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(Feb. 2, 2014) — ACT I

As the curtain rises, the theme music from “Victory at Sea” is heard loud and clear aboard a U.S. Navy ship at sea. The stage is divided by three compartments: stage left is a berthing space made up of a couple of tiers of bunks lit by red light; center stage is the mess decks, with a couple of tables dimly lit; stage right is the outside deck with lifeline overlooking the sea, lit by starlight. While the music is still heard, five enlisted sailors walk down the aisles of the theater, walk up to the stage and seat themselves at one of the tables, center stage. Music ends.

Sailor #1: “I don’t believe this horseradish.”

Sailor #2: “Believe it.”

Sailor #1: “But it’s not the truth. Why doesn’t somebody say something?”

Sailor #3: “And your point? Nobody listens to us peons anyway. My advice is to keep your mouth shut and let it go.”

Sailor #1: “I’m telling you it ain’t right; why, the 6th Fleet has always had at least one “Bird Farm” in the Med since 1946. I’ve been in the man’s Navy for 15 years and I know what I’m talking about.”

Sailor #4: “Look, let’s say there really wasn’t any carrier group in the Med on the night of 9-11-2012. If that’s the case, it’s way above our pay grade; I mean, we’re talking some really high power here, all the way to the top to call a carrier group off its duty station.”

Sailor #5: “That’s it. You and I and everybody else in the U.S. Navy know that something is very, very rotten in Denmark. We know that it wasn’t any ‘coincidence.’ Look at it this way: September 11 will always be a day of ‘where’ will they strike rather than an ‘if.’ To have the muscle to pull that much firepower away from all of our assets, embassies, and American tourists just so the de facto president Obama and Secretary of State Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton can have clear sailing of deniability, well, do I ever have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.”

Lights dim as curtain is lowered.


Curtain rises on the five sailors either lying in their bunks or sitting on the edge. The red night light is now a dim white. Center stage is dark. The background music is Chopin’s “Nocturne in E Flat, Op. 9 No. 2.”

Sailor #1: “There goes 15 years of sacrifice, and for what? So an imposter can take over my country?”

Choruses of “Our country” are heard.

Sailor #5: “We served our country; what more can a person do? You got shafted, it’s true, but you can still do your country proud by spreading the word that things are getting a lot worse, that our efficiency is going down at the same rate as our morale. Our ship is one of the lucky ones: we haven’t a Muslim on board, but we sure as heck have enough Obots to make up for it. ‘Good luck on the outside’ is all I can say.”

Choruses of “Ditto that” are heard as the curtain is lowered.


Curtain rises on our five sailors leaning on the lifeline as a full moon rises. The background music is Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.”  The red night light is back on in the sleeping compartment; the mess deck is lit with a dim white light.

Sailor #1: “Of all the things in the Navy, times like these are what I’ll miss the most, just out here in the middle of the night, watching the sea and the stars. When I was a Boot I was in the Deck Division and never minded once having the mid-life buoy watch. I used to count how many shooting stars I’d see. My record was 27.”

Sailor #3: “Look, about what we talked about earlier, that Benghazi thing. That’s really bad, isn’t it? I mean, they could do that to any of us, at any time, couldn’t they? Like sink this ship and blame it on who knows who, maybe the Israelis.”

Sailor #2: “Just a matter of time. Why, they can manufacture any lie under the sun, or the stars, for that matter.”

Sailor #1: “There’s one now, 20 degrees starboard.”

Choruses of “I see it” and “Heck, you’re the shortest: make a wish” are heard.

Sailor #5: “Well, did you make your wish?”

Sailor #1: “Yea, for all the good it’ll do. We’ve gone from “Damage Control” to “Get Control” in five short years. Gas has doubled and they say there’s no inflation. The Fed dumps $85 billion a month just to keep the stock market jacked up. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer: the middle class is being decimated. There are no longer “full-time” jobs: everything is part-time. The USA is imploding by design. And it’s people like me that they’re getting rid of, people who believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution.”

Choruses of You got it, Brother are heard.

Sailor #2: “Well, goodbye, Navy, I suppose. Goodbye to those who suffered for Freedom. Goodbye to Reason and welcome, what? Welcome what?”

Sailor #3: “Welcome to the end.”

Music ends as curtain is lowered.



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  1. I filed voter fraud charges in 2009 against the DNC for not vetting the liar in the White House. Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General told me to take a voter fraud challenge to the Secretary of State.

    The Secretary of State told me to take it up with the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott who is now the anointed new Gov. In this state’s party controlled election system, better known as “The Texas Two Step”, the regular folks are expected to fall in line and dance with the political party in power.

    It is the political elite who are driving this massive lie and I really think they are far too embarrassed to and gutless to speak up.

    This Benghazi thing is unacceptable, incompetent and the republicans if they had a brain would seize this opportunity to to expose the truth. The House leader needs to be expunged and I don’t think Cantor, Ryan, or McCarthy fill the bill. We need someone who is in congress for the folks and not the liberal democrat wish list or the US Chamber of Commerce or the AFL-CIO.