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by Sharon Rondeau

Darren Wesley Huff was sentenced to four years in federal prison for allegedly transporting firearms with the intent to cause a civil disturbance on April 20, 2010, a conclusion which the evidence and eyewitnesses do not support

(Feb. 3, 2014) — On Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Luke A. McLaurin perjured himself during oral argument to a three-judge panel at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, OH when he stated that Darren Wesley Huff and Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) exchanged text messages regarding an alleged “courthouse takeover” plot fabricated by a group of Obama supporters known as “The Fogbow.”

Huff has email privileges at the prison, although on occasion they have been rescinded, which Huff considers to have been discriminatory treatment toward him on the part of prison guards.  He has been denied mail, including from this writer, on at least two occasions, which contained information about corruption within Tennessee grand juries.

On April 20, 2010, Huff left his home in Georgia to attend a court hearing for Fitzpatrick scheduled as a result of Fitzpatrick’s attempted citizen’s arrest on the Monroe County, TN grand jury foreman, Gary Pettway, who had been serving in the position for 28 consecutive years. Tennessee grand jury corruption was discussed on the PANDA Radio show on February 2 as it relates to the Fitzpatrick and Huff cases with Chuck Smith and Lorri Anderson hosting.

Fogbow members called in at least two false threats to the mayor’s office in Madisonville, the county seat of Monroe County, prior to the April 20 hearing stating that Fitzpatrick had planned violence through organized “militia groups.”  Huff was implicated in a nonexistent “plot” and ultimately convicted on transporting firearms across state lines with an intent to cause a civil disturbance.

Huff had arrived in Madisonville after locking up his legally-owned firearms.  Eyewitnesses who saw him unarmed were not subpoenaed to testify at the trial.  Two videos explaining the Huff and Fitzpatrick sagas are here.

Huff and Fitzpatrick are both Navy veterans.  The Obama regime has shown particular contempt and disdain for military veterans and launched “Operation Vigilant Eagle” to “target” veterans for “extremist” behavior.

Monroe County and other counties in eastern Tennessee are well-known for deep public corruption, government’s abuse of citizens, police brutality, and the unsolved murder of Mr. Jim Miller, a Monroe County elections official who Fitzpatrick believes learned of The Madisonville Hoax and might have planned to reveal it to the public.  Fitzpatrick has described Miller’s murder as “a government hit” and correctly identified two men as the alleged perpetrators who implicated themselves upon their arrest for another crime.

Fitzpatrick has written extensively about the incident, for which between 100 and 200 law enforcers from local, county, state and federal levels were summoned unnecessarily to make it appear that a “courthouse takeover” had been “planned” and required a response.  Fitzpatrick has dubbed the false flag operation “The Madisonville Hoax” and has gone to his local city police office this morning to file a complaint against McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy, who continues to use a training program depicting both Fitzpatrick and Huff as “Sovereign Citizens” intent on committing violence in the community.

During oral argument on Thursday for Huff’s appeal, Huff’s attorney, Gerald R. Gulley, Jr., said that a law enforcement officer had testified at Huff’s trial that he saw Huff carry a .45 pistol into a restaurant located across from the courthouse.  However, Gulley added that if Huff had possessed nefarious intent, a law enforcement officer present in the restaurant at the same time could have moved to arrest him.

Huff was not arrested until April 30, ten days later, and statements from District Attorney General R. Steven Bebb that he saw “one man loading a gun in the parking lot near the jail” and “there were a lot of people he didn’t know carrying guns” on April 20 were never borne out.  The press reporting on the incident and Huff’s subsequent charges and trial produced no photos and apparently asked no questions of Bebb or law enforcement about their claims.

The Tennessee General Assembly is reportedly taking steps to remove Bebb from his post after the state Attorney General allegedly investigated Bebb and his office, concluding that the misconduct did not rise to the level of criminal charges.

Eyewitnesses produced photos and sworn affidavits stating that no one was carrying firearms in Madisonville that day other than law enforcement officers.

On Saturday and Sunday, The Post & Email was able to communicate with Huff and obtain his answers to questions about “The Madisonville Hoax,” particularly in light of McLaurin’s false testimony.

In response to our email to Huff expressing our first impressions of the hearing after reviewing the audio recording:

Thank you for the update. Its pretty cool that you all can hear the audio portion so easily. Unfortunately, I won’t get to, nor will I likely get any of the transcripts anytime soon.

Gulley DID bring up the commerce aspect in his brief, but no one will ever address the issue properly. Here’s a tidbit about my statute: “Commerce” has been bastardized by the system for decades, which is what has allowed the ever encroaching power of the government. Each case, or caselaw, takes it further and further from its original intent and meaning.

