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by CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret.), blogging at CDRKerchner

(Feb. 6, 2014) — People argue Congress cannot impeach a fraudulent rPresident.  I disagree. It may not end Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office solely via completing the total process of impeachment and conviction process by drafting of Articles of Impeachment by the House and then trial in the Senate under the impeachment process defined in our Constitution, but it surely can start the ball rolling to ending his tenure. To those who say you cannot legally impeach an imposter rPresident I say, if Obama assumes he is the President then the Congress can assume to impeach him. And regardless of any assumptions, Obama is the de facto rPresident.  You de facto impeach the de facto president to start the ball rolling to break down his house of cards of fraud, deceit, and crimes.   As the constitutional outlined impeachment process and proceedings start and proceed against the de facto president, and the full investigations start, people start coming forward requesting immunity to protect themselves for their part in this in return for testifying against him, and the criminal ID document and identity fraud is exposed even more to many many more people, and upon getting copies of all sealed and withheld original records via Congressional subpoenas, the process at some point would blatantly reveal and it would become self-evident to the vast majority of the electorate in this nation and all but his die-hard communist/progressive backers and enablers would admit that Obama is a criminal fraud and national security threat and demand his removal.  The newly exposed original documents from the investigation would be damning.  Obama would then be indicted if needed under a renewed and activated federal grand jury of We the People process as is also in the Constitution revived by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling upon demand of the People … and/or forced out under the 25th amendment … and/or … if needed, using even more extreme methods if Obama refuses to leave and surrender himself for criminal prosecution.  For example, using the unified action of the Congress, Supreme Court, and the military as was used in Honduras. The impeachment process is simply the start of the process of bringing down the liar, fraud, and criminal-in-chief … the de facto usurper resident of the Oval Office. The de facto impeachment of a de facto president is simply away to start the process by those who assume he is a legal president to bring about the collapse of his house of cards of fraud and deceit and crimes. Once exposed other processes can take over.  If there is a will there will be found a way under our Constitution to remove the fraud Obama.  The impeachment process is simply a start to find the ultimate, final way.

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  1. Certainly would be interesting to see O’s defense and claims in such a hearing by Congress. I’ve advocated for a disability impeachment which hopefully would cover O either way under Amend 14 Sec 3, but I agree with Ret. CDR Kerchner, regardless of the qualifications for impeachment, the ball has to start rolling and as with Nixon, when it does, the charges mushroomed to include much more then the original intent.

    In legal jargon its referred to as “Amending the charges”, which often happens 2 or 3 times upon defendants and is not unusual.

    Cody Robert Judy

  2. Right On, Commander !!!

    I asked a legal expert this same question several months ago. I was told that, even though the Senate would do nothing to further an impeachment effort, once the impeachment draft was introduced in the House, questions regarding eligibility, fraud, and other crimes would come to light in due course and the public could then know the truth.

    Now. Will somebody – anybody- please do the impeachment introduction?