You don’t have the intelligence and spiritual insight to know because the elders told you — you don’t.  They are the ones who know and direct, not you.  You are to shut up, do what they say, when they say, have sex and marry who they say and forsake your real thoughts, family and futures.  You are their toys to use, abuse, then throw away.

Are they insulting you, using scriptures as weapons on you, sexually abusing and ordering you around, giving you drugs and using words and repetitive phrases to hypnotize and control you?  Are you a person that you even recognize anymore?  Get up and get out now!

Call this number for help: 206 – 984 – 6859

Email:  churchofwellsexitplan@hushmail.com Leave a message that you want out and we will help you.  Remember, you can also walk to the Methodist or Baptist church in town and get help also.  Do it!

I am no phony who is persecuting Church of Wells.  I love the Lord Jesus and serve Him. I am saved because I believe in what John 3:16 says and who the real Jesus is.  I have repented and am saved because of what Jesus did on the cross. Get out and start healing up. Your families are not idols but those who really love you.

1st Timothy 4: 1-2

            “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.

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  1. This should apply to the obots and democrats with the Marion Barry syndrome. These are people who blindly vote for the black candidate only regardless of criminal history. Marion was doing crack-Obama probably still is doing crack and they are adored by the uninformed.