However, since THERE IS NO CASELAW with Title 18, Section 231(a)(2), then they HAVE to (in theory) follow the original definitions set by Congress. In my case, Section 232 is the definitions section SPECIFICALLY for Section 231, and have not had caselaw involved: it is complete virgin territory.

That being said, I would encourage YOU to go to www.uscode.house.gov, and use the search feature to look all of this up for yourself. Look up my statute so that you can see the language, and you’ll see how the government and media has picked and chose whichever parts THEY wanted to to put together to fabricate this entire thing.

My point is, Jeffrey Theodore stood up and told the jury that “‘commerce’ means crossing state lines.” Those were his exact words. When you look up the definition for “commerce” in the government’s’s own site, you will find that it is ONLY: business between 2 states, a state and a foreign country, a state and the federal government, or the federal government and a foreign entity. There is no mention, and therefore no authority, for the government to indict AN INDIVIDUAL under this statute. There is no caselaw to support it whatsoever; so the government usurped ever bit of its authority and hopped right out of its own limitations, and bastardized the intent and stated definitions for things that Congress took the time to deliberately define.

Further more, Thomas Varlan ruled this to be a “crime of violence:, even though the action defined in the statute is either transportation or manufacturing. Again, the statute states: “Whoever TRANSPORTS or MANUFACTURES FOR TRANSPORTATION in commerce any firearm, explosive or incendiary device, knowing or having reason to know or intending that the same would be used unlawfully in the furtherance of a civil disorder”

Time is about to expire for this email, so I’ll stop it there. Thank you again for everything. These people are seriously delusional. They cannot see honesty in others because there is no pattern of honesty in themselves.

Be well,

After we told Huff what McLaurin said about Huff’s alleged exchange of “texts” with Walter Fitzpatrick, Huff responded:

Who is McLaurin anyway?…all of the evidence points to the fact that he is subject to making false statements, such as the ones you just mentioned, but also in your previous article/message wherein he stated that I said that I had TWO AK-47s.

I didn’t own 2 of them, and this isn’t Rambo where I would stand with one under each arm firing away. All it shows is the government’s complete incompetence and outright lies to keep the people and courts confused.

And Walt was correct: he and I never exchanged texts. The government had so much bad testimony about why I wasn’t arrested. They said it was because they were under no obligation. If I can find it in the transcripts I’ll send you the quote and who said it. I believe that Chuck Reed, the Fibber from Rome, Ga., stated under oath that I violated the law as soon as I crossed state lines. However, I believe in the prosecutions original complaint, it was stated that they released me from the traffic stop because I had yet to violate any laws: including the possession of firearms! But then they turned around and stated that it WAS a violation. Morons. All of them.

You are awesome and I appreciate the continued efforts from all parties. Please pass along my gratitude.

Talk to you soon. Be well,

The Post & Email then related the following statements requesting Huff’s response:

Walt told me in no uncertain terms that he “doesn’t text” and has never text-messaged anybody.

McLaurin also said that you were planning “for weeks” to “take over the courthouse,” then brought in Walt’s name.

Someone asked me if you ever did an internet broadcast wherein you said that you were going to “take over the courthouse.”…Was there ever such a radio show or broadcast?  I noticed that Pam Sohn of The Chattanooga Times Free Press also referred to the same thing but didn’t provide a link to it.  That’s why links are so important, and many reporters don’t even source their articles with them.

One of the judges asked why, if you were breaking a law, you weren’t arrested right after you crossed the state line, to which McLaurin said, “Well, your honor, yes, he could have been.”

Gulley stated that one of the law enforcers in Madisonville testified that you had a .45 on your person when you entered the restaurant.  Do you recall who that was?  Looman’s affidavit directly contradicts that, of course.  Every eyewitness has said that he or she did not see anyone armed.

Also, Gulley described your discussion inside the restaurant as “a pep talk.”  How would you describe it?

to which Huff responded:

The only text messages that were ever addressed at trial were between a friend of mine, Mike Fulmer. Statements were twisted by the government, but Mike rebutted them, with humor. I have never presumed Walt to be a texter, so there are zero texts on my phone records attached to Walt in any way. McLaurin is a liar.

Considering I had never even heard of Madisonville, or Monroe County until approximately March 25, 2010, it would be hard pressed to conceive that I had any plans of anything, let alone a courthouse takeover, for weeks in advance. The internet broadcasts didn’t even start til well after Walt’s release on the 7th. My guess would be that the first broadcast that I participated in was around the 10th through the 12th, and Walt would have been a guest on the show as well. All of the shows, though mentioned by the prosecution, were NEVER played, in whole or part, by either side for the jury – because they would have shown conclusively that there was never any intent by anyone to do anything nefarious.

