Confirmed Hack: BR/ORYR Blog Safe But Still Down; Will Still Be Moving ASAP pb


by BirtherReport | ObamaReleaseYourRecords

(Feb. 9, 2014) — 2:49 AM PST — I don’t even know where to start. First off I want to Thank everyone in the background that helped out in one way or another. And thanks to the many people that offered me immediate posting privileges at their respective blogs. You guys [bloggers] are the unsung heroes in this battle to get the truth out about Obama. One thing we all know certain about Obama is that he with help of the American news media defrauded the American people.

On to some of the technical issues….

Late Saturday I received an email from one of the ad servers that was (now removed) running here:

This message is regarding the recent malware notifications that some of our publishers may have experienced.  Just before noon today, our engineers discovered that one of our ad serving locations had been hacked.

Since this attack was discovered, our engineering team worked diligently until 3:45pm EST to ensure that the appropriate action was taken to secure our ad server.  Unfortunately during that time, this attack effected 7.8% of our publishers’ domains.  If you are one of these publishers, you can have Google remove the notification by following these steps:  … – snip –

Not quite sure yet why notification was not sent out sooner. Still gathering info. Some of the sample pages listed:

Before receiving the email from the ad server company I was pretty sure this was a deliberate attempt to shut down the blog. Now I’m not quite sure what to think. I do know that on Oct. 1, 2013 this blog was severely hacked to the point the template had to be replaced and on the very same day Google AdSense sent notification that it was disabling the ads running for violating TOS listing, targeting an individual or group, as their reason, even though sites like Americans Against The Tea Party [] can run Google AdSense with no problem.  On one hand I thank Google and on the other I shame them. It is sad that such a great resource would let political ideology take over. That said; Google is a private company and they’re free to do as they wish. Just as I am.

This blog will be moved to a privately owned server [without TOS BS] as soon as possible. It is something that should have been done long ago but lacked the knowledge and resources. More at a later date….

Please bookmark/save and …

P.S., Thank you to the dedicated BR/ORYR readers. You guys are the best. Ignore the noise.

4 Responses to "Confirmed Hack: BR/ORYR Blog Safe But Still Down; Will Still Be Moving ASAP pb"

  1. gigclick   Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 12:37 AM

    I see that train a’ comin’, comin’ round the bend- everyone knows the Johnny Cash tune and that’s what we see. The BIG train wreck comin’ soon to your town AND country! America has proven in 5 long horrible years that with current corruption levels on both sides, it is incapable of stopping the internal corruption and refusal of inside people to act on Constitutional laws to protect our once great nation. Politicians refusing accountability, acting on their own without voter approval to create any laws they feel work for them while blocking us out of Discovery to prosecute them!

  2. ipod45   Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 6:28 PM

    2-cent opinion are better than no sense !

  3. Ronald Lahman   Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 1:50 PM

    Hello to Post & Email readers –

    This is my first comment on Post & Email. I registered just this morning to see what was going on with the website (thanks to Sharon Rondeau for being right on top of the situation). I’ve been following the Obama eligibility issue for several years now. It’s obvious to me that the birth certificate posted on the White House website in April of 2011 was forged and also obvious that the fraudulent usurper is getting plenty of help from his team of Alinskyites in the White House and also from most of the MSM. The website has been a vital line of communications for those of us who have our eyes and ears open to the truth about Obama. I’m very glad that you are planning to move it to a privately-owned server with the intention of keeping it going.

    Might I make one small suggestion (if the opportunity even presents itself with your new server)? I would like to see the comments on your website monitored and posts by obvious Obots immediately deleted. These people are intentionally disrupting our conversations, diverting attention away from the intended topic, and even lying. Lie – misdirect – obfuscate…that’s their mission. Why let Obots get away with destroying the message of your website if you no longer have TOS to comply with? Just my 2-cent opinion.

  4. ss442   Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    I know I am very happy to help out any way I can. The mere fact there are these attacks trying to silence the truth is even more reason to increase the volume on the message that Obama is a fake, a fraud, and a liar. I intend to do just that in the coming days and weeks.

    What Obama and his smarmy minions fail to realize is that between these two guys, Sheriff Arpaio and Obama, the sheriff has far more contacts worldwide and within law enforcement in government. ICE is not friendly to Obama which is the Sheriff’s back yard so to speak.

    Thank you BR, Mike V, Mike Z, Commander, the P&E and everyone else working hard to expose the truth.

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