The Congressional Superbowl: Wonder What it’s Like Getting Beat by an Illegal Alien in an Political Campaign Race?


by Cody Robert Judy, ©2014, blogging at CodyJudy

(Feb. 2, 2014) — Every two years for Representatives, every six years for the U.S. Senate, and every four for the Office of the President candidates enter an excruciatingly painful process of appealing to voters and the success depends largely on getting the message out to every voter and that takes money.

There is probably not a more understanding crowd than those who have under-gone the process with no guarantees of winning, but imagine losing to an illegal alien in a political race in the United States, appealing to those within that crowd, and being shunned, treated indifferently, with straight out discrimination that assails the very Constitution all have taken an oath to defend, preserve and protect?

That is the burden I have carried for 5 years, and it almost brings me to tears every time I focus on it.

Every wonder about a campaign message’s importance?  Watch it a year or so later.

Deeds of the Seed Obama By Unqualified Means- Cody Robert Judy 4 Pres.

To describe the pain and hurt I go through every day with this probably could only be understood by those who have never entered an election by considering in in a different way.

Consider the sum total, if you can, of the profits you make at your job for an entire year. If you own your own business consider the sum total of all the profits for one whole year. Take all of that “profit” and consider giving it to an alien country, making them better and leaving you in a state of poverty. Consider also losing your house/home not to some government bail out where you actually get to stay in your home, but imagine no mercy whatsoever, where your out the door and on the street.

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