Many people assume that it is undisputed that I made those statements, but its only because I have never been allowed to speak, and people simply buy the propaganda. My ONLY words are along the lines of what you yourself have referred to: taking BACK, not taking OVER. They simply persuaded the bank manager, Shane Longmeyer, to “enhance” his statement. In fact, for what its worth, Shane’s own written statement said that, Huff never mentioned anything about violence” and a little later “At no time (in the 12 years I had known him) has Huff ever said anything about violence.” The government, Green, and Gulley have all conveniently left out those sorts of details at trial and my appeal.

Simply put, there are no links, and no true and accurate statements, of any variety, that can demonstrate that I ever had any criminal or violent intent. The ONLY evidence that the government presented at trial were statements from manipulated witnesses. I owned zero illegal firearms. I had zero firearms on me in Madisonville.

As i said in the last message, SA Chuck Reed testified that I DID break the law as soon as I crossed state lines, but that they were under no obligation to arrest me at that time. So the supposition should then be that all of these LEOs deliberately placed the entire population of MC in jeopardy for not only allowing me to continue, but giving me a FULL ESCORT into town!

Lt. Don Williams is the officer who IMPLIED that I was armed, but never came out and said it. I assume this was to protect him from perjury? Anyway, this is a tad confusing, but try to stay with me on this because it is of utmost importance:

We’re out of characters, so look for “Appeals Hearing Part II”

Messages in the CorrLinks system provided by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons are limited to 13,000 characters, which includes characters typed by both the sender and recipient/responder.

Huff’s next message, entitled “Appeals Hearing Part II,” reads:

Donna’s sits across the intersection from the courthouse. If you draw a + sign, Donna’s is on the lower right, and the courthouse is on the top right, facing one another. I parked nearest the intersection (first in line?), with Donna’s on my immediate right, and facing the courthouse across the street. The passenger side door nearly opened to Donna’s front door.

Williams testified that he was about a block away towards the truck’s left (top left of the + sign). He testified that he saw me enter the toolbox of the truck, and afterwards it APPEARED as though I had a bulge under my jacket on my right side. Green actually asked him a decent question during cross: he asked if Williams actually saw me retrieve my .45. This is CRITICAL: Williams then stated that he did not, BECAUSE I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRUCK AND THE TOOLBOX LID BLOCKED HIS VIEW!

That can ONLY mean that I entered the toolbox on the passenger side of the truck! The dashcam video, and whatever other source video CLEARLY shows that I placed the .45 IN THE DRIVER’S SIDE of the toolbox!!!

The starter on my truck was bad, and I had retrieved a hammer FROM THE PASSENGER SIDE toolbox, gave it to my young passenger, XXXXXXXX, so that he could crawl under the truck to tap the starter so that I could get the truck started! There was no gun in my possession – it is ALL a malicious fiction created to cover up their lies!

Regarding “the talk” inside of Donna’s: I’m not sure how I would describe it myself. I am passionate about my beliefs, and willingly shared them when interest was expressed. Some of it had spiritual/religious overtones, some of it was about Walt, etc. I can’t remember the majority of it, frankly. If anything, I don’t view it as any sort of pep talk, simply because I wasn’t trying to motivate anyone to do anything beyond what they were already there to do, other than maybe to give them more food for thought for them to ponder when they returned home. Nothing more. I never saw any of them before and never expected to see any of them again.

Any of this information can be used how you see fit. It is simply clarity for a muddled story line. I hope it assists you, Walt, and myself; and I appreciate your dedication to the truth, ma’am. The fact that US attorneys have lied to get a warrant, indictment, and conviction should demonstrate to anyone that no level of government is safe from corruption.

Be well and I’ll talk to you soon,

In response to The Post & Email’s question, “May I publish what you said?” Huff responded:

I tried to write it all with as little personal view as possible. I would stand behind it all 100%. These are just a couple of things that I continually prodded Green to object to, or address in cross-examination, but he repeatedly ignored me. Imagine the outcome had he addressed ANY of them.

Further, I FORCED Green to address one other tidbit at sentencing that no one has ever addressed either: how everyone was dressed. Had I, or anyone, been planning some sort of siege on the city, we would have worn clothes other than khakis, jeans, and button up shirts with casual shoes. No one was dressed for violence – NO ONE. As I stated, I got into Green’s face and MADE him address this with the Madisonville police chief, conceded this fact.

furthermore, as you may recall in Carl Swensson’s video or the dashcam video, the doors of my truck were wide open, and visible in Carl’s video. What was in the back seat, floor, etc.? NOTHING! my truck was empty and clean as a whistle. Neither the drug dog, not explosives dog hit on anything whatsoever, demonstrating conclusively that there was nothing out of the ordinary, nor ever had been, in my truck.

Run with it: it is further proof that no one had any intent for anything unlawful. Publish anything you like. these are all facts that were either presented at trial but glazed over, or deliberately left out to paint a picture of an extremist.

Let me know,

The eyewitness accounts of Carl Swensson of April 20, 2010 are recounted here and here.